Friday, August 3, 2012

Damon Designated for Assignment

I knew that would make you smile! And we all sure could use a smile right now. Forgetting the miserable loss today, the news of today is that we are free FREEEEEEEEEEEE of Johnny Damon!

What sort of sucks about the situation is that in the "Ask The Manager" show on WTAM today, Manny Acta indicated that not only was Damon bad but since he was bad he was absolutely no help in the clubhouse. So he was even more of a waste of money than I thought he was. What a dingleberry.

So Damon's gone and our old pal Zeke is back. Ezequiel Carrera was in playing left today - why it wasn't Shelley I DON'T KNOW. I don't think I'll ever understand the Indians' left field. I guess it's not for me to know.

In case you were wondering, Chris Seddon (who has some Major League games under his belt) is coming up to replace Lowe on Sunday. He's 4-0 in July. Ace!

Ok so speaking of our ace...Justin Masterson did not do it today. He gave up 7 over 4 innings. He actually struck out 4 over those innings but that was inbetween 10 hits and 4 walks. I dunno what to say about that. What can you say?

Accardo did his thing, and by that I mean he gave up 3 runs in middle relief. Shoulda been Rogers but he was used yesterday. Accardo pitched the 6th and 7th and gave up 6 hits and struck out none.

Cody Allen! Now there's a pitcher! He's throwing 0.00 over 5 appearances. Tonight he took the 8th and 9th with no hits, no runs, 1 walk and 3 strikeouts. Secret weapon?!

Bad pitching but also our old friend Useless Hitting is back as well. Yesterday's stellar 4 LOB was obliterated by today's 8 LOB and 10 strikeouts. Pants!

Acta mixed it up today and put Kipnis in the leadoff spot. Not a bad move, since he wasn't getting Choo in while at 2 or 3, and Choo wasn't hitting the non-existant 8 and 9 guys in. It also took some pressure off Kipnis (they say that Pestano is his best friend on the team and he was all "Kipnis sucks hitting 3rd and is very sad" or something) and if he got on someone was behind him to hit him in. This worked in theory as he went 2 for 5 with a double, and it's the first time he's had a multi-hit game since July 23. He even happened to get an RBI because the #9 guy happened to go 2 for 4 as well.

But that was it. Choo left 4 on base and Cabrera 3. Oh, both got hits of course (yay!) but one was synched up to score runs.

Santana was nearly shut down but he did manage to get his walk on. He did strike out twice which is actually unusual for him.

Brantley went 1 for 3 and his average stays locked in at .288.

Lopez and Hannahan both went 1 for 4, but both also struck out once. And neither got a run or a RBI. Hannahan did have a fancy play, worthy of Jack Hannahan!

Zeke, Zeke, Zeke...he did go 2 for 4 and scored a run. He didn't leave anyone on base or anything. He didn't even technically score an error. But boy did he look like shit out in left. He delayed the first inning getting sunglasses and then lost a ball in the sun in the 2nd. He did a "No you got it!" in the 6th. But then he threw a guy out at the plate! Seems like hitting-wise he's a step up from Damon (for now) but defense-wise it was a lateral move.

I don't know what to tell you boffins. Just keep on going, because it's still summer and we've still got baseball. Things have been shaken up with FIVE new faces in the clubhouse (Zeke, New Vinnie (Rottino), Lillibridge, Kluber and the upcoming Seddon) and Johnny Damon is gone. Don't forget your curiosity about what Roberto Hernandez will do.

I met a British guy today who says he likes baseball, he recognizes Chief Wahoo, and is going to try to hit up the team shop tomorrow. He also says that cricket is shit. I suggested he take home some Stadium Mustard. If you're curious, check out Richard Walters. Maybe he'll have some special contingency of fans in Cleveland.

Tomorrow is Ubaldo versus RHP. Hopefully everyone is all settled down and ready to play some ball. Like really, for real this time guys.

I know I'll be tuning in at 7:05. See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"This guy, with men in scoring position, is like a mountain lion when he sees an antelope."
- Tom Hamilton on Miguel Cabrera

"This is a losing streak that's not going to end until the Indians get a starting pitcher that steps up and says 'Enough.'"
- Tom Hamilton

"At some point you would think a Tribe pitcher would get tired of getting their brains beaten in and move a hitter's feet."
- Tom Hamilton thinks guys are getting too comfortable in the box

"If everybody has his attitude and how he plays the game, the Indians would be in first place. We need about 12 more Kipnises."
- Tom Hamilton

"I tell you what - Ezequiel Carrera supposed to help the Indians? He is having an awful night in left field..."
- Tom Hamilton is not amused

"The Indians LOOK like a team that got to bed at 4 o'clock in the morning."
- Tom Hamilton said the team got in at 4 AM

"Not much you can say right now except 'You're going to be out here for a while,' not going to blow up our bullpen because this game is over."
- Tom Hamilton on Scott Radinsky visiting Accardo on the mound

"This is like a softball game. Austin Jackson has hit in 5 of the 6 innings."
- Tom Hamilton

"Fans here are just waiting around for the fireworks now. They know the outcome of this game."
- Tom Hamilton

"At some point an Indian's pitcher is going to say 'You're up 8 runs and you're trying to hit a ball to Toledo? Hit this!'"
- Tom Hamilton really wants someone to get beaned (Rick Sutcliffe wouldn't put up with this)

"That's now the new signal for a foul ball. We don't point fair or foul we just raise our hands up and go 'howdy!'"
- Tom Hamilton doesn't like the way the ump calls foul balls

"Can you imagine Larry Bird and Magic Johnson saying 'Let's become teammates - we're not good enough on our own.'?"
- Tom Hamilton thinks the NBA has changed

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