Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Little Group

It's been getting smaller and smaller lately. According to someone on Twitter, the Indians have had 103 different lineups this year. It's amazing we get anything done!

New to the lineup today was Jerad Head in left field. Because Michael Brantley, oh yeah, is going to be having his hamate bone removed. Srsly ouch!! That means out for the rest of the year, duh, but with no impediment to 2012.

Head went 1 for 3 today and also had a great catch out in left. He was actually better than other guys who had been here for more than 12 hours.

Justin Masterson was, of course, totally awesome today. Only 2 runs in 6 innings. He did so well we gave him the big L. The bullpen did well too, even when it looked like Vinnie Pestano was not going to do well since he gave up 2 hits. But then it all worked out.

So yeah, Head got that hit. Asdrubal got a hit so hopefully working out of his slump. Jim Thome came in for one at-bat and...wait, wait. Positive only!

Hmm...We only lost by one run! Jason Donald is continuing to be hot. I didn't fall asleep during the game.

There was a new episode of Dr Who!

Hey guess what tomorrow is? Grover day! Everyone wish me luck! My face is breaking out like I'm 14 years old and I'm going to look an absolute mess. Hurray!

I wonder if Sharon Hargrove will say "bless your heart" to me? That's what polite southerners say to weirdo people who have zitty faces and say stupid stuff.

But, I am so totally going to be the "I paid a lot of money so you be nice to me!" card, yes I am.

Full report afterwards, you got it.

For those of you not sitting in the Hargrove suite, the game against the A's starts at 7:05. See you there!

Radio Chatter:
The more you watch the Indians play the more you realize how much they miss Grady Sizemore.
- Tom Hamilton on a not-so-good play by Carrera

"There must not be a chiropractor in Minneapolis. Joe Mauer is out again with a stiff neck."
- Tom Hamilton

"Those folks looking at the box score in Topeka tomorrow will never know the difference."
- Mike Hegan on Jerad Head's sloppy first hit

"Alcides Escobar, to practice the long toss, starts at Brown Field the throws over here to first. He really is blessed isn't he?"
- Tom Hamilton on the Royals' shortstop

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