Friday, August 12, 2011

Stayin' Alive

Kiiiiind of a crap win today, but whatever. We need a win - crap or not - because the Orioles look to not be handling the Tigers like we need.

Everybody Hits, tho!! Just noticed that! We got 12 hits and everyone in the starting lineup contributed.

Even though everyone hit and we got 12 hits, Masterson started today. So you know what that means - no run support. Left on base. It happened again, with Nasty only giving up 2 runs and not getting a decision. He struck out 4 and went 7.2 innings, which was great! But only his mom is going to remember what a good 2011 he had...not the record books.

Raffy came in to finish the 8th and Perez had a very solid 9th, taking care of business in 9 pitches.

Hey guess who had an error! Carlos Santana did, yes he did. Here's video of Asdrubal getting in his face from yesterday. I wonder if Sandy Alomar got in his face today?

Ok ok you know that of course Carlos got an RBI or two (or an RBI and a run) to make up for it, right? Yep. He also caught 2 stealing! Un-standing! (unbelieveable + outstanding)

Hey, CHOOOOOOOOO was back today! Total surprise. He was just suiting up with Lake County just a couple of days ago. I guess the skin on his broken thumb is still so thin that he has to keep it wrapped. But he hit lead-off (!!) in order to get the most practice and smoked a couple to the outfield before landing an actual single in the 6th! Then he came around to score! CHOOOOO!!!

Choo ended up scoring on an error in the 6th, which was our first of the night. Then we waited until the 8th to first give up the go-ahead run. Meep!

Never fear! It's time for the doubles game! Hafner singles and Smacta put in Brantley to run for him. That gives us some speed to score on Santana's double, and also keeps Brantley off the DL! Yay!

Then Matt LaPorta - hanging on being wishy instead of washy again - blooped one into center and Santana scored!

Another last-at-bat win!

For the record, Shelley Duncan was put in to bat for Chisenhall after LaPorta, and they walked Shelley. Did they walk him just for the force-out, or because he's the Dunc Tank? I'm going with Dunc Tank.

So we only got 3 runs to their 2 and one was un-earned. Pretty sorry against the Twins but I guess Carl Pavano really has our number so we're lucky to have scored at all, or something?

Lucky ducks tonight, or just some great clutch hitting. Tomorrow I expect even better stuff, perhaps a replay of Wednesday's Tigers game where we scored a lot of runs. I expect Choo to be primed and ready and Santana to really want to not suck. It's Tomlin Time!

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Jim Thome will become the 8th player in the game to hit 600 home runs. He'll be the 5th to do it legally."
- Tom Hamilton

"For Masterson it's deja vu. Once again working without any run support."
- Tom Hamilton

"Well would it be a Cleveland Indians game without the opportunity for a late-inning rally?"
- Tom Hamilton

"Boy it would be nice to have an uneventful evening."
- Tom Hamilton


  1. Did you see the parody of Asdrubal giving Santana what for on Let's Go Tribe? It's hilarious: