Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh? Oh!? Ooooh.....

Looked really promising today, folks. Like, REALLY promising.

Then the promise was violently yanked from beneath our hovering toes as we all crashed to the ground in a gigantic heap of woe.

Or, whatever. Looked good but just not good enough.

Tomlin had a very very strong outing. Seven shutout innings with 4 strikeouts, only giving up 2 runs in the 8th before he was pulled. Best outing for him since the 4th of July.

They put in Smith after Tomlins 2 runs and guess what happened? No, not "lights out" as scripted. He in fact gave up 3 runs and got nobody out. I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!! Joe Smith!!!

He just said on Twitter:

Tomlin was awesome. Great defense. Brantley rakes. I was absolutely awful. Off day to get our legs back. #wewinathome

So at least he knows, and is ready to move on.

Brantley does indeed rake (??), and perhaps also rocks. He got 2 of tonight's 3 RBIs with a triple and a homer. He was hitting them pretty far all night. Wrist: fixed.

Both Kipnis and Asdrubal ended their hitting streaks tonight (7 and 9) but Kipnis did get on with a walk and then stole 2nd.

Hafner got his hitting britches back on tonight after being shut out yesterday, and managed to score after some slow and steady work by Santana, Fukudome and finally Chisenhall.

And that was all. Three one-runs innings spaced out over Tomlin's lovely 7 shut-out innings. And then we lost and I made a funny face. Well actually, right at the end of the game my dog farted and I said "Oh, REALLY?! How apropos, dog!"

We did finish the road trip 3-4, which is what everyone said we needed to do. Still 4 games behind Detroit but 12 games left to play against them - three of those games being this week, starting Tuesday.

I'll be at the game Tuesday! With my OMG ASDRUBAL!!! sign, too. Look for me in the top right portion of the bleachers.

Radio Chatter:
"No lead is ever safe at Fenway, and that's even more true in this ballpark."
- Tom Hamilton

"That had extra bases written all over it."
- Tom Hamilton on Asdrubal's smash to Hamilton in left

"You don't break up a battery that is throwing a shut-out."
- Tom Hamilton on why Marson did not come in to hit instead of LaPorta

"The way this road trip has gone, this game is far from over."
- Tom Hamilton in the bottom of the 8th

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