Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big Big Win!

Ok so we're 1.5 out and now Chicago is 4 out. That's PRETTY COOL, right?!

It's getting pretty intense, tho. Instead of every game being "whee, baseball!" now I'm like "whee baseball and we gotta win!" I almost feel like canceling plans for tomorrow so I can listen to the game that could possibly put us .5 out of first place but really...that would be absurd. I've cleared my calendar for the 2 after that tho, duh.

Anyway - see how it gets with a pennant race? Always looking forward and worrying about the next game. Tragic! What about tonight's game?

Tonight's game was all Masterson! He gave up his 6th home run of the year but it was just a solo shot, and one other run on just 7 hits. Dude finally got his 10th win...sometimes it felt like that would NEVER come. His ERA is 2.71, and that's 4th in the league. NOT BAD, NASTY!

He went 6 innings and then our very awesome lineup of Raffy, Smith, Pestano and Chris Perez came in and were ice cold. Especially Vinnie who struggled and ended up striking out 2, and Chris who got back to shutting them the fuck down with a 1-2-3 9th.

Not everyone hit tonight, and it wasn't close or amazing like I thought it would be. Well 2 guys didn't hit, Hafner and Donald.  Donald came in almost literally in the last minute to replace the scheduled Kipnis. The good news about Kipnis is that it wasn't his oblique injury that sat him down, it was tightness in the hamstring. Anyway, Donald didn't get a hit but hey at least he was there to fill the gap!

...I was just informed that Kipnis is now on the DL. So even tho his hamstring does hurt, so does his oblique. Someone get that kid a banana!

Godspeed, Jason Donald.

Brantley got a double but it didn't go anywhere, and Asdrubal has an 8-game hitting streak! He also walked in a run today which is unusual for a guy who's such a big hitter but he showed some restraint and didn't strike out in the 6th with the bases loaded and the pitcher bouncing the balls to the plate.

Fukudome and Choo are heating up lately, which is great because it took a while for Fukudome to come around and with Choo, it's always iffy when a guy comes off the DL. They combined for the go-ahead run in the 6th when Choo singled and then Fukudome tripled (!) and Choo had a really pro-looking slide at the plate. I mean he didn't stick the landing but to me that just looked like a really effective baseball slide.

LaPorta went deep with a 2-run dinger, what do you think about that? He's only got 10 home runs but it seems like he has more because they all seem to come at an important time or something. Ugh do I have to get out my green visor and magnifying glass?


I did some research. LaPorta's homers haven't been that big, score-wise. Just that last one that 3-run walkoff won us the game in KC. And tonight!

LaPorta can stay on my good side. I'm sort of not concerned about him either way. I want him to do well and be a good player for us but I also want him to do well so he can be someone we could trade maybe.

OMG I just read that Valbuena is coming in to replace Kipnis. NOOOOOOOOOO!!! I hope they mean replace him as a bench warmer.

Big big series coming up. Three against the Tigers. But guess what?! NO VERLANDER! It'll be like butter, I swear.

Like I said I'll be gone Friday night but don't be surprised if I come home late at night and listen to the game and regale you with my thoughts afterward.

We won the last 2 series and the team is just primed and ready to win the next. See you when I see you!

PS Scott totally linked to this story yesterday in comments, about Jack Hannahan getting home for his son's birth with the help of the team. You might not have seen it tho. I heard the story the night before, at this link provided by my brother. Totally forgot to share it. Bollocks!

Radio Chatter:
"Prohibition was more popular than Adam Dunn, here in Chicago."
- Tom Hamilton

"Ohman last worked in Tuesday night's game, which really is no big deal because everybody did."
- Jim Rosenhaus

"It's not like they're tearing the cover off the ball, but they've got a 2-run lead."
- Tom Hamilton

"Did you ever think we'd be sitting here today saying 'If Ubaldo Jiminez can throw as well as Masterson, the Indians would be in great shape'?"
- Tom Hamilton

"These days it's not a good idea to go to Chris Perez and say 'Hey how about that Hurricanes football program?'"
- Tom Hamilton

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