Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bummer of a Game, But Check Out This Cute Kid!

I'm kind of tired today. I had a nice day yesterday at Jack's birthday party. Check him out in his new ride!

Roll Tribe!
Yeah, all of my friends' kids are this cute. I have good-lookin friends!

After yesterday being such a nice day, and then spending today hanging out with my niece, who had a nice time (we even found some old Municipal Stadium photos in my mom's photo box!) I came home to listen to this game and...well, it was a bummer.

No pitching and no hitting. No fun, that's for sure. It just so happens that Bartolo Colon shut us down yesterday (well, 1 run) and Coco Crisp got 5 RBI off us today.

Masterson had a bad game.

Rogers did all right even though he gave up 3 hits. Pure Rage came in to work for the first time in 6 days just to get some work in.

Kipnis was out. Zeke lead off. He got himself a hit on speed, which is what we brought him up to do. It was just 1 hit, though. He did steal a base on the hit but otherwise nothing.

Choo had another 2 for 4 game, his second in a row, but Asdrubal ended his little "streak" of 2-hit games by going 0 for 4.

Santana and Brantley each got 1 hit and each have a 3-game hitting streak. But no RBI for any of them. No RBI for anyone today.

Kotchman went 2 for 4. He seems to have decent nights when no one else does...which doesn't get us very far.

No errors on the field today. Holla.

So, like, whatever. We're still on the West Coast. I'll be there for the 10:10 game tomorrow in Seattle which is Ubaldo versus RHP (4.28). We really don't know what to expect, do we?

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"For Joe West to miss a call on the know what folks? He could flip a coin and get about as many correct calls, with his eyes closed."
- Tom Hamilton on the accuracy of the umpire

"It's kind of depressing, to say the least, going from San Francisco to Oakland. That is part of the reason why this team wants to get the heck out of here and go to San Jose."
- Tom Hamilton

"If you have too much fun at Buffalo Wild Wings, having more beers than wings, your fantasy football team ends up with 23 quarterbacks and you go 'What happened?'"
- Tom Hamilton

"What the Indians need now are more players like Michael Brantley."
- Tom Hamilton, amen

"Folks here in Oakland are not speaking the king's English when they are 'visiting' with the guys in the visitor's bullpen."
- Tom Hamilton

"They're legit - and they're too legit to quit. MC Hammer used to be a bat boy for the Oakland A's."
- Tom Hamilton on the A's

"This is supposed to be the worst offense in baseball? You'd never know it this weekend."
- Tom Hamilton

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