Friday, August 5, 2011

The Problem With A Hitter's Park... that the other team is hitting there too.

Tribe looked pretty great today at the plate. Through the first 3 innings at least!

The first was great, when Kipnis (6-game hitting streak) got on with a single and Asdrubal was all "8-game hitting streak!" and got on too. And then Carlos Santana bombed one out of here. Booya!

Then in the second, Kearns walked (yay Kearns on base!) and Donald singled (!!) and Kipnis got Kearns in on a FC. Asdrubal gets on with an error and Carlos Santana bombed a 2-run single. Booya!

Then in the third, Shelley Duncan was all "REMEMBER ME?!" and got a solo homer! Not bad, because he was totally DHing for Pronk's night off tonight.

Then nothing happened until the 10th.

Well not nothing. Fukudome and LaPorta got hits. Both Kipnis and Carrera rocked out on some Web Gems. Carrera's might be at the top for the week!

Ok so what of Ubaldo Jiminez?! Good enough so far. I mean he didn't pitch a shut out and he did give up 5 runs but it was his first start in a new place with a new team. And it was 105 degrees outside. He only gave us 5 innings, but that's enough to get the win. Next time he'll be even better.

Durbin, Smith and Pestano came in to keep things straight for 3 innings and Chris Perez did the unthinkable and gave up 2 runs in the 9th to tie the game. Fuck fuck fuck fuck.

As fans we at least deserve some video of Rage destroying something in the clubhouse or the tunnel. Please?

Anyway, we held on for 2 more innings then we lost. I won't describe how we lost because it's FAR from positive. While I enjoy getting extra baseball for my money, it is very sad when you can't come out ahead at the end of all that.

I'll just leave it at sad trombone.

Same thing, same time tomorrow. Only not with our pal Ubaldo but instead Fausto. I just don't know what to expect from Fausto so I don't know how excited to be or what. I might be busy tomorrow so you might have to wait until Sunday to get my post but you know what? The game's at 8 on Sunday! Weird!

Ok, get some sleep. See you tomorrow. (!)

Radio Chatter:
"A 3-run lead in the first inning in this park means absolutely nothing."
- Tom Hamilton

"Boy, Texas...they don't buy the fact that he hit homers in the last 4 games as they are awful shallow in the outfield."
- Tom Hamilton on Jason Kipnis

"That's just dumb baseball. Trying to steal third with 2 outs. I guess you have to live with that part of the package from Carlos Santana."
- Tom Hamilton

"Six to one Indians, and not to be paranoid, but Rosie it's only the 2nd inning."
"It's not paranoid if you've seen it before."
- Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus

"If you go jogging tomorrow at 4 o'clock, I'll buy you an ice cream cone."
- Tom Hamilton wants Rosie to prove he used to be a runner

"Welp, nobody is warming up so this is either a pep talk or a lecture. Doesn't look like a pep talk. It's a one-sided conversation and Manny Acta is not happy."
- Tom Hamilton on Acta's visit to Pestano in the 8th

"Josh Hamilton may have struck out three times tonight but he's still a lethal weapon."
- Tom Hamilton, before Hamilton got a 2-out single in the 9th

"Welp, nothing you can really say here."
- Tom Hamilton after the game is tied up in the 9th

"There are frustrating losses and there are heart-wrenching losses. I think tonight's game qualifies as the latter."
-Tom Hamilton

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