Friday, August 31, 2012

Goodbye, Awful August!

Did we really have a chance today? I mean the Rangers are batting .278 as a team, and that's only because their catcher is only batting .209. Get rid of him and it's .289. They have 156 homers, we have 116. Their pitching isn't that amazing but what they lack in run preventing they make up for in run getting.

The Rangers average over 5 runs per game (the Indians, somehow, a smidge over 4) and Ubaldo held them to just 4, albeit in 5 2/3 innings. So, yay? He struck out 7. Also the team wasn't exactly sharp behind him, even though they didn't get any official errors. It was a little whacky out there. All-in-all, Ubaldo had a decent outing. Not the kind of outing you expect from someone who's super awesome (the guy we thought we were buying) but a good outing if you're going to take into consideration how he has pitched this year.

Esmil Rogers struck out 3 again, over 1 2/3 innings. He struck out 4 his last game, in 2 innings. Good with the strikeouts, pretty decent on keeping runs from scoring. Not today, of course. Today he gave up 1 run. But at least it wasn't the winning run.  He also made Nelson Cruz throw a little temper tantrum. It must suck to be the lowest-average guy even when your average is .262.

Cody Allen pitched 2 innings. Two whole innings, no runs. We'd better be signing that kid up for a few years. Not being facetious - he does 1 and 2 innings with no runs all the time. KEEPER!

Hits were few and far between today, so it was pretty miraculous that we managed to score THREE WHOLE RUNS! Only 5 hits for 3 guys. We did walk 4 times, though.

Choo was back in the leadoff, and apparently this mental break of not having to kill the ball, just hit it, put him back in his happy place. Because he went 2 for 4 with his 36th double! Absolutely nothing came of that, though - no runs, no RBI.

The order then went Kipnis, Cabrera and Brantley. None of those guys hit but they all walked once. Asdrubal came around to score!

Not sure what got in to Santana but he was swingin' away tonight and also went 2 for 4 with a double! He got an RBI and he came around to score. These things happened in two different innings, even!

And still here and still making things happen is Casey Kotchman! He got a 2-run homer in the 9th! It was the most excited I've heard Tom Hamilton in a long while. Because who doesn't love it when Casey Kotchman is good at the plate?!

So that was it, yo. No more hits down the line, no more runs. Hannahan walked once and was replaced by Lillibridge. Zeke played center as Brantley was DH, and Zeke didn't look so hot. Donald had a nice sliding catch in left but still...did we need to get rid of Shelley?

More Rangers tomorrow at 7:05, and it's the return of Jeanmar Gomez! If he could keep the Rangers in check (uh...) then we might have a chance against RHP (4.95). But there's a reason we sent Jeanmar down in the first place so don't hold your breath.

I'll be at the Nerf War with my sweet modded Nerf Big Bad Bow (explanation) so I don't know when I'll get to the game. But you know I'll get to it...see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"They'll always be second place behind those clowns across the parking lot."
- Tom Hamilton on the Rangers versus the Cowboys

"[Josh] Hamilton doesn't think much when he's up at the plate. He's up there with one thought in mind - see the ball, crush the ball."
- Tom Hamilton

"Sometimes 110 pitches seems easy. On a night like tonight it feels like 150."
- Tom Hamilton

"Even with two strikes...Carlos Santana seeing if there is a chance he could hit that ball to Pepper Pike. And he didn't."
- Tom Hamilton

"This is not the time of the year to be playing the Texas Rangers."
- Tom Hamilton

"Now that's a strikeout to remember!"
- Tom Hamilton on Nelson Cruz throwing a hissy fit after being struck out

"Wouldn't that be something if the Yankees didn't make the playoffs? Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus. [...] Two-hundred-ten million just doesn't buy you what it used to."
- Tom Hamilton

Thursday, August 30, 2012

There's a Time for Taking And a Time for Giving...

...but being on the losing side of a winning streak is how we make our living!

Here's your song for this game. Listen while you read this post. It doesn't mean anything, it's just in my head and it seems to fit well with my mood this afternoon. I mean, perhaps we have angered the Volcano Gods?

I'd like to help you son but you look like a goat.

I had a dream last night that we had won the game last night. And there was a good play at the plate. I think my brain is tired of losing baseball and made up a good story to sleep along to.

Masterson had a shit outing, only 1 outing removed from his last shit outing. So he's given up 16 in his last 3 outings.

The bullpen was terrible - although we'd lost the game by the time Masterson came out and Seddon came on for the 5th. He gave up 2 runs, Sipp walked 4 and gave up a run. Joe Smith - good ol' Joe Smith - he didn't give up any runs but Perez gave up a homer. But no one really cared because what's one more run when they've already got 11?

There were 371 pitches thrown today - at least the count wasn't lopsided. The average is just under 300. The game took 3 hours and 35 minutes, too.

We did get 10 hits and 7 walks. With out one HBP, we had the same number of guys on base (18) as the A's. We even had the same number of doubles! Only we didn't get our hits in the right order or something. They also got 4 home runs to our 2, and the difference in score was 5 runs - the same number of runs they got off homers.

Everyone actually had a decent day at the plate, numbers-wise. I'd say the pitching lost this one for us...which is a recent development! Or a recent re-tread of most of the rest of the season. Just something that hasn't been happening to us lately as our ability to score has been pretty weak all month. In fact we haven't scored 7 runs since August 5 when we scored 8. And lost.

Kipnis went 2 for 4 with a homer (13), a double and a walk. He walked in a run! Kipnis scored 2 runs and had 2 RBI! That's a real shot in the arm for him - hopefully is a foundation for a good, relaxed September.

One guy who is just NOT relaxing is Asdrubal, who is still swinging at shit. Seriously it's very obvious that he's trying to make up for something and failing miserably. He did get a walk and stole a base but otherwise he went 0 for 4 today and has a pretty sorry record over his last 40 at-bats.

Choo and Brantley each went 1 for 4, and Choo's was a huuuuuuuuuuge bases-loaded single (after Asdrubal had popped out). He got 3 RBI on the day. Brantley didn't score any runs or have any RBI but he did walk and got his 35th double!

Santana didn't hit but he did get 2 walks and came around to score.

Kotchman is still hangin' tough, getting his expected once-in-a-while hit. He went 1 for 5 but was also stellar in the field because, dammit, not everything has to go to pot!

Zeke had a good day at the plate, going 2 for 4 with a walk and 2 runs. He also stole a base, which he should do more of but he's only got 4. He had an error out there in left, no doubt the ghost of Shelley blowing the ball around! Woosh!

Hannahan came out of nowhere to go 2 for 4 today, with an RBI and a run! Waaaat?

Marson was holding down the end of the lineup in the 9 spot, and went 1 for 4 with an RBI.

Fairly impressive bit of hitting today on our side, although it was against a RHP. It was like the A's were conceding the win! But our pitchers had to give it away.

But, at least they're losing as a team eh?

Tomorrow the Rangers come to town. They are good - first place in the West - but at least they're not on a winning tear like the A's. In fact they lost their last one. Woohoo!

It's Ubaldo versus RHP (5.46). Oh man - we totally got that! Provided Ubaldo does not throw it away. I have a very good feeling about Friday's game! I had a good feeling about today's game, which was true - I knew we'd do well unless Masterson sucked, which he did.

So everyone have a good evening off and I'll see you tomorrow night!

Radio Chatter:
"He makes those tougher plays - that a lot of people don't realize are tougher plays - look a lot easier than they really are."
- Tom Hamilton on Casey Kotchman

"We talk so much about leadoff walks but as we saw right there - it doesn't matter where they are, they hurt."
- Jim Rosenhaus on Masterson loading the bases then giving up a 3-run double

"If Kotchman can't come up with it, chances are nobody else can either."
- Tom Hamilton

"Melky Cabrera being eligible for the National Leage batting title is something baseball needs to examine. It's like Al Capone being eligible for a tax break."
- Tom Hamilton

"Boy Oakland is putting on quite a ralley. They just returned a fastball for a touchdown."
- Tom Hamilton on some scoreboard shenanegins

"Jim Leyland may be going through a carton of heaters per day."
- Tom Hamilton on the frustrating Tigers

"Boy this is like an epidemic this inning. None of the Indians pitchers able to throw strikes."
- Tom Hamilton

"There hasn't been anything attractive about this game today."
- Tom Hamilton

"If you didn't know better, folks, you'd think today's date is March 17 and everybody was trying to get sharp for the season that starts in 2 weeks."
- Tom Hamilton says there have been 300 pitches thrown by the 7th

"There's no margin for error for those guys."
"They have to be 100 percent 100 percent of the time."
"We might start doing play-by-play of the jets, soon."
- Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus on the jets flying over, practicing for the Air Show

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shelley No More

Shelley Duncan was designated for assignment, guys.

That doesn't necessarily mean that he's gone forever. That's what it meant for Johnny Damon and Derek Lowe and Jose Lopez this year...but it doesn't have to come to that. He also could be released and come back again some other time or even traded away and traded back, like Austin Kearns!

DFA'd for Jeanmar Gomez. Gah. Gomez better have been fitted with a cannon on his arm to justify this, is all I gotta say.

Tom Hamilton did say that the entire team was pretty bummed to see him go. He is really well-liked. I still want to know what the people who make the decisions knew that we didn't know. Why didn't he get to play every day? Why did they spend the entire season and spring saying "WE HAVE NO LEFT FIELDER!"?

Of course this is mostly Johnny Damon's fault, and I'll never forgive him for it. But I can't dislike the man more than I already do so the point is pretty much moot.

Hey, Corey Kluber had a not-too-bad game today! He had 3 earned runs in 6 innings, which is way better than 6 in 3 innings (it's happened!) And he struck out 7!

The rest of the guys didn't look so impressive...Cody Allen has lost his magic. He gave up 2 runs in just 1 inning, which would be the losing run and its cousin. He did strike out the 3 guys that didn't get hits. Good try?

Jeanmar Gomez came in for the 8th, courtesy of Shelley Duncan. He didn't give up any runs or any hits and struck out one. What else is there to say?

Poor Vinnie came in for the 9th and gave up 2 runs. Holy smokes! The dude is just wasting away in the bullpen I suspect. He struck 1 out too, and the staff struck out a total of 12 today. That's pretty crazy - I guess the last time (before last night) we struck out 16 and lost was a game Bob Feller pitched. I can only imagine what sort of new words he taught the younger players that day!

The game started off pretty promising. In the pre-game "Ask The Manager" show Manny Acta described some special game the guys played instead of batting practice, to help them loosen up. Choo and Cabrera were captains and they picked teams and they played a simulated baseball game of some sort. Not sure exactly what it entailed but it sounded super neat. If only I was able to go to batting practice TODAY!! The losing team had to collect all the balls from the field.

I bet everyone was like "Man, you know who would dig this? Shelley would dig this. Man I miss that guy."

Regardless, they did say that the players were laughing and trash-talking and in the best mood they'd been in since the slide started. And then the game rolled around and it was a rough start (Asdrubal got thrown out of the game for arguing strikes) but they score in the third. First off Jason Donald's weak-but-it-counts solo homer, followed by Zeke absolutely screaming around the bases to get a triple (I didn't see it but I couldn't believe it when they said he was already at second!) and Kipnis actually hitting him in to score a second run on a fielder's choice. Hurrah! Teamwork!

Then that was pretty much it except for a walk and a hit-by-pitch. In the 7th they put together 2 singles to start the inning but nothing came of it.

In the 8th there was some more action, with bases loaded and no outs. Bases got loaded on some way goofy error that is not a video highlight. I don't know why...aside from Donald's homer this is the only Indians offensive highlight video from tonight. It's a video of Kotchman hitting a slow roller to the second baseman while Marson scores. Yawn yawn and double yawn! Why not show how Michael Brantley got on base before that? Why not show Zeke's triple? Bad video picks!

Anyway so Kotch got a sac ground out and Marson scored. Before that Lillibridge had a sac fly and Choo scored. In case you didn't follow, that is TWO runs with bases loaded and no outs!! HOLY MOLEY I think they got it! Very sad that we have to be excited for two sacrifice RBIs (in fact, 3 of our 4 runs today were sacrifice) but considering our non-ability for scoring with bases loaded this is pretty exciting. Next stop - bases-loaded singles!

Zeke got a double in the 9th, giving him 2 extra-base hits on the night. And I guess that's why Shelley is gone. Dude's had 3 triples in 23 games with the Indians this year. Shelley had 11 homers, though (in 81 games).

Michael Brantley did not get a hit, in case you were curious. He did walk, though.

They managed to score 4 runs today which is the most runs they've scored since the 18th when they scored 5 against the A's in Oakland. That was 9 games ago. It's also the first runs they've scored since Sunday.

So did the little pick-up game before the real game help? Probably. It is definitely about relaxing right now. I think now that there is no more playoff dreams, they are all worried about keeping their jobs. Understandable, I guess.

Tomorrow is Justin Masterson versus RHP (3.52). I actually have a good feeling about the game. We've got a little hitting momentum, Masterson is on an upswing (his new pattern seems to be 2 good games and 1 bad, and he was bad just 2 outings ago).

It's a 12:05 game tomorrow. I hope people show up! The weather will be good. I'll be listening from work - see you there!

Oh as a tribute to Shelley Duncan - who no doubt enjoyed a good Nerf gun - and also to get more hits on my blog, I am going to share a secret I discovered today for modifying a Nerf Big Bad Bow.

I'll hide it for you, though, if you don't care. Click here to view.

Radio Chatter:
"It looks like Bartolo Colon ate Popeye."
- Tom Hamilton says Colon didn't get good on spinach

"One thing about [umpire] Gary Darling - he's got every hitter on both sides talking to themselves."
- Tom Hamilton

"How on earth does somebody from New Jersey qualify for a higher academic institution like that? Explain it, Rosie."
"There are some people that can be very persuasive."
"Is the guy's name Guido?"
- Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus riff on New Jersey

"What is wrong with you tonight?"
"What's wrong with me? It's 6 to 2. I gotta pick on somebody."
- Jim Rosenhaus and Tom Hamilton

"You can't argue dumb baseball. Might as well go back to the dugout."
- Tom Hamilton on the goofy play in the 8th

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Strike Out Kings

WOULD YOU BELIEVE...that the strike-out-ers I refer to in the title up there are NOT Cleveland Indians? It does NOT refer to the batters who could not score a run tonight. The guys doing most of the striking out tonight were the Oakland A's!

Our pitchers combined threw 16 strikeouts today. Little Zach McAllister threw 8 himself, in just 4 1/3 innings! And then Esmil Rogers struck out 4 of the 6 batters he faced! Sipp struck out 2 in 1 2/3 and Smith struck out 2 in the 9th.

Sadly, McAllister gave up 5 runs in his 4 1/3, and then Smith had 2 un-earned runs in his line.

Doesn't matter, though, because the hitters weren't hitting.

Actually they were hitting - a lot more than yesterday's measly two hits and 3 walks. Today they had 8 hits and a walk. And 9 LOB. Do the math, boffins - that's no good.

In fact, only two of our guys didn't get a hit. And - be still my beating heart - one of those guys was Michael Brantley! I KNOW!!!!! At least he didn't strike out. So smooth! The other guy who didn't get a hit was Jason Donald. Eh.

Everyone else got at least one hit and Santana got TWO. Choo also walked.

But nobody was stacking their hits up. Or if they were, it would get to the point of runners in scoring position then stop. Then FAIL.

While Brantley was ending a streak, so was Asdrubal - he got a double in the 7th so now he's like 2 for his last 27 or something ridiculous.Whee.

Lillibridge had his second double in 2 nights. He also had his 5th error since coming here.  His third error at short, if I'm not mistaken.

Choo had an error. CHOO!! Only his second of the year, too. But there it was. Shelly had an awful night in left - a Damon-esque night - but he didn't get any E's on his plays.

So yay on all the strikeouts! Boo on absolutely everything else. It was a miserable night for the Tribe. My colored hair streaks are having no positive impact.

Everyone hang tight until Saturday when they start bringing up new guys and maybe something fun will happen.

Until then, we've got tomorrow's 7:05 game, still against the A's. It's Corey Kluber versus LHP (3.52). That doesn't look promising but YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO SEE! That's what Herb Score liked to say. You wouldn't want to poo-poo Herb Score now, would you?

So, see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Maybe he didn't like your shirt, that is why he was shaking his head!"
- Tom Hamilton's response to Rosenhaus saying Choo shook his head when talking about facing Brent Anderson

"Basically, Rosie or I could have been the backup quarterback to Eli Manning at the University of Mississippi."
- Tom Hamilton on Seth Smith never having to fill in for Manning

"They either get a base hit or they strike out. This is like a Little League game - the pitcher and catcher are the only ones involved."
- Tom Hamilton

"It's a basketball arena for people who enjoy watching basketball. If you want tea and crumpets you can go somewhere else."
- Tom Hamilton on the University of Dayton basketball arena

"Oh yeah that's right - that one weekend you thought you were a Chippendale."
- Tom Hamilton recalling the time he accused Rosie of not wearing a shirt in the booth

"This team is not playing well. And that's the understatement of the year."
- Tom Hamilton

Monday, August 27, 2012

At Least No One Was There To See

We lost today. On to two-in-a-row now.

Lots of twittering about how small the crowd was. The official count was 13k but everyone was saying it looked more like 4-5k. I had actually considered going up to the game today but it may have been rained out. Did you see the rain today? It rained all day. No one was going to go to the game tonight to maybe be sent home. I like to see a big crowd as much as the next person but I don't think tonight's game was a good representation of what is going on with the fans.

Anyway, Roberto Hernandez started and wouldn't you know...his first start had some bad defense so we couldn't judge him. His second start had a bad reliever that gave up two of Hernandez's earned runs, so we couldn't judge him. Now, today, he pitched 2 1/3 innings and twisted his ankle and that was it. He did give up 3 runs in his 2 1/3 innings so maybe we can judge him on that - although Ubaldo did the same yesterday and the Yankees' starter did the same Saturday.

Chris Seddon looked good in his long relief. He pitched 4 2/3 innings and only gave up 2 hits, walked one and struck out one. He hasn't been spectacular or anything but I think he's been a workhorse for us. I think I'd like to see him next year for sure - if he doesn't take some sort of turn for the worse in the last month!

Cody Allen went back to being perfect, and threw 2 innings only giving up 1 hit and striking out 1. Perfectly boring, I guess. His ERA is 1.08. Definitely looking forward to seeing him next year, if he is the real deal. Tom Hamilton doesn't seem to think we can trust anyone in our bullpen other than Smith, Pestano and Perez. But in his time here, at least, Allen looks to be at a level between Smith and Pestano. Of course I am no expert but from an eagle-eye view, that's what I am seeing.

There were only two hits tonight! We actually got more walks than hits - 3! Asdrubal was benched. Basically he is signed on through next year and we know he's awesome so he is going to be benched a lot, I think. Gotta see what we think about Lillibridge in the long term. Gotta feel out Donald some more. And I guess come next Monday there will be a ton of new faces playing all the time. That might be fun!

Kipnis was 0 for 3 with a walk. Santana was 0 for 2 with 2 walks! Woohoo! Hoo...

Still playing along as if nothing was ever going to break-a his stride, nobody gonna slow him down, is Michael Brantley! Six-game hitting streak and he's hit safely in 9 of his last 10 games. And in the "missing" 10th game, he walked. That guy, I tell you, a goddamn diamond in the rough! I hope to Og nobody comes by and swipes him from us because he'd be as big of a loss as Asdrubal, Choo or Perez. No kidding.

Brent Lillibridge got a double today, and did not commit any errors at short. So he's got that going for him.

LaPorta didn't do anything today but strike out twice. In his 6 games with us this season (3 in June, 3 just now) he's got 3 hits and 7 strikeouts. In the minors he has 62 RBI and is batting .264. I think he is some sort of fish in a pond analogy. Poor guy.

Yep, that's it. Two hits, three walks. No runs, lost game. Keep in mind that the A's starter has a .64 ERA right now. Of course, this is his second game of the season but that means someone else had trouble with him too. Perhaps Brett Anderson is some sort of phenom. I'll go ahead and throw that out there early, in case I'm right. If I'm wrong well...nobody will notice.

Tomorrow is another one against the A's. Zach McAllister versus RHP (3.87). We did score 4 runs off this very RHP a week or so ago! But they scored 4 off Zach. Look for this one to maybe be settled by the bullpen. Urk...

Anyway, 7:05 game - I'll see you there!

Oh, no Radio Chatter tonight. I listened, I swear. Other than some joking about football draft benefits and the Kardashians, there was very little excitement on the radio tonight. Nary even a peep about steroids in the water in Oakland or how poorly the Dodgers happened to do after the addition of their shiny new players. They did spend some time talking about how good the A's have been since the break and how good tonight's pitcher was. But nothing worth writing down - sorry!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let's Play Two!

Good evening, boffins! What a whirlwind of a weekend for me! I managed to squeeze in two baseball games today as well as a trip to the airport, cleaning of my house and  a good long nap.

I wish I could make this post as long and entertaining as one would expect for a manufactured double header, but I ate cake for breakfast and cake for lunch and had some cake with my dinner so I have a raging headache. But, you know - cake!

HEY GUESS WHAT!!! The Indians won on Saturday! Pretty awesome because over 34,000 people showed up for that (and fireworks). From the sounds of it, there were about 16,000 Yankee fans. Sixteen thousand sad Yankee fans woohoo!

I got red and blue streaks put in my hair on Saturday morning, too. For the team! So far they have been 50% lucky.

Masterson pitched another classic Masterson game (as opposed to the new "typical Masterson" game). He went 6 2/3 innings and gave up one earned run and struck out 6. No homers given up to those clowns, either. Can we have this every 5 days from now to eternity, please?

As an extra treat, we got Pestano and Perez for the 8th and 9th (and extra Vinnie in the 7th). They were just there to stretch out their pitching ligaments and show the fans a good time, no doubt. Oh and to shut the Yankees down so we could have the win! Vinnie of course blew 'em away and Perez struck out 2 to end the ballgame. They faced the minimum 7 batters over their 2 1/3 innings. Gawd I love that!

Pitching was definitely the answer in this particular game because our batters had nothing going on whatsoever after the first inning. They got 4 hits, 2 walks and 2 hit-by-pitch on the day. But they managed to outscore the Yankees so - whatever!

The entire top of the order was stymied, hit-wise. But Kipnis got hit by a pitch to lead off our half of the first (Really? Really, this is a thing now? Two bad teams hitting each other? Fun times.) then Choo got a walk and then Cousin Michael was all "EMAGERD, SINKER!" and hit his first pitch out of the damn park and we scored three runs and there was much rejoicing yaaaay!

Then it was a real snooze-fest for 8 more innings. Well except for when Vinnie and Perez were pitching because they're just the bomb. But stuff happened like Hannahan got on base and Lou walked but then no one could get them in. Lou got a double but then got caught picking his nose, standing off the base so he never got to score. Zeke beat out an infield hit to get a single but nobody hit him in either.

So it was a good day for Masterson to be in charge.

We ended the losing streak at 9. Woohoo? Here's a nice short article about what Perez thinks about it, how Brantley is awesome and how Masterson hopes to be getting better.

On to Sunday's game!

Sunday it was Ubaldo's turn to be in charge and he did what Kuroda did on Saturday and gave up 3 runs early. Yeah, the Yankees didn't do much after that (just like we didn't on Saturday) but it was enough for them to get the win. Ubaldo only went 5 and did hold it to just those 3 runs while striking out 4. Once again he gave up tons of hits (8) and then worked himself out of jams.

Then Sipp came in and gave up a homer, so there's that. But you gotta hand it to our staff - over 3 games they only gave up 2 home runs to a team with a 195:127 homers-to-games ratio, that leads all of baseball by almost 30 home runs. Only one dude in their lineup had fewer than 10 home runs and that's the "new guy" Ichiro. Pretty good non-homer pitching this weekend then, I say!

Smith and Rogers handled the 7th, 8th and 9th with no problem. I still don't know what to make of Rogers. Often impressive but sometimes lets us down big time. Oh, they sent Frank Herrmann back down, if you didn't know. Not sure if I mentioned that but he's a "casualty" of LaPorta.

Jason Kipnis had a stellar day today, sort of out of nowhere. He's dang streaky right now that's for sure. Today he went 3 for 5 with a double and a run scored. And oh yeah - he stole 3 bases! Daddy's little dirtbag! I hope that means he's having fun out there (cuz you know he's always working hard, regardless) and can really end this season with the same force he had during the earlier months.

Asdrubal didn't get a hit but he was hit by a pitch (SRSLY?!) and then came around to score (nayh nayh!) on a 2-out, 2-RBI single by Santana. Faaaaaantastic! Sadly, that was about it for excitement today. Even the Yankee pitchers got tired of hitting our batters by this point.

Brantley went 1 for 4 and Hannahan went TWO for 4, but unfortunately he was by himself out there at the bottom of the order with no one to hit him in and no one for him to hit in. He did get a double, though, so there's that.

Those Athletics are coming to town for a 4-game series tomorrow. Hopefully they leave their asshole fans in California. The pitching matchup is Hernandez versus RHP (1.29). Don't let dude's 1.29 ERA fool you - this will be his second game since 2011. Hernandez's 6.75 ERA is a little goofy too - he had a good outing last time until he stopped having one. I think Monday's game could actually have a chance at being good. So - see you there!

Also, a shout out to Sweet T, Vienna's newest and biggest Tribe fan (possibly the first and only), who was sent off to her new home with a fantastic Slider "OH-IO" statue.
Can't wait to hear what your new Austrian co-workers think of America's past time!

Radio Chatter:
"Kipnis and Jeter chatting at second base. Kipnis says 'How's your head feel?' Jeter says 'How's your hip feel?'"
- Tom Hamilton on the guys discussing their beanings

"We are waiting and hoping that one of these days one of those marriage proposals blows up, on the giant video board. [...] I'd be something they'd never forget. And neither would we!"
- Tom Hamilton

"This has been an issue for Masterson all year. He can be unhittable [...] and just like that, lose it."
- Tom Hamilton

"Freddie Garcia [...] is now getting paid by the hour."
- Tom Hamilton on the slowness of Garcia

"Ninety five doesn't mean anything when it's down the middle of the plate."
- Tom Hamilton

"You could have a bucket of wings by the time Garcia makes this next pitch."
- Tom Hamilton after a BW3 commercial

"I know this is redundant but it's factual - the Indians can't count on anyone but Smith, Pestano and Perez."
- Tom Hamilton after Sipp gives up the homer

Friday, August 24, 2012


Well if you noticed - and you probably didn't - I didn't cover the game from Wednesday afternoon. I listened to it, and I actually watched the second half on TV, but afterwards I just sort of ate some ice cream and took a nap and watched Real Housewives. It was that kind of day.

Wednesday was our 8th loss in a row. It wasn't a blowout, it wasn't even that bad. Zach McAllister had a non-bad game even.  It just wasn't good enough.

Today's game wasn't a blowout either, and it wasn't that bad. It just also wasn't good enough.

Kluber did well for himself, going 5 innings and only giving up 1 run. He did his worst in the first (like usual) but it was only 1-run bad - not like, say, 10-run bad. He struck out SIX! That's the most strikeouts any Tribe pitcher has had in quite a while!

Sipp was in for the 6th and he wasn't bad, either!

One guy had a bad inning and it was - get ready for it - Cody Allen! No shit, Mr. 12 Scoreless Innings had his first run scored on him, and then another (as it was a 2-run homer) and that was it, we lost the game.

Esmil Rogers and Chris Perez pitched the 8th and 9th well. Cody Allen!! Can you believe it?!

Only 6 hits and 2 walks today.

OMG ASDRUBAL!!! #14 for the man! He likes to hit them at home I think. Ok maybe not - I just looked it up he's 8 at home and 6 away. He DOES like to hit them rightie, though. He's hit 11 right and only 3 left. He went 1 for 3 today.

Our man Santana had a 2-hit game, as instructed. But the lack of Kipnising and Chooing and even Asdrubaling meant nothing came of his 2 hits.

We did have guys on 2nd (Brantley, 1 for 3) and 3rd (Santana) with no outs in the 9th, only down by 2. And well, take it away Negative Tribe "Fan":

Typical Indians! Two on and nobody out and goddamn LaPorta is up and of course that dumbass strikes out. Then they put in Ezequiel Carrera to pinch hit like he's going to do anything but all he can do is pop out. I don't know why the hell they walked that old man Kotchman, like he was going to hurt them, but they did. Probably because they knew Hannahan was going to ground out and that's exactly what happened. Go Browns!

So that's how the ninth inning went. At least there were fireworks after, right? And 28,000 people got to see THE NEW YORK YANKEES!!

There's no Radio Chatter tonight because for one, I was busy doing chores during the game (the volleyball net doesn't put itself up), and also watching the Browns game during the game (I can't get enough of Bernie Kosar. Seriously.) Also since we were playing CC and the Yankees, there was very little talk about the Indians and very much gushing about CC - who threw at Asdrubal (and missed) because Kluber beaned Jeter in the head earlier - and what an amazing teammate he is. And Derek Jeter, the best ambassador for baseball and a first-ballot HOF shoo-in. And Nick Swisher who doesn't stop smiling. Start spreadin' the news! Somebody got treated to a steak dinner with CC on the off day...

Anyway, so no Radio Chatter today. Not sure what I'll be doing tomorrow because I'm throwing a going-away-party and then taking the away-ee to the airport the next day and I'm thinking maybe from 7 PM tomorrow to 7PM Sunday might all be a blur. We'll see if I get Saturday and Sunday's games in or not.

You probably won't notice, as you've probably moved on, which is OK just as long as you're not bitching about it.

Tomorrow is Justin Masterson versus RHP (2.96). Great googly moogly...that doesn't sound too good. All we can hope for is that Justin throws a gem, and everyone enjoys the special Saturday night fireworks.

See you...sometime!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mind Numbing

That's how Tom Hamilton describes this losing streak. "Not mind-boggling, mind numbing."

Nothing ruins your night like Tom Hamilton moaning about a baseball game. Once he's off the wagon, it's all downhill from there.

Roberto Hernandez did VERY well tonight. He went 6 innings and gave up 4 earned runs, but he left the game with only 2 earned runs. The next 2 were given up on a homer courtesy of Esmil Rogers when he was brought in to relieve Hernandez...who only had 72 pitches. I don't get that decision at all. Hernandez had only given up 3 hits and 2 walks.

Rogers didn't give up any more than his 3-run homer. Seddon came in for the 8th and he did all right.

Some dudes had a multi-hit game today. Off Felix Hernandez even. For some reason the ballpark was fulled up with 39,000 fans expecting another perfect game or something. Didn't happen. Didn't even get a shutout.

Jason Kipnis ruined that excitement right off the bat by getting a leadoff single. He got another single later on to go 2 for 4. Two 2-hit games in a row for him!

Asdrubal didn't hit at all tonight but damn...I mean dayum he was close to a 3-run homer in the 8th. It was so convincing that even Tom Hamilton remembered to be excited about it! But it was not to be.

Choo went 1 for 4. Him and Asdrubal are volleying back and forth for 2nd place average (Brantley is pretty untouchable at this point!) He's hitting .284 and Asdrubal's down to .281.

Santana went 2 for 4 with a run scored, giving him a 5-game hitting streak! His average is up over .240 again, so that's cool. Brantley went 1 for 4, following Santana's single in the 7th. Santana came around to score on KOTCHMAN's single after that! Team!

Felix Hernandez then threw the ball in to center field, trying to ... pick... off... someone? Brantley got down to third, at which time the suicide squeeze was called and Brent Lillibridge (and the Lord) utterly and totally messed that up and no one scored. Whoops!

Carrera got himself a walk, so that was cool. Need him to be on base all the time!

That's all she wrote. We lost for the 7th time in a row. Last late-night game of the year woohoo!

Check out this article about umpire Jim Joyce saving someone's life with CPR at a game last night. Seriously, check it out. If you don't recall he's the dude who miss-called that perfect game for Galarraga in 2010. Karma just came and smacked that guy in the butt I think, and he is fully redeemed times 10.

There ya go, now you are happy about baseball again! Yay!

Tomorrow is 3:40, which means 12:40 in Seattle. Huh, ok. I'm actually going to miss the game at gametime due to a doctor appointment and family time. But you know I'm good for it!

It's Zach McAllister versus RHP (3.79). No problem, right?

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"If he doesn't make that adjustment, helllooooo Columbus."
- Tom Hamilton on Carrera not getting on base

"...gotta give that dollar back to Tom."
- Jim Rosenhaus calls himself out on saying Fausto Carmona

"This has been refreshing. This is just a classic baseball game."
- Tom Hamilton

"Worst case scenario - throw the bat at the ball and foul it off."
- Tom Hamilton on what Lillibridge could have done

"Jesus Montero hit a home run that nearly knocked over the front row of the upper deck."
- Tom Hamilton

"This is mind numbing. Not mind boggling, mind numbing."
- Tom Hamilton

"If you wonder why the movie was called 'Sleepless in Seattle' it had nothing to do with Tom Hanks thinking about Meg Ryan. It was because he drank too much coffee."
- Tom Hamilton

"There are more coffee shops in this town than there are drug stores and denture makers in Winterhaven."
- Tom Hamilton

"Gosh, so impressed by these fans until just moments ago."
- Tom Hamilton seriously hates the wave

Monday, August 20, 2012

Aquatic Maintenance Uniforms

Man, I'm tired. I'm not tired of baseball or anything. I'm just really tired as of this moment and ready for bed - even though I took a little nap after work and didn't do anything exciting enough to make one tired. I even had an extra Pepsi MAX for lunch. MAX!

I almost got woken up at the end of this one, but poor ol' Sad Jason Kipnis couldn't capitalize on one out and bases loaded in the 9th.

Don't be too sad, bro - most of the other guys on the team would choke in that situation too.

Ubaldo was the starter and he was markedly better than Bad Ubaldo but not exactly Good Ubaldo. He went 5 2/3 and only gave up 3 earned runs, but it was in the form of two 2-out homers. Basically everyone hung on to the edge of their seats waiting for things to get much, much worse but thankfully they never did. He did strike out 8.

Joe Smith came in to finish up the 6th and suddenly Joe Smith isn't consistently good and in fact he is consistently not so good having given up 3 runs in his last 2 OUTS of work. Yeah man, just 2 outs, 3 runs. He gave up 1 tonight but granted it was after getting the last out of the 6th and then walking a guy in the 7th who then came in thanks to a homer from a guy Sipp pitched to. You follow? Well follow this - Smith got the loss.

Sipp finished that inning with no more runs and started the 8th. He pitched one out then they brought in Cody Allen who still fucking rocks, and he still gave up zero runs and is a total stud!

Quick thing about Chris Perez - he got into a shouting/swearing match with an Oakland fan which didn't seem cool. But today we find out that the fan had been heckling him for 4 years and Perez was trying to avoid the guy but it didn't happen. His nickname is Pure Rage, anyway. So, after a morning of being slightly disappointed with Perez I am now back on his side. I mean, heckling the Indians Oakland...for FOUR years? Who does that?!?! Probably the same dickhead who puffs away at a vuvuzuela at all the A's games.

Send him a positive tweet if you think he's cool. I did.

Sad Kipnis shouldn't be too sad - he DID start the game off with a homer! And he went 2 for 5 on the night with 2 RBI. His first multi-hit game since August 3 and his first multi-RBI game since July 18! Boy do I hope it's an upswing for the Kid...

Asdrubal is back in his upswing, after being shut out last night he went 2 for 4 tonight. He's gone 2 for 4 in 4 of his last 5 games!

Oh, but it's apparently lonely at the top as Choo was shut out again and Santana only managed a hit and a walk, again. His hit was a double and everything but he is just not getting any RBIs lately. Is it Choo? Is it Asdrubal? I guess he does need someone to hit in and stuff.

Brantley didn't get a hit today but he did walk, so he went 0 for 3. Phil Dawson got himself a Fresh Brewed Tee today. Surely Brantley is the Tribe's version of Dawson (however short-lived his tenure thus far) - his tee must be on the horizon!

Casey Kotchman went 1 for 3 with a walk today. Yeah buddy!

Zeke got on base in the 5th with a bunt, then came around to score. Just like we planned! But later in the 9th, he got an almost-home-run-BROKEN-BAT-double off the wall! Off the wall! They don't want him swingin' for power, though. How do you even deal with that? He has power, except when he doesn't. No reason to swing for the fences when you can guide it 20 feet down the line and easily reach first. But...broken bat double off the wall! Bother...

Jason Donald's hitting streak ended. Sucks.

So after all that, I'm pretty tired. I think I'm coming down with a case of last-minute allergies, now that we suddenly have rain and grass. Only one more late night game then we're done with that for the SEASON! Tomorrow we're back in Seattle versus...uhm...well it's Hernandez versus Hernandez. We're gonna need a bigger boat.

I highly recommend tuning in on the radio tomorrow night if you can. It's the last night game of a long west coast trip and maybe, I'm thinking, it just might be a blowout. Hammy and Rosie were starting to lose their noodles today, it can only get worse tomorrow. So put on the radio behind the TV, I think you'll end up hearing something good.

It's at 10:05 - see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"You never know what you're going to get with Ubaldo Jiminez. Lately, a lot of those chocolates have no filling."
- Tom Hamilton channels Forrest Gump

"John Rocker [...] was getting heckled by a group of fans during warm-up, and he threw a cup of lemonade at them. Only it wasn't lemonade. [...] John Rocker is undoubtedly the biggest idiot in baseball."
- Tom Hamilton

"That's not going from the frying pan to the fire. That's going from the frying pan to the furnace."
- Tom Hamilton on the Indians facing Felix Hernandez tomorrow

"Ed Hickox must feel like one of those ducks at the county fair that everybody is shooting at to try to win a prize, and nobody is missing."
- Tom Hamilton on the home plate umpire getting hit a lot

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bummer of a Game, But Check Out This Cute Kid!

I'm kind of tired today. I had a nice day yesterday at Jack's birthday party. Check him out in his new ride!

Roll Tribe!
Yeah, all of my friends' kids are this cute. I have good-lookin friends!

After yesterday being such a nice day, and then spending today hanging out with my niece, who had a nice time (we even found some old Municipal Stadium photos in my mom's photo box!) I came home to listen to this game and...well, it was a bummer.

No pitching and no hitting. No fun, that's for sure. It just so happens that Bartolo Colon shut us down yesterday (well, 1 run) and Coco Crisp got 5 RBI off us today.

Masterson had a bad game.

Rogers did all right even though he gave up 3 hits. Pure Rage came in to work for the first time in 6 days just to get some work in.

Kipnis was out. Zeke lead off. He got himself a hit on speed, which is what we brought him up to do. It was just 1 hit, though. He did steal a base on the hit but otherwise nothing.

Choo had another 2 for 4 game, his second in a row, but Asdrubal ended his little "streak" of 2-hit games by going 0 for 4.

Santana and Brantley each got 1 hit and each have a 3-game hitting streak. But no RBI for any of them. No RBI for anyone today.

Kotchman went 2 for 4. He seems to have decent nights when no one else does...which doesn't get us very far.

No errors on the field today. Holla.

So, like, whatever. We're still on the West Coast. I'll be there for the 10:10 game tomorrow in Seattle which is Ubaldo versus RHP (4.28). We really don't know what to expect, do we?

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"For Joe West to miss a call on the know what folks? He could flip a coin and get about as many correct calls, with his eyes closed."
- Tom Hamilton on the accuracy of the umpire

"It's kind of depressing, to say the least, going from San Francisco to Oakland. That is part of the reason why this team wants to get the heck out of here and go to San Jose."
- Tom Hamilton

"If you have too much fun at Buffalo Wild Wings, having more beers than wings, your fantasy football team ends up with 23 quarterbacks and you go 'What happened?'"
- Tom Hamilton

"What the Indians need now are more players like Michael Brantley."
- Tom Hamilton, amen

"Folks here in Oakland are not speaking the king's English when they are 'visiting' with the guys in the visitor's bullpen."
- Tom Hamilton

"They're legit - and they're too legit to quit. MC Hammer used to be a bat boy for the Oakland A's."
- Tom Hamilton on the A's

"This is supposed to be the worst offense in baseball? You'd never know it this weekend."
- Tom Hamilton

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Little Fight Left

I don't mean Bartolo Colon, although he's got a little fight left in him doesn't he? One earned run in 8 innings. I'm surprised we managed 5 hits and only 3 strikeouts.

We had another one of those innings where a bunch of runs scored after an error. Only damn...was it much of an error? I didn't see it but the way they described it, Asdrubal worked his ass off to get a ball then had a shaky throw to first that Kotchman couldn't get. But it led to steals and then hits and then runs and the game was 4-0 A's by the time Kluber left after the 5th.

Not sure why Herrmann sucked. He gave up 2 runs in 1 2/3 innings. I don't remember him sucking but then they did send him down to the minors and brought in Accardo instead so I guess he had some stuff to work out. And didn't get it worked out yet.

Cody Allen, though - He had another 2/3 of an inning today so that makes 12 whole innings, something like 4 hits and still no runs. So that's pretty fun, right?!

Chris Seddon closed it out today. Looked like a "throw your hands up" move on Acta's part. He gave up a run too. Because, whatever.

Our boys did eke out 10 hits and 5 runs. No walks, though.

Asdrubal had another good night, his 3rd 2-hit game in a row. Third game with a double in a row, too! OMG!!

He managed to score a run because Choo was awake tonight, also going 2 for 4 with his team-leading 15th homer!! It was a 2-run dinger, too! For some reason, Tom Hamilton was extremely un-interested in calling it with any emotion. Perhaps that Oakland ballpark is just so big he gets bored waiting for the ball to get over the wall?

Santana had a homer tonight and better yet it was off Colon! His average is rockin' steady at .237. It doesn't seem to want to move.

Kotchman went 1 for 3 and was pulled in the 9th for Lillibridge. Cabrera had started off the inning with a single and Choo followed up with a 2-run homer. Brantley singled but Santana and Duncan made for two outs when Lillibridge came in. And with the help of the Lord he got himself a 2-run, 2-out homer!

That's 3 homers and 5 RBI for Lillibridge in 16 games with us - and not all of them starts. He's no Lopez that's for sure (and dear God he is definitely no shortstop) but do you guys like him? Can always use a utility infielder!

Speaking of utility guys, Jason Donald came off the bench in that 9th inning to get a 2-out single and keep the game alive - now only 3 runs down! He extended his hitting streak to 6 games. He's got 10 hits in 28 at-bats since he got back. I don't know what to make of him, really. I don't know why Lillibridge seems to excite me more than Donald, even though Donald is doing better in about the same time here. I guess because Lillibridge is "proven"? I also don't know what Donald means in terms of Lonnie Chisenhall. I think there was some back-and-forth with Kipnis's and Donald's permanence last year, where Kipnis won out. Which little guy might land at third?

I guess if Chisenhall comes back and does well and Donald continues to do well, it's a good problem to have!

Anyway, sad beginning to the game but a hopeful ending. REALLY great to see them score late and hit some homers in a relatively low-on-the-hitters-scale home run park. It's 3rd in the league for fewest home runs this year.

Here's an interesting stat, though. As of right now, according to the ESPN Home Run Tracker, Travis Hafner has this year's second furthest hit homer in the AL. His 481-foot bomb in KC. He's got the 3rd longest this year overall, behind the one hit at Coors Field (naturally) and the one at Angel Stadium. So there you go.

Tomorrow is a 4:05 start, Masterson versus RHP (3.71). The guy hasn't won since July 21 while Masterson had a fantastic outing last time. Is it meant to be?!

See you tomorrow, we'll find out together!

Radio Chatter - Bartolo Colon edition:
"Bartolo Colon is still great at pitching. You just won't ever have him running sprints."
- Tom Hamilton on Colon's weight

"I think all 80 pounds is in his chin."
- Jim Rosenhaus on Colon's weight

"There are a lot of guys in the Major Leagues who look like Brad Pitt, and pitch like him too."
- Tom Hamilton on Colon's weight

"Now, I don't want to go overboard here but GOLLY WHIZ, he is putting on a clinic here!"
- Tom Hamilton on Colon's pitching

"Word on the street is completely fabricated - I don't eat hot dogs. Unless they are Indians' Dollar Dogs."
- Tom Hamilton

"Our engineer Mike has put his winter coat on. [...] It's 65 degrees and he looks like Nanook."
- Tom Hamilton

"You should see the crowd here. They are bundled up in coats, hats, gloves. Good lord - it's 65 degrees!"
- Tom Hamilton

"No double play since the ball looked like a wet grape coming out of the hands of Jemile Weeks."
- Tom Hamilton on Carrera's hit in the 8th

"Those hot dogs were first put on the grill when Charlie Finley owned the ball club."
- Tom Hamilton does not trust the hot dogs

Friday, August 17, 2012

Vinnie Had His Turn

It was bound to happen, boffins. Vinnie had to have a bad game at some point. Don't worry though - it didn't go on his record. The earned runs were Smith's runners and Smith got the loss.

But still Vinnie did give up 2 hits to let some guys he inherited get home. We were tied when he came in and lost by the time he left.

McAllister didn't do all that much better. He had a 4-run lead which got down to 1 run when he gave up a bunch of hits and a walk in the 4th. But then again his ERA is 3.64 so it stands to reason he'd give up the 4th run to tie it in the 5th. He was doing quite well with getting out of jams and then having a 1-2-3 inning in the 3rd. He just...lost it.

Inbetween McAllister and the ill-fated Smith was Sipp who went 2/3 of an inning with no hits or runs. Yeah!

Not all on the pitchers today, though. Our guys could not get anything going at the plate for nothin'. Only 6 hits and 1 walk, against a pitcher who did not warrant only 6 hits.

Asdrubal had a good night! He went 2 for 4 with a double, for the second night in a row! Asdrubal has 13 hits in his last 10 games. Unfortunately, Choo and Kipnis are struggling around him and neither guy got a hit today.

Santana went 1 for 3 with a walk. He's slowly climbing out of the gutter but has a lot of early-season crud to overcome to get his average back up there.

Brantley and Donald each went 1 for 4. Brantley also got on via an error, which is when he came in to score a run. Donald actually has a 5-game hitting streak going on and has only not hit in 1 game since his return. Huh! Zeke came in to replace him in the late innings and just this once didn't get a pinch hit.

Shelley Duncan, though - look out! SHELLEY EVERY DAY! THE DUNC TANK! GRAAAAAND SLAAAAM! Man how many grand slams have we had this year? Two? There's been a dearth, no doubt, considering how our guys usually clam up when the bases are juiced (especially Johnny Damon who always seemed to be up aaarrrgghh!) Tonight Shelley had the bat magic to send it out! The TV commentator said the guy should have thrown him a changeup because throwing Shelley a fastball was "like trying to throw a pork chop past a wolf." Ha!

That was it, though. No one else hit, no one else scored. Not even Shelley. Heck not even Asdrubal by that point. The A's brought in their bullpen with their ridiculous Vinnie-like ERAs and that was all she wrote.

On a more positive note - check out this car I painted for my friend's kid! I fixed up a used, abused, faded Little Tikes Cozy Coupe with paint. Tomorrow is his first birthday party, pretty excited to give it to him:

Turns out Krylon makes a paint for plastic so you can do all sorts of crazy stuff to kids' toys. I have extra blue and some decals left...perhaps his outdoor swing needs a makeover next?

Anyway so that should leave you warm and fuzzy until tomorrow's game at 9:05. It's Corey Kluber versus RHP (3.55). A guy you're sure to remember. Imagine a little boy lighting up at the sight of his new toy car. Then imagine the Indians going to clobber one of the oldest dudes in baseball. If nothing else, perhaps you can create a really solid drinking game based around how often Tom Hamilton brings up Colon's age and "special medicine."

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Rosie decided to taste every grape in Napa Valley."
- Tom Hamilton on Jim Rosenhaus's anniversary in San Francisco

"This and at Oakland Raiders games - a lot of folks are picked up by their parole officers to go home."
- Tom Hamilton

"Nothing says romance like the Oakland Coliseum."
- Tom Hamilton

"There is nobody who gives a hoot about the Boston and Yankees series this weekend. [...] That's what happens when one team's not good and the other team is bad."
- Tom Hamilton

"It's almost like he wants to scream 'Why?! Why can't I throw this slider for a strike?!'"
- Tom Hamilton on Vinnie Pestano

"I wonder how many people are going to ask Bartolo Colon for the phone number of his doctor. The first one will probably be Jane Fonda."
- Tom Hamilton

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Swear I Recognize Your Breath...

The return-slash-debut of Roberto Hernandez! Man tonight's game was like having your wedding interrupted by grandma falling and breaking her hip. Falling on the cake and breaking her hip.

Things were going smooth for Hernandez until the team went all McAllister Meltdown Flashback and stopped catching the ball behind him (just like they did on the 6th against the Twins). Is this some sort of trial by fire?

In the end, Hernandez only gave up 5 earned runs out of 8. He did end up going 6 full innings total after the 5-run 2nd. The two homers he gave up were solo shots...although I wonder what would have happened if Pujols was in tonight? Yeah they got 8 runs without him. Hernandez didn't strike out any but he didn't walk any. He did hit Torii Hunter.

Oh and Torii hunter hit the home plate umpire in the face with his spike. Ouch ouch ouch!

I think the jury's still out on Hernandez. Hopefully next time he'll be more relaxed and we can see what he's really got and oh yeah, no more errors.

Coming in for the 7th was Rogers, who had a blank line. Then Cody Allen came in and had his worst inning ever - giving up a single then two walks. But I'll be darned if that Cody Allen didn't manage to get out of it without giving up a run, giving him 11 1/3 scoreless innings in his Major League career!

So today it wasn't the top or the bottom of the order doing poorly - rather, the middle was shut down. Santana, Brantley, Kotchman, Lillibridge all with goose-eggs. And Lillibridge with the two errors, holy shit! I like his hitting and it looks like he can play second and third and hang out in the outfield, but no more practice at short. All Star shortstops or go home!

Kipnis started off the game with a single but then got thrown out. Trying too hard? He did get a walk and then came in to score a run.

Asdrubal was hot at the plate, going 2 for 4 with an RBI double. I tell you what, though - Tom Hamilton was already so dismayed by then that I had to switch over to Gameday to make sure we actually just scored and to see how. I've never heard him so flat! Asdrubal's got 12 hits in his last 10 games. He was DHing tonight to get some rest, for what it's worth. I am hoping he decides to rest no more after what went down on the field tonight.

Here's a stat for you - Choo hasn't had any home runs against the Angels in his career. I couldn't tell why that was even a stat but from the looks of it, that was the only AL team off which he's never homered. And tonight it was a 3-run blast! When was the last time we had a big-run homer like that? July? It was his only hit for the night but it was his first RBI in almost 10 days!

Trip, skip and jump down to the bottom of the order where Jack Hannahan still resides when not holding down the bench. Hey Supermanahan! He went 1 for 3 tonight and he was on base for Choo's homer. Kipnis was actually the other guy, not Carrera.

Carrera was on base in the 6th when Asdrubal got his double. Zeke was about to test the arm of Torii [blush] but everyone's a little more cautious about him now that they know he'll cut a bitch (if a bitch happens to put their face where his spikes are. And then he'll ask if a bitch is ok.) So Zeke was wisely safe at first and was able to fly home when Asdrubal sent one out to Torii too.

And that was it, man. Asdrubal's RBI double and Choo's homer and the top and bottom of the order being on base made it a SOMEWHAT respectable loss. We can blame some of the numbers on the new old guy pitcher and then some on Santana and Lillibridge's errors, and those guys didn't even HIT. Psssh.

Oh if you're wondering, we've still got 8 in the pen. Accardo is gone, Seddon is full-time relief and Tomlin is on the DL because it turns out his elbow has been hurt for a long time. Yargh. Although....although, our pen is looking pretty nice right now. I'd like to see more of Herrmann to see what he's got in him. I don't see why we can't stay with 8. Who do you think should go if we do trim back?

 Tomorrow is an OFF DAY!! WOOHOO! Gonna catch up on some TV, some sleep, some house work. Gonna be ready to face those A's on Friday at 10:05. It'll be McAllister versus LHP (3.91) whose unbiased scouting report basically says he's shitty right now. Yay!

Everyone get a little rest and do your vacuuming, and I'll see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"The Angels either have the Indians' signs, or they guessed right."
- Tom Hamilton on the CS of Kipnis in the first

"At this stage, with Hernandez, the Indians aren't looking for a talk show host..."
- Tom Hamilton on the quietness of Hernandez

"Albert Pujols is getting the night off, and Roberto Hernandez should send a thank-you gift to manager Mike Socia."
- Tom Hamilton

"For you Tony we'll put a little spaghetti sauce on them."
- Tom Hamilton has weird feelings about Italian people (and what they like on hot dogs)

"The Indians have been a bad baseball team since the All Star break, and they're playing like it tonight."
- Tom Hamilton in the second

"His chances of getting Mike Trout were about the same as me sprouting wings and flying to San Francisco."
- Tom Hamilton on Santana's bad pickoff attempt in the second

"Some guys are just not middle-of-the-order RBI guys."
- Tom Hamilton on Choo

"If you gave that shopping list to Santa, he'd send you a note back from the North Pole saying 'hey kid, lower your expectations, that's a lot of toys!'"
- Tom Hamilton on Acta's wish list for 2013

"When Darth Vader is your agent, then you're going to test the market."
- Tom Hamilton on Scott Boras

"This is going to be six weeks of some torturous baseball if the Indians can't turn around their rotation."
- Tom Hamilton

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stop Me If You've Heard This One...

So Ubaldo came in to start and blows the heck up and gives up a bunch of runs.

Yeah, you heard it before. On August 4, and July 14, and May 27 and May 11.

Makes me just wanna...aaaarrrgghhh!

So whatever.

Chris Seddon came in for the 5th and 6th and 1 out in the 7th, and he only gave up 1 run off 5 hits. Interesting - he's started twice and has had 3 full innings of relief in just 10 days. He's a work horse!

Our man Herrmann was back, as we just can't seem to shake that 8th man. We can't make it through the rotation well enough to feel like we can have a normal-sized bullpen. The Professor took us through the 7th and 8th and didn't give up any runs or hits. Solid!

I'm pretty pleased with our hitting today. Really. It wasn't one of those games where our pitcher spazzed out and our bats went silent, and fielders dropped balls. This was all on the starter and the batters did well to get within 3 runs!

Kipnis was back today, as DH and in the leadoff spot. He ended up going 1 for 5 with 2 strikeouts. I'm pretty convinced that the kid is stressin' himself out right now and that's why it took so long to get his neck better. The good news is that today he had a chance to be a real hero (at bat with 1 out, bases loaded) and he at least didn't strike out. Didn't get that game-winning grand slam but at least he contributed!

I can't really pick on Kipnis, though. Asdrubal went 0 for 5 today. Santana was 0 for 3 and got hit by a pitch. Choo finally got a hit after being 0 for his last 16 - it was his 35th double. Woo!

For the second night in a row, the second half of the order was rampin' it up. They got 10 of the team's 11 hits and thus 5 of the 6 RBI.

Michael Brantley had a night worthy of Michael Brantley, going 3 for 4 with a 2-RUN HOME RUN, coming around to score all 3 times. HE was also in a slump, albeit not as long as Choo (0 for his last 10) but sort of monumental for a dude who's hitting .293 in August. Now if only Choo would ramp back up and Santana would stay up, we'd be GOLDEN!

Kotchman was also a little slumpy there, doing just about nothing against Boston, but he's gone 4 for 8 in the two games against the Angels. Tonight he went 2 for 4 again and this time he got himself a 2-run homer! That's his 11th homer and his career high is 14. Last year's total was 10. Think he'll beat it? He's got a month and a half for 4 more - why not? Here we go Kotchman!

Jason Donald was giving it one more shot before Kipnis came back to second. Although seeing how he's gotten 8 hits in his 6 games back, we might be seeing him at 3rd for a bit here. Heck, even short! Tonight he went 2 for 4 and scored a run. His average went up 15 points!

Jack Hannahan is still on the team. Good ol' Jack - not messin' with anyone. Just playing when asked, sitting when not needed...or hurt. Tonight he went 1 for 3 with a walk. Man...he's got half the at-bats of Choo and Cabrera. Where has the time gone with him? Sometimes I wonder if the post-baby energy surge turns in to the 1-year-old teething energy suck of doom. DOOM!

Zeke was batting 9th today (no Lillibridge! Boo!) and went 1 for 4. He got an RBI, and his average is still at .394. They were commenting on the radio that he strikes out way too much for what he's here to do. I kind of agree. Not like he strikes out all the damn time, but I think he's a little touched by the home run bug, having had a whole TWO in his short time here. But he did hustle on a ground ball to the pitcher today and made it to first. Granted, nobody was at first to catch the ball from the pitcher but Zeke was faster than the pitcher and THAT'S what he's here for.

I contest our hitting was pretty decent tonight, even without much help from the top. Some guys are still powering through. As soon as everyone else gets on board, heck, we might be able to overcome some shitty pitching!

Tomorrow is the return of Roberto Hernandez!!!!! IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME!! Or it's gonna suck. It will no doubt be interesting. He's facing RHP (5.82) who used to be good but is not so good this year (lulz no you guys not Ubaldo Jiminez!)

The game is at 10:05 again. No rest. Just one more day then we get an off day, ok? So drink yourself a Pepsi Max and I'll see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Welp, this game could be over in a matter of minutes if Jiminez doesn't get Trout out."
- Tom Hamilton on Trout's second at-bat in the first with bases loaded

"How lucky are we that he's on our side?"
- Tom Hamilton with regards to the Wounded Warrior who visited the booth

"The Angels are on the verge of breaking this one wide open..."
- Jim Rosenhaus just before Pujols' 3-run homer

"Right now Seddon having a hard time fooling Pujols with anything."
- Tom Hamilton

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun For Everyone!

There we go, boffins! Back on top again! And by "on top" I mean "on top of our game" for the Tribe! Pitching, hitting, defense - we had it all going on again today.

Justin Masterson started and he had his second quality start in a row! In fact it was a 6-inning shutout! He gave up just 6 hits and 3 walks, and struck out 4. He's only had 3 other shutouts this year - oh man let's hope this is a permanent state for him!

Masterson couldn't reproduce his 9-inning shutout from June, but he tried. In the 7th he got a little shaky and gave up 2 singles then they pulled him. Joe Smith came in and got the next guy to pop out then struck out the next two. BAM!

Vinnie Pestano had a bad outing! And by bad outing I mean he didn't get the hold (he's about to break the team record of 31) but he still didn't give up the game. What he did was give up a 2-run homer to Pujols. Well, someone had to do it, right?

The Tribe got back some runs int he 9th, making it a non-save situation, so they brought in Rogers instead of Perez. Then Rogers sort of sucked for some reason and gave up 2 singles before they pulled him for The Man Himself. He only struck out the next 3 on 14 pitches, including wunderkind Mike Trout, and got his 100th career win. BALLGAME!

Kipnis was still out today and Jason Donald still was doing well! Kipnis did take BP and tweeted something about Wally Pipp so he seems to be slightly scared of the grease monkey. Pretty sure he's safe - although Donald went 2 for 4 today with an RBI! He's gotten 5 hits in his 5 games here filling in for Kipnis. But Kipnis climbed in in the 9th with bases loaded and no outs. Not sure how that came about...surely a nice pressure-free way to make a comeback I suppose, but I also get the feeling that everything Kipnis does is intense. And this was intense as he hit one pretty good that made Trout flounder out there in center (YES I DID!) and almost got himself a multi-RBI double. But it was merely a RBI sac fly. Sounds good, Kip.

Asdrubal was having fun tonight, going 2 for 5 with an RBI. He also was his old self in the field, making the barehanded play to end the first. Holy Omar!

The boys in the middle were surprisingly silent, with just 1 hit between Choo, Santana, Brantley and Duncan, and no walks. The one hit was Santana getting a single then testing the arm of Torii Hunter [blush] who, of course, put him out.

Carrera came in for Duncan in the 7th and got himself a hit, which he's done 3 days in a row now. Making me nervous, no doubt. Because Shelley's not doing shit! And Zeke is doing lots of shit! Today he even came around to score. Perhaps this part-time arrangement is too hard on old Shel's brain.

The rest of the bottom of the order was on it tonight, though! Five hits, 2 walks, 2 RBI and 5 runs for the lot of them!

Brent Lillibridge had another great night, going 2 for 4 with a solo homer! He also came around to score twice more. Something's up - he's totally happy here. He said on the post-game that he really liked the guys and they were all "real," compared to other guys he's worked with. That means the Red and White Sox. Go good quality guys!! I think also it's got to do with the huge Christian faction here but whatever. Seriously, if Jesus is going to bring good things to the team WE WILL PRAY EVERY DAY!!

Kotchman had another good night, also going 2 for 4 and scoring a run. Marson was back to his sweet self and went 1 for 2 with 2 walks, a RBI and a run. It was Zeke, Lillibridge and Kotchman who got on in the 9th to load 'em up for Lou who walked in a run. Then Kipnis sac'd in Lillibridge moving Kotchman to third, and Kotchman strolled in on a wild pitch, giving us a 3-run 9th inning to put the team up by 4!

It was really nice facing a crummy bullpen, though. Seems like our old method of breaking down the starter and jumping all over the relievers doesn't work for too many teams this year. That's why we were toast so many times when we didn't score early. Tonight we got the lead, kept it, and then ADDED to it! Fun!

Tomorrow is more in Anaheim and again at 10:05. It's Jiminez versus RHP (5.68). I think we've got this one covered.

Not sure why I had so little Radio Chatter tonight. I sat here and listened to the whole thing. I am thinking Hammy and Rosie were jetlagged. They were probably also cautiously optimistic - sort of sounding the whole game like we could just implode at any moment. Hopefully tomorrow they'll be a little more perked up and we can get some good quotes.

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"You know it's a legitimate base hit if Mike Trout doesn't make the catch."
- Tom Hamilton on Asdrubal's hit in the first

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Click Here for the Good News

A rundown of good things from today's game...

- Kluber sucked, wow. And so did Tomlin. But the good news is that he's Corey Kluber and not our "ace" (Masterson) nor is he the guy we paid a lot of money for to save us (Jiminez). He's just some kid that had to come up because Lowe was toast and Tomlin was failing. Oh and Tomlin did bad because Tomlin is failing.

- Cody Allen still pitching 0.00, now over 11 innings.

- Santana in left. Ha!

- John Lester had a hell of a game. He was pitching like people had hoped he would pitch but he never actually did pitch. Perhaps we could have eked out more than 1 run but it wasn't likely. I don't think we can necessarily say there was bad batting today.

- Ha!

- Jason Donald is still showing up, going 1 for 4 today. Not sure how long he will keep it up (not like he's a stuperstar or anything...) but good to see him not totally failing.

- Zeke is also still showing up and not a fluke. He went 1 for 2 today with a walk and a double. Batting .393.

- There wasn't a pitching meltdown on Gaylord Perry day, because that would have been embarrassing. Although he would have had some fantastically southern things to say about it.

- It was a lovely day. The weather turned out to be nice, I hung out on a playground with my niece. I ate a piece of cake. Couldn't really let a baseball game turn it sour. Hope you didn't either!

Onward and upward to tomorrow. The boys are no doubt already in Anaheim to play the Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim. Or the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles? I hope you all brought your sleeping bags because it'll be 9 days of late games (4:05 Sunday woohoo!) against the Angels, A's and Mariners.

Tomorrow (yeah, no day off!) is Masterson versus LHP (3.34) who has been struggling lately. Behind Justin will no doubt be a team ready to rip the cover off the ball. Yeah!

10:05 - see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"You can almost gaurantee that's what Acta went to the mound to tell Kluber and Marson - 'Hey, fix it up! Didn't you learn anything from Kansas City?'"
- Tom Hamilton in the first inning

"If everybody in the ballpark can see you're upset with the umpires, good luck getting any close calls."
- Tom Hamilton

"Starting to look like a spring training scorecard with all the changes."
- Tom Hamilton in the 6th

"Well we told you he's never been out there before and he looks like it."
- Tom Hamilton on Santana's catch in left

"This is one game that is certainly not going to go into anyone's scrapbook if you're an Indians player or fan."
- Tom Hamilton

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Brent Lillibridge - Amen!

Back to great starting pitching and great defense, and good-enough hitting for the win! Literally - a win!

Zach McAllister starter today and he totally shook off that "zomg that was awful!" start against Minnesota (where he only had 2 ER but there were like 10 runs in the 2nd inning) and pitched a beauty! He went 8 innings. EIGHT! Not only did he win the game but he saved the bullpen. In his 8 innings he struck out 4 and only gave up 3 hits and 2 runs. He's our new rotation stud! So nice to have someone reliable around.

Speaking of reliable, ol' Smooth Face Perez came up for the 9th and just wasn't having any of it. He got 2 outs really quick then got Pedroia to 2 strikes then gave up a single. Then he was like "Yo, Justin, I'm really happy for you. Imma let you steal that base but I just want to say that Ezequiel Carrera is the best left fielder we've had this year." BALLGAME!

Zeke wasn't the only defensive highlight today. Asdrubal was hot stuff, natch. Not just once but twice! Brantley and Lillibridge teamed out for a super sexy outfield assist, as did Duncan and Lillibridge. Plus there was some baserunning going on - double steal!

Man did you hear the "Let's go Red Sox!" chants at one point? Who ARE these people? I think Red Sox "fans" are just IRL griefers. They probably go home and steal kids' money on World of Warcraft. That shit didn't last too long beyond the 6th inning. "Red Sox fans" are fickle as hell.

The hitters were totally chipping away at the score today. They scored in 5 out of 8 innings, albeit 1 run at a time. They only got 6 hits but coupled that with 4 walks and then of course, as I said, double steal!

Kipnis was out again today. I guarantee he is aggravating his neck by being upset about his neck. He needs to relax his TMJ muscle. Too bad our friend Jen is on vacation - she's got the magic touch when it comes to massage, I'd totally get him an appointment with her. Everyone send him well wishes on Twitter! Oh, looks like he's got a Facebook page now. And he's really stepping out into the community, which Kenny Lofton urges all players to do. Bravo!

Jason Donald was leadoff today and he continued his hot streak (work with me here) going 1 for 4. Unfortunately that didn't translate in to any runs or RBI.

Asdrubal's only appearance on base was from a walk, but he made the best of it. Choo also didn't get any hits but he was on after Asdrubal when he got hit by a pitch. That's when they did the double steal! Then Santana gets put on and Brantley hits a sac fly to score Asdrubalfor the go-ahead run.

Santana went 1 for 3 with a double in the 8th inning. He came around to score when Zeke came in to bat in Shelley's spot and got an RBI single. He's hitting .385! (Not Santana - he's only hitting .240)

The man of the night was Brent Lillibridge. In fact he was one of Head & Shoulders' Mane Men tonight and they made a whole video about it! He went 3 for 4 with 2 RBI and 2 runs. Plus he had that sweet play to get Ellsbury at 3rd. Oh and he was a triple shy of the cycle. Yeah, he got a homer in the 3rd inning, his first of the year! If you didn't know, we got him from Boston, but he only played 10 games with them (they were "renting" him?) They got him from the White Sox, where he hit under .200 and he hit .125 with Boston. So far he's hitting .300 with us in 11 games. I am, without a doubt, coming around fast on this guy!

Oh crap - I just decided to see if he had a Twitter account (@BSLillibridge) and he does and uh it's uh...well he loves Jesus. Don't get me wrong - Jesus is just all right with me. But Brent is sort of enthusiastic about it on his Twitter account. But what the heck, I'll give him a chance. Maybe that's why he's thriving here? A good chunk of our team is Crazy4Christ. Those heathens in Boston did not jibe with his exuberance for the Lord and today Brent and the Lord made them pay.

Sweet Lou executed a perfect suicide squeeze today, to score Lillibridge after Kotchman moved him over to 3rd. Praise be!

Nice game all around today and Brent Lillibridge played a big part, no doubt. Kind of fun seeing some new faces when those new faces are doing well and making a difference. Unlike when we saw Johnny Damon's stupid old face and he ruined everything.

Tomorrow is the 4th and final game against the Red Sox at 1:05. It's Corey Kluber versus LHP (5.36). If we can score another 5 we'll be golden. Have a nice fresh bullpen waiting too if Kluber can't hack it but his last start was great so I'm hoping to have a nice Sunday win for a change! Of course I'll be out kid wranglin' at a first birthday party so you'll have to wait for my witty and clever commentary, and over-abundance of exclamation points.

See you there!!

Radio Chatter:
"New floormats are nice this time of year."
"Why don't you purchase them for Andrew?"
"You brought it up - just making suggestions from the accessories department."
- Jim Rosenhaus and Tom Hamilton on what could be given away instead of a Nissan for a grand slam

"Ellsbury probably still can't believe that wasn't a home run!"
- Tom Hamilton on Brantley's outfield putout of Ellsbury in the 6th

"If you can't turn your head, it makes it tough in baseball."
- Tom Hamilton on Kipnis' stiff neck

"He's got 106 pitches now and he looks like one of those olympic runners staggering to the finish line."
- Tom Hamilton on Franklin Morales before he's taken out

"Good to hear John Adams banging the drum in the bleachers. When the Indians were in a losing streak he was banging his head in frustration."
- Tom Hamilton

Friday, August 10, 2012

Quality Start

If you didn't know, a quality start is a baseball stat, not just a nice thing to say. It means that a starting pitcher went 6 innings and gave up no more than 3 runs. Tonight Chris Seddon had the team's 3rd quality start in 3 days! Not sure when the last time we had a QS before that...I think McAllister on July 26. It's been a while!

Seddon did have a start today that one would describe as "quality" as well. He went 6 innings and only gave up 2 earned runs. The two earned runs came off a 2-run homer in the 6th. The other run was actually off an error throw that he made himself. He struck out 3 and only had 7 hits in his 6 innings.

Sleeper bullpen hero Cody Allen came in for the 7th and had such a fun time shutting them down 1-2-3 that he came in for the 8th. He got one out but then gave up a hit and a walk, so his fun was done and they brought in Esmil Rogers. Rogers got the guy to ground into a double play, which HE thought was fun so he came in for the 8th and plunked Will Middlebrooks who had to leave the game with a hurt hand. Fun! The next two guys struck out - no doubt out of fear.

So nobody hit today except Asdrubal. And ... OMG!!! He got home run number 13!! It was a solo shot in the first. Then in the 4th inning he got a double! So he went 2 for 4.

Eeeeeeeveryone else was 0 for 4 or 0 for 3. Jason Donald was hitting 9th and he got on on an error, and then made it to 3rd on another error on the same play! Then Zeke - who was batting leadoff in place of Kipnis who is still out with a stiff neck - got a nice sac fly to score Donald. Not bad for a team that got 2 hits and no walks!

Zeke is looking better in the outfield every day and Michael Brantley continues to show his stuff. Once again - Grady who?

The game was only 2:40 which is super fast for a Red Sox game. But the pitcher Buchholz was locked in. He didn't need tons of visits from his catcher - Kelly Shoppach! Maybe it's because K-Shop is totally awesome.

There were over 27k fans tonight and they seemed to be pro-Cleveland, so that's always nice at a Cleveland game. The weather cooperated and they get fireworks tonight!

Tomorrow's game is at 6:05. I guess uhm...I don't know why. So your kids don't have to stay out too late on a Saturday? It'll be McAllister versus LHP (3.14). Let's hope for another quality start to make it 4 in a row!

I'll be late tomorrow. Got some art work to take care of. But eventually...I'll see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Eric Cooper, the home plate umpire, is not afraid to call strikes. This is refreshing. [...] Nothing wrong with that, everybody knows it going in."
- Tom Hamilton

"I changed many of those doo-doo diapers."
- Gaylord Perry on being a ballplaying dad

"We haven't seen that kind of athletecism since the days of Coco Crisp."
- Tom Hamilton on Carrera in left

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Another good-looking game! Everyone was playing their hearts out and whatever nastiness that was infecting the pitchers, fielders and batters now has turned in to niceness and everyone is playing like we know this team can!

Chris Perez has been clean-shaven for 2 days now. Is he the new Dr. "Smooth"? His chin is 2-0!
Not Chris Seddon
I wonder what they're going to do with the Perez scoreboard silhouette thingy? The one I haven't gotten a picture of and can't find online. It's beardy, you know.
Check it out! >>> Everybody Hits today! Yeah Shelley didn't hit but the guy who came in for him got a hit and that's house rules around here. Everybody Hits!

It's been A MONTH and five days since Everybody Hits! Wow!

Huge shout out to Ubaldo Jiminez who did what we thought he would do until he started not doing it at all until sometimes he did but today he did it better than ever. Got me? He went 6 innings and struck out 10. TEN! That's the most for him this year and matches the team's high for a starter in 2012, which was also 10 by Masterson way back on April 5. He only walked 1 and even better gave up just 3 runs. And two of them were on a homer by A-Gon who is paid to hit homers.

Pitching coach Scott Radinsky was let go today and the AAA Columbus coach, Ruben Niebla is up to replace him. Surely Radinsky isn't the linchpin for the total collapse of the team but I'm guessing he was made an example of. I did talk yesterday about how someone behind the scenes had to go and I agree with getting rid of Radinsky. Let's hope that something good does come out of it, though. Maybe this Niebla is a total hardass.

Tweets from beat writer Jordan Bastian (@MLBastian): 
Ubaldo, on Radinsky firing: "He did everything possible. It's my fault. It's all the starting pitchers' fault. We haven't been consistent."
Chris Perez, on recent 11-game losing streak: "During that streak, it's like a cancer. We looked like we forgot how to play ball, honestly."
Good. Let's go out there and win it for Radinsky - every day for the rest of the season.

Our bullpen was aces tonight, and I don't mean Smith-Pestano-Perez. I mean SIPP-Pestano-Perez yes I do! Tony came in for the 7th after Ubaldo gave up a leadoff double. Then he struck a guy out and then the next guy grounded in to a double play ... technically. 'Cuz it wasn't no 6-4-3 double play it was 6-5-6-4 with a rundown and then a good throw to get Carl Crawford trying to sneak in behind it.

Pestano gave up a hit and also hit a batter. I think he was all "I hate running all the way out here then just mowing them down one-two-three, so let's make it exciting!" He got those 2 guys on base with one out then he was done. And when Vinnie's done I mean the other team was done!

Perez got his 30th save by doing what he does, except this time he didn't give up a hit or anything he just got 2 pop outs and a ground out. BALLGAME!

So get this - Jason Kipnis was taken out of the lineup today at the last minute because he had a stiff neck. Purportedly from sleeping funny. I dig that - sometimes if I get a stiff neck from sleeping I definitely make it worse by fiddling with it all day. Anyway they had just brought Donald up and were like "ok play 2nd today and lead off." And you know what that greasy little dude did? He got a leadoff homer and then later in the game got a RBI fielder's choice. Really! For the night he was 1 for 4 with 2 runs and 2 RBI.
Oh, stop worrying, Worried Jason Kipnis! Jason Donald is NOT going to steal your job! You're our best dirtbag!

Asdrubal was clutch today, only going 1 for 4 but it was a big one! An RBI double that started a 3-run rally in the 5th, which was all we needed behind the awesome pitching. Plus Asdrubal was tight in the field, of course!

OMG you guys, gotta check out this video here. I've been being obnoxious on Twitter today trying to get Kipnis or @Indians to relay the message to Choo that he needs to use this song as his at-bat music. Hit play and let it go while you read the rest of this post!

Right? He's totally manly enough to rock that when he comes to the plate! No need to hide behind Rage Against The Machine!

Anyway Choo was slightly stymied today, just going 1 for 4 with a walk. Not bad but he didn't get any runs or RBI. It wouldn't look so bad if that song was playing in the background, amirite? Hey why aren't you still playing that song??

Santana had it going on tonight, for real - 2 for 3 with a walk and an RBI. His average is out of the .230s! He was the DH and he totally did as a DH should do, ending up with 0 LOB of his own.

Brantley got his 34th double, which was his only hit of the night but he had both a great sac fly with bases loaded, and a back-to-the-plate catch in late innings. He's the total package! Oh yeah and he's on an 8-game hitting streak :)

Shelley Duncan was totally felling the pressure tonight. I don't know, maybe he doesn't like playing left field and batting. Just too much. They took him out in the 7th and put Zeke in. Then in the 8th Zeke got a lead-off single and came around to score. But hey you know if they played Shelley every day he'd be better every day! I promise!

Brent Lillibridge is here to stay for the rest of his season. He's gotta be - there's not much more fat we can trim! So we'll root for him. He's no threat to the complete fabric of the team like Johnny Damon was. Woohoo! Lillibridge went 1 for 3 today!

You know what? I heard rumblings of LaPorta or Canzler coming up when they take the bullpen back down to 7. I hope it's Canzler so we can have Kotchman, Kipnis, Cabrera, Canzler. Even more fun when Kluber pitches. Stuff like that makes me miss Herb Score on the radio!

Kotchman was on it today, being reliable again going 1 for 3, which is .062 better than his average would allow. So - way to beat the odds, Casey!

Sweet Lou was in catching again. He's actually seeing a lot more time right now with Hafner out and Santana able to DH or play first. But he's done with the hot streak he had in June, going 1 for 3 tonight and just 1 for his last 9. But whatever - he's still our guy. How could you not like this guy?

So that's two games in a row now where the guys clearly put everything out there AND it all worked. I'm sure over the 11-game streak they were trying to put it all out there but it fell to pieces. But these last two games just felt different. Did you feel it?

Tomorrow I'm going to give blood, and my good blood vein is in my right arm. It's an inch above the temp tattoo I plastered on there Tuesday night. I either have to scrape off the worn-out-looking Wahoo or I need to let them try to stick my left arm. I'd say the Wahoo has been good luck but I put it on before we lost on Tuesday. It's not some sort of The Last Leaf thing either where they score fewer runs the more Wahoo wears away (5, 6, 5). I think probably being able to successfully donate blood will trump having some worn-out temp tattoo anyway. I'm an adult, after all.

Meaning of course I can buy more!

Tomorrow is FNG Chris Seddon versus RHP (4.48). If you recall he pitched a relief inning the other night. I also saw him warming up Choo between innings in the outfield. So either he's being worked hard or he's trying hard so let's give him a big hurrah and hope he can follow these last two - three - outstanding starting performances!!

By the way good job to the 19k+ fans out were out there tonight! Yes, many of you dumbasses were cheering for "your" Red Sox but there was a great deal of fervor for the Tribe. Fireworks tomorrow - I hope there's even more rooting for the good guys!

It's a 7:05 game - see you there!

No Radio Chatter tonight. I was hanging out with my bro. Listening to the game of course but mostly the crescendos. The best chatter is in the lows.