Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just Like Before

Yeah Jim Thome got his 5-millionth HR for the Tribe and that was just like the 90s. And wow was it awesome because we need Thome to do shit like that right now, for real.

But what I meant was that tonight's game was just like the Indians of April and May.

Fausto started and he actually wasn't post-break Fausto he was earlier-season Fausto, albeit his meltdown came slowly without huge innings, but 5 earned is a bit much for an "ace." He didn't strike out many but he did get two double plays.

The bullpen was pretty effective, save for Sipp's one run. Although early in the season they were giving up a lot more runs than they are now (none runs) so it was a bit of a "throwback" for them too.

Following Sipp were Raffy, Smith and Chris Perez who combined for two innings, with Rage striking out two in the ninth as well as making a sweet play to get the runner at 3rd on a bunt. Dontcha just love it?

Another thing that made tonight's game a "throwback" is that everyone was contributing, even guys you wouldn't expect or guys who are obviously not our main guys. Because those guys are all on the DL.

And the biggest excitement is that the charge was led by OMG ASDRUBAL!!!! Apparently pre-All-Star-Game Asdrubal yay!

Ok so, Fukudome was hitting lead-off tonight because Brantley is hurt and he actually was the leadoff guy for the Cubs before coming here. Zeke has been ok but Fukudome really has heated up lately. He seems to really be settling in finally and lord knows it was right on time. He went 1 for 3 with 2 walks and a double, scoring 2 runs.

Asdrubal was back in the 2-spot and he must have gotten over missing Brantley and Kipnis because he was ALIVE tonight. He has been abysmal lately and it looks like when Asdrubal isn't hitting, we aren't winning. But was all back, baby! He went 3 for 5 tonight with a single, double and homer. Oh and FOUR RBI. And he scored a run. And painted a house. And baked a cake.

Choo made an appearance tonight but it wasn't meant to be. While he was able to magically heal his thumb many weeks early he has not been able to heal his oblique overnight. He got 2 at-bats in before he was sat for Carrera. Carrera got a hit so Choo, you rest up, buddy. Oblique massages for the whole family.

Carlos Santana did nothing. Nothing. How weird is that lately?

Hey did you hear it was Jim Thome's 41st birthday today? Wow, 41. That's way older than me and I am way old. But he totally hit a homer, yes he did. And then Tom Hamilton got so excited that he called him "James Howard Thome" like he was his son. Precious.

Don't forget to check out Tom Hamilton has the Best Home Run call in all of Baseball. on Facebook, who should have both Asdrubal's and Thome's homers soon. In the meantime check out a Thome call from 1995 and a replay of Thome's first at-bat yesterday.

Hi Shelley Duncan, playing left field and going 1 for 3! Throwing out a guy at home! We love you! Play more baseball in Cleveland!

Jason Donald - what's up with that kid? He's totally trying to kick Cord Phelps to the curb. Little brother was 3 for 4 tonight with a run scored. Hittin' .280 and all. And no errors at second. Holla!

Supermanahan, too, hitting something over .400 since little Johnny has come along. I asked my friend what he has done since his little boy Jack has come along (shortly after Johnny). He said he ate some cookies. Jack (the adult) went 2 for 4 tonight with a TRIPLE!! and got himself 3 more RBI to add to his collection. That is 6 over his last 4 games.

Oh Sweet Lou, still not stellar at the plate but gosh darnit you loumared (caught stealing) another Royal today. In a surprise move, Chisenhall came in to pinch hit for Lou in the 8th with 2 outs. And he got a HIT. Then Fukudome walked. Then Asdrubal won the game. Or did Chisenhall win the game? YOU GO LONNIE!!

Actually Joe Smith won the game, pitching to one guy and striking him out. He got the W. Ha!

Oh man, tomorrow's gonna be awesome. It'd better be awesome. Because you recall what has happened every Sunday for the past 2 months, right? I am READY for some SUNDAY MAGIC and I don't want to fall asleep!

Man, Masterson's ERA is 2.83? That's pretty wow. And 5th in the AL, too. Facing a guy tomorrow, Chen, who's been pretty hot so we really need to get dude some run support. Maybe Jim Thome will sit everyone down before the game and say "guys"... no, "fellas, we really need to give Justin some run support." And then it will happen and we'll win on a Sunday and then I'll go mow my lawn happy as a clam, then ONE DAY TIL GROVER!!!

See you soon - 1:05 and don't forget you can watch it for free on WKYC!

Radio Chatter:
"Justin Verlander was human today, he gave up 4 runs."
- Tom Hamilton

"As always, Fausto working hard out there on the mound and it shows. As always, the perspiration dripping off that cap."
- Jim Rosenhaus

"Boy if the Indians didn't have bad luck they wouldn't have any at all."
- Tom Hamilton's take on the string of injuries

"You can't throw the ball better than Lou Marson."
- Tom Hamilton, amen

"They could hear the cheers in Toledo when Jim Thome cleared the 19 foot wall in left."
- Tom Hamilton

"They're not looking forward to tee times in October. They want to play."
- Tom Hamilton

"...he took the [LSU] Tigers to the College World Series. He worked the final two innings of relief against Texas when LSU won the championship. You do that, this isn't that big a deal."
- Tom Hamilton on KC pitcher Louis Coleman

"If this guy doesn't like veal parmesan then he's a Communist."
- Tom Hamilton on Johnny Giavotella

"I tell you what - Eric Hosmer has learned to cheat. He took that back foot and stepped...I don't think he was on that bag when he caught the ball."
- Mike Hegan

"Coleman hung a breaking ball and Asdrubal was ready."
- Mike Hegan

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