Thursday, August 30, 2012

There's a Time for Taking And a Time for Giving...

...but being on the losing side of a winning streak is how we make our living!

Here's your song for this game. Listen while you read this post. It doesn't mean anything, it's just in my head and it seems to fit well with my mood this afternoon. I mean, perhaps we have angered the Volcano Gods?

I'd like to help you son but you look like a goat.

I had a dream last night that we had won the game last night. And there was a good play at the plate. I think my brain is tired of losing baseball and made up a good story to sleep along to.

Masterson had a shit outing, only 1 outing removed from his last shit outing. So he's given up 16 in his last 3 outings.

The bullpen was terrible - although we'd lost the game by the time Masterson came out and Seddon came on for the 5th. He gave up 2 runs, Sipp walked 4 and gave up a run. Joe Smith - good ol' Joe Smith - he didn't give up any runs but Perez gave up a homer. But no one really cared because what's one more run when they've already got 11?

There were 371 pitches thrown today - at least the count wasn't lopsided. The average is just under 300. The game took 3 hours and 35 minutes, too.

We did get 10 hits and 7 walks. With out one HBP, we had the same number of guys on base (18) as the A's. We even had the same number of doubles! Only we didn't get our hits in the right order or something. They also got 4 home runs to our 2, and the difference in score was 5 runs - the same number of runs they got off homers.

Everyone actually had a decent day at the plate, numbers-wise. I'd say the pitching lost this one for us...which is a recent development! Or a recent re-tread of most of the rest of the season. Just something that hasn't been happening to us lately as our ability to score has been pretty weak all month. In fact we haven't scored 7 runs since August 5 when we scored 8. And lost.

Kipnis went 2 for 4 with a homer (13), a double and a walk. He walked in a run! Kipnis scored 2 runs and had 2 RBI! That's a real shot in the arm for him - hopefully is a foundation for a good, relaxed September.

One guy who is just NOT relaxing is Asdrubal, who is still swinging at shit. Seriously it's very obvious that he's trying to make up for something and failing miserably. He did get a walk and stole a base but otherwise he went 0 for 4 today and has a pretty sorry record over his last 40 at-bats.

Choo and Brantley each went 1 for 4, and Choo's was a huuuuuuuuuuge bases-loaded single (after Asdrubal had popped out). He got 3 RBI on the day. Brantley didn't score any runs or have any RBI but he did walk and got his 35th double!

Santana didn't hit but he did get 2 walks and came around to score.

Kotchman is still hangin' tough, getting his expected once-in-a-while hit. He went 1 for 5 but was also stellar in the field because, dammit, not everything has to go to pot!

Zeke had a good day at the plate, going 2 for 4 with a walk and 2 runs. He also stole a base, which he should do more of but he's only got 4. He had an error out there in left, no doubt the ghost of Shelley blowing the ball around! Woosh!

Hannahan came out of nowhere to go 2 for 4 today, with an RBI and a run! Waaaat?

Marson was holding down the end of the lineup in the 9 spot, and went 1 for 4 with an RBI.

Fairly impressive bit of hitting today on our side, although it was against a RHP. It was like the A's were conceding the win! But our pitchers had to give it away.

But, at least they're losing as a team eh?

Tomorrow the Rangers come to town. They are good - first place in the West - but at least they're not on a winning tear like the A's. In fact they lost their last one. Woohoo!

It's Ubaldo versus RHP (5.46). Oh man - we totally got that! Provided Ubaldo does not throw it away. I have a very good feeling about Friday's game! I had a good feeling about today's game, which was true - I knew we'd do well unless Masterson sucked, which he did.

So everyone have a good evening off and I'll see you tomorrow night!

Radio Chatter:
"He makes those tougher plays - that a lot of people don't realize are tougher plays - look a lot easier than they really are."
- Tom Hamilton on Casey Kotchman

"We talk so much about leadoff walks but as we saw right there - it doesn't matter where they are, they hurt."
- Jim Rosenhaus on Masterson loading the bases then giving up a 3-run double

"If Kotchman can't come up with it, chances are nobody else can either."
- Tom Hamilton

"Melky Cabrera being eligible for the National Leage batting title is something baseball needs to examine. It's like Al Capone being eligible for a tax break."
- Tom Hamilton

"Boy Oakland is putting on quite a ralley. They just returned a fastball for a touchdown."
- Tom Hamilton on some scoreboard shenanegins

"Jim Leyland may be going through a carton of heaters per day."
- Tom Hamilton on the frustrating Tigers

"Boy this is like an epidemic this inning. None of the Indians pitchers able to throw strikes."
- Tom Hamilton

"There hasn't been anything attractive about this game today."
- Tom Hamilton

"If you didn't know better, folks, you'd think today's date is March 17 and everybody was trying to get sharp for the season that starts in 2 weeks."
- Tom Hamilton says there have been 300 pitches thrown by the 7th

"There's no margin for error for those guys."
"They have to be 100 percent 100 percent of the time."
"We might start doing play-by-play of the jets, soon."
- Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus on the jets flying over, practicing for the Air Show

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