Sunday, August 7, 2011

We Are All Kipnisses

What do you think about that little slogan? Perhaps too soon, but interesting to think about. Someone drew up a poster already. I didn't come up with the slogan or anything - just seeing it on Twitter.

Missed posting last night because I was having an awesome time with my friend M, listening to the game on the radio. That's the ultimate right there, I say. I love listening on the radio but usually the television is the preferred mode for catching the game as a pair or a group. If you can find a friend who enjoys listening as much as you do, well - hang on to that friend.

Anyway, listening with a friend does not lend itself to taking notes so I got to re-listen to the game this morning. That also turned out to be pretty awesome because there's no afternoon game today (I'm guessing they don't play afternoon games in Texas in August because it's probably 125 degrees). So I get to sleep in then get up and listen to some baseball and still have time for a nap before the game tonight. What? It's Sunday - we nap!

Ok so I bet you're just about tired of reading about me wax poetic about how and when I catch Indians games and would rather read me waxing poetic about JUST HOW FUCKING AWESOME WAS THAT GAME?!

Very little went on during the first 6 innings of the game. We got 3 hits and a walk, and nobody scored. Oh yeah - nobody scored for Texas, either!

Carmona was rock solid in this game - OMG! He was like the Carmona we imagine him to be.  Only 2 strikeouts but 13 ground outs! He eventually did give up 2 earned runs in the 7th (2 un-earned as well) but IMHO it was past his time, due to the heat.

Wanna see a funny exchange from Twitter?

hoynsie (Paul Hoynes): It's 106 degrees and Fausto Carmona hardly looks like he's sweating. What gives? #Indians.
MarkSchwab (Mark Schwab): @hoynsie There's an "ice water in his veins" line somewhere in there
positivetribe (The Positive Tribe): @MarkSchwab Is that why he's prone to melting?
MarkSchwab: @positivetribe Ba-doom, CHING! (Canned laughter)

Ha ha! Look at me being clever on the Internet!

After Carmona was Sipp, Hermann and Chris Perez. Luckilly, also after Carmona was 4 runs scored by the Indians. Because for some reason, even though Sipp and Pestano were lights-out, Chris Perez saw fit to give up a run in the 9th.

I think I officially hate the All Star Game now. Asdrubal and Perez have only been percentages of themselves since they got back from Arizona. Asdrubal went to the break with 7 errors and has made 6 errors (one tonight, which resulted in 2 un-earned runs) since the break. Perez had given up 9 earned runs before the break, and already 7 since.

So yeah, while I was excited to see my two favorite Indians representing...I am now thoroughly disgusted. Being alongside the greatest players in the game is no place for a Cleveland Indian!

All right so what of the exciting offense that ensued tonight? I shall explain!

In the 7th, Fukudome and SHELLEVY DUNCAN teamed up to score the night's first run. Not a homer for Duncan but a double! Then Shelley was pulled for Carrera as a runner.

Chisenhall didn't get a hit but he moved Carrera over to third. Sweet Lou walks and then there's a pitching change. And...the pitcher just dropped the ball for a balk! So Zeke walks in from 3rd. I do believe this is the FIFTH run we've scored this year off balks.

Then with a guy in scoring position, Evildoer Michael Young helps us all out with a bad throw and Lou scores. That's how we got our 3 runs in the third - messy, but in the books.

Then yadda yadda we're down 3-4 in the 9th.

Once again, Fukudome got on base and scored, thanks to the genius of Zeke being there to bunt him over and then Chisenhall getting his second hit of the night to finish the deal (recall in the 7th Shelley was there to double Fukudome in and Zeke came in to run for him). A little veteran-on-sprout team action, there and the game is tied!

Brantley, who we love and miss dearly, showed us his wrist was just fine and gets his first hit of the night to get Chisenhall in with the go-ahead run. He hit the ball so hard that it just popped out of Nelson Cruz's glove!

Pitching change.

Jason Kipnis goes DEEP for his 5th homer in 7 games (now in 3 different parks) to score 2 runs and put us up 7-4!!!! I am just amazed at this kid, really. He's got a 7-game hitting streak with 10 hits and 5 homers in those 7 games. Exciting to see him - and of course his fellow sprouts - play every day ESPECIALLY this late in the season where that sort of stuff is EXACTLY what we need!

Asdrubal was up after Kipnis and he had been having a shitty night, including an error. But he did get a single and extend his own hitting streak to 9.

Then Perez, one run, BALLGAME!

Spectacular team effort tonight, even if we did commit 2 errors. Young guys and old guys alike did their jobs and made runs happen. Everyone said it would be awesome if we left this road trip 3-4 and we've got our 3...I seriously can't wait til tonight when we try to make it out of there 4 and 3!!

Tomlin versus Colby Lewis, which on paper is quite an even matchup. Except Tomlin has become our weak spot but maybe he'll be inspired by Masterson and Carmona's last starts and Take Care of Business in a big way.

Tonight at 8:05 - see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"If Brantley hits one down the right field line, he could walk to third."
- Tom Hamilton on the shift for Brantley

"Carmona throwing one of his best games of the year, when you consider where it's at and who it's against."
- Tom Hamilton

"This house of horrors continues to haunt the Indians."
- Tom Hamilton

"Kinsler can crawl home."
- Tom Hamilton on the length of Hamilton's sac fly in the 7th

"Wow what an inning!"
- Tom Hamilton in the top of 9th inning

"Every time you say 'That's the biggest win of the Indians' season' about a week later you're looking at one thinking 'uh-oh, THAT might be the biggest win' and that is what we might be looking at here tonight."
- Tom Hamilton

"This would be the understatement of the year, but I'll say it anyway. You can't lose this game tonight after you come back with a 4-run 9th to take the lead against Neftali Feliz. [...] If you don't, you really wonder what is going to happen to this ball club the rest of the way."
- Tom Hamilton in the 9th as Perez struggles

"Indians fans, you can breathe! The Indians have survived 7 to 5."
- Tom Hamilton after the last out

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  1. Good stuff man! I think every fan in Cleveland is a pessimist in some form so its nice to see a positive blog about the Tribe once in a while.