Friday, August 24, 2012


Well if you noticed - and you probably didn't - I didn't cover the game from Wednesday afternoon. I listened to it, and I actually watched the second half on TV, but afterwards I just sort of ate some ice cream and took a nap and watched Real Housewives. It was that kind of day.

Wednesday was our 8th loss in a row. It wasn't a blowout, it wasn't even that bad. Zach McAllister had a non-bad game even.  It just wasn't good enough.

Today's game wasn't a blowout either, and it wasn't that bad. It just also wasn't good enough.

Kluber did well for himself, going 5 innings and only giving up 1 run. He did his worst in the first (like usual) but it was only 1-run bad - not like, say, 10-run bad. He struck out SIX! That's the most strikeouts any Tribe pitcher has had in quite a while!

Sipp was in for the 6th and he wasn't bad, either!

One guy had a bad inning and it was - get ready for it - Cody Allen! No shit, Mr. 12 Scoreless Innings had his first run scored on him, and then another (as it was a 2-run homer) and that was it, we lost the game.

Esmil Rogers and Chris Perez pitched the 8th and 9th well. Cody Allen!! Can you believe it?!

Only 6 hits and 2 walks today.

OMG ASDRUBAL!!! #14 for the man! He likes to hit them at home I think. Ok maybe not - I just looked it up he's 8 at home and 6 away. He DOES like to hit them rightie, though. He's hit 11 right and only 3 left. He went 1 for 3 today.

Our man Santana had a 2-hit game, as instructed. But the lack of Kipnising and Chooing and even Asdrubaling meant nothing came of his 2 hits.

We did have guys on 2nd (Brantley, 1 for 3) and 3rd (Santana) with no outs in the 9th, only down by 2. And well, take it away Negative Tribe "Fan":

Typical Indians! Two on and nobody out and goddamn LaPorta is up and of course that dumbass strikes out. Then they put in Ezequiel Carrera to pinch hit like he's going to do anything but all he can do is pop out. I don't know why the hell they walked that old man Kotchman, like he was going to hurt them, but they did. Probably because they knew Hannahan was going to ground out and that's exactly what happened. Go Browns!

So that's how the ninth inning went. At least there were fireworks after, right? And 28,000 people got to see THE NEW YORK YANKEES!!

There's no Radio Chatter tonight because for one, I was busy doing chores during the game (the volleyball net doesn't put itself up), and also watching the Browns game during the game (I can't get enough of Bernie Kosar. Seriously.) Also since we were playing CC and the Yankees, there was very little talk about the Indians and very much gushing about CC - who threw at Asdrubal (and missed) because Kluber beaned Jeter in the head earlier - and what an amazing teammate he is. And Derek Jeter, the best ambassador for baseball and a first-ballot HOF shoo-in. And Nick Swisher who doesn't stop smiling. Start spreadin' the news! Somebody got treated to a steak dinner with CC on the off day...

Anyway, so no Radio Chatter today. Not sure what I'll be doing tomorrow because I'm throwing a going-away-party and then taking the away-ee to the airport the next day and I'm thinking maybe from 7 PM tomorrow to 7PM Sunday might all be a blur. We'll see if I get Saturday and Sunday's games in or not.

You probably won't notice, as you've probably moved on, which is OK just as long as you're not bitching about it.

Tomorrow is Justin Masterson versus RHP (2.96). Great googly moogly...that doesn't sound too good. All we can hope for is that Justin throws a gem, and everyone enjoys the special Saturday night fireworks.

See you...sometime!

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