Sunday, August 12, 2012

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A rundown of good things from today's game...

- Kluber sucked, wow. And so did Tomlin. But the good news is that he's Corey Kluber and not our "ace" (Masterson) nor is he the guy we paid a lot of money for to save us (Jiminez). He's just some kid that had to come up because Lowe was toast and Tomlin was failing. Oh and Tomlin did bad because Tomlin is failing.

- Cody Allen still pitching 0.00, now over 11 innings.

- Santana in left. Ha!

- John Lester had a hell of a game. He was pitching like people had hoped he would pitch but he never actually did pitch. Perhaps we could have eked out more than 1 run but it wasn't likely. I don't think we can necessarily say there was bad batting today.

- Ha!

- Jason Donald is still showing up, going 1 for 4 today. Not sure how long he will keep it up (not like he's a stuperstar or anything...) but good to see him not totally failing.

- Zeke is also still showing up and not a fluke. He went 1 for 2 today with a walk and a double. Batting .393.

- There wasn't a pitching meltdown on Gaylord Perry day, because that would have been embarrassing. Although he would have had some fantastically southern things to say about it.

- It was a lovely day. The weather turned out to be nice, I hung out on a playground with my niece. I ate a piece of cake. Couldn't really let a baseball game turn it sour. Hope you didn't either!

Onward and upward to tomorrow. The boys are no doubt already in Anaheim to play the Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim. Or the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles? I hope you all brought your sleeping bags because it'll be 9 days of late games (4:05 Sunday woohoo!) against the Angels, A's and Mariners.

Tomorrow (yeah, no day off!) is Masterson versus LHP (3.34) who has been struggling lately. Behind Justin will no doubt be a team ready to rip the cover off the ball. Yeah!

10:05 - see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"You can almost gaurantee that's what Acta went to the mound to tell Kluber and Marson - 'Hey, fix it up! Didn't you learn anything from Kansas City?'"
- Tom Hamilton in the first inning

"If everybody in the ballpark can see you're upset with the umpires, good luck getting any close calls."
- Tom Hamilton

"Starting to look like a spring training scorecard with all the changes."
- Tom Hamilton in the 6th

"Well we told you he's never been out there before and he looks like it."
- Tom Hamilton on Santana's catch in left

"This is one game that is certainly not going to go into anyone's scrapbook if you're an Indians player or fan."
- Tom Hamilton

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