Monday, August 1, 2011


I like this new Manny Acta, with the glasses. I think we wear the same glasses, even. The glasses make him smart and he does things like come up with tonight's lineup and puts Jason Kipnis 2nd. He's Smart Acta. SMACTA!

We had the magic ratio tonight...13 hits, 1 walk and ONLY 4 LOB. Dude, how long since we had double-digit hits and single-digit LOB? (Don't answer that, I think it was rhetorical)

Josh Tomlin's goal tonight was to be a stud, and a stud he was. He was well enough equally matched with Boston starter Lackey. Both gave up 5 runs in 6 innings, so to me that makes it seem like it was supposed to happen. Basically he kept it even, amirite?

The #bullpenmafia came in and did their thing, which is NOT giving up 4 runs or whatever. Raffy was solid then Pestano was LIGHTS OUT. Chris Perez gave up a run in a non-save situation. What's up, Perez? I think he's tight from lack of work.

AAAAAAllllllmost everybody hit tonight! Everyone but our two 3rd basemen, about whom we all must remind ourselves that we did not get them for their batting. We just didn't. They are our left-side vacuums and if they get a hit well yay us!

Brantley got his 20th double and an RBI tonight. Smacta with a sneaky move putting Zeke 9th so that sometimes he bats before Brantley and viola! Two lead-off guys!

And what's with this mess, Kipnis batting second? Unbelievable. Kid gets his first major league homer and all of a sudden he's crazy good at the plate going 3 for 5 and scoring 3 runs. Oh yeah and his SECOND major league homer!

Can't pitch around him because Asdrubal's here and he's batting third. Wat wat! One of you guys (Zeke, Brantley, Kipnis) get on base and Asdrubal's going to knock you in. With a homer! And another homer! Asdrubal does not care if you haven't given up a run since you were 12, Dan Bard - it is time for Asdrubal to drive in runs! Woohoo!

Asdrubal got home runs 18 and 19 tonight, each causing me to spasm a bit by myself in my chair here (thanks to Scott Cabrera for checking in to see that I hadn't swallowed my tongue). DID YOU KNOW...that Asdrubal had 18 home runs in all of his career up to 2011? Now he has more than that in one season! O-M-G!

Speaking of not pitching around a guy...can't pitch around Asdrubal because Pronk is PRONKTACULAR again, getting a sweet sweet homer right after Asdrubal's sweet sweet homer.

And you can't really pitch around Hafner anymore because Carlos Santana is starting to heat up again. Not a multiple hit night tonight since he was catching (not-so-sm-Acta) but focused enough to get on base and score a run.

Fukudome! Got his second hit with us! He wasn't exactly the patient pro we saw in previous games but he did get an RBI.

Matt LaPorta - love him tonight or hate him? He's on the "wishy" side of "wishy washy" today, which I just now decided is the upswing part. RBI double!

Zeke had two hits down there at faux-leadoff and came in to score a run. He's building a nice average for himself!

In my cursory look over the schedule, I think we haven't scored 9 runs since June 1, when we scored 13 against Toronto.

Scoring runs is awesome. I love it. You can't beat the feeling.

Scoring runs makes me so much happier about the Ubaldo trade, too, because if we have this lineup that can score tons of runs and then a pitcher like Ubaldo cornering our rotation then we are actually a contending team.

I hope David Huff kicks some Red Sox ASS tomorrow and we score a ton more runs! I seriously can't wait. I am nervous. SEE YOU THERE!

Oh, btw - SMatthew.

Radio Chatter:
"You couldn't have gone out and designed a better player to play in this park."
- Tom Hamilton on Adrian Gonzalez's batting prowess at Fenway

"You start swearing in Spanish, enough people in this country know Spanish for you to get in trouble. Now, Japanese, I'm not sure about that..."
- Tom Hamilton

"Daniel Bard, tonight, was not Superman."
- Tom Hamilton

"When you get the lead in the 8th inning you just have to find a way to win this game. You can't let this game slip away."
- Tom Hamilton

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