Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Bit of Baseball

Another bad start today. Not really expected from Zach McAllister but it seems when one of the 5 goes down, they all do. What's up with that? He wasn't HORRIBLE - I mean, not like he gave up 8 runs or anything. But he did give up 4 earned runs (5 total) in his 6 innings and with his buddies behind him not hitting, it doesn't get the job done. He gave up his runs in the first 2 innings where he also gave up 4 stolen bases. And then Santana didn't help by air-mailing his throw trying to get the guy at 3rd. Instead they scored.

VinneP52 came in for the 7th, just for some work. He of course rocked it hard and struck out one, only giving up one hit and no runs. Rocking it even harder was Chris Perez who came in for the 8th (neither guy had worked for 6 days) and got 'em 1-2-3. Apparently he pitched so hard they didn't even get speed readings on the pitches yet! Crank it, Jerry!

I didn't hear if they were booing Perez or not. Forgot to listen (I was brushing my teeth!) Anyone catch whether or not they're over it yet?

Speaking of "over it," Choo got hit by a pitch in the 8th inning. Eh? Eh? What does that mean? I guess it was sort of questionable whether or not he actually got hit or just put on a good show. I suppose if you're going to bean a guy you smack him squarely on the rump. Then again, if you're trying to be an asshole, you "squeeze him off the plate." So, jury's out on the Midwest Feud. Also, Choo went 1 for 3.

Asdrubal hit! Woohoo! He got an RBI single in the 8th!

You know who else got an RBI? It was Carlos Santana with his 10th homer! They had to review the homer so that took a little excitement out of it but whatever. He's got 42 RBI, 4th on the team. Not bad for the guy who's 6th on the team in games played!

Brantley didn't hit but he got his 3rd great catch in a row. I guess not good enough to show a video highlight of, so you'll have to imagine it. Here's a different great catch, to get you in the mood:

Only 5 hits total for the Good Guys today. Two of them came from Jack Hannahan woohoo! One of those was a double, and he came around to score. You don't hear much from Jack these days but he's still out there. Probably would be better if we were hearing lots about him, maybe about how he's fantastic in the clutch. But oh well today he had 0 LOB so he was the man!

No video of our guys making good plays today but in the spirit of good baseball, here's a couple from the other side. I mean, everyone likes a good Web Gem right? Moustakas imitating Hannahan at third and  Escobar channeling Asdrubal (or maybe Omar) deep at short.

You gotta love a bit of baseball.

Ok tomorrow, don't miss the exciting debut of Corey Kluber at 8:10!! He'll be going against Chen who has been giving up the homers lately. Hey, we've been hitting homers lately! Surely Kluber doesn't have the big L virus so he'll be fresh and new and totally ready to smoke those Royals.

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"It's just not the way outfield walls were meant to be."
- Tom Hamilton on question of Santana's home run

"It's the kind of weather in Kansas City where the fire hydrants are fighting over the dogs."
"[Laughing] Are you here all week?"
"Try the veal, Rosie!"
- Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus are hot

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