Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Little Fight Left

I don't mean Bartolo Colon, although he's got a little fight left in him doesn't he? One earned run in 8 innings. I'm surprised we managed 5 hits and only 3 strikeouts.

We had another one of those innings where a bunch of runs scored after an error. Only damn...was it much of an error? I didn't see it but the way they described it, Asdrubal worked his ass off to get a ball then had a shaky throw to first that Kotchman couldn't get. But it led to steals and then hits and then runs and the game was 4-0 A's by the time Kluber left after the 5th.

Not sure why Herrmann sucked. He gave up 2 runs in 1 2/3 innings. I don't remember him sucking but then they did send him down to the minors and brought in Accardo instead so I guess he had some stuff to work out. And didn't get it worked out yet.

Cody Allen, though - He had another 2/3 of an inning today so that makes 12 whole innings, something like 4 hits and still no runs. So that's pretty fun, right?!

Chris Seddon closed it out today. Looked like a "throw your hands up" move on Acta's part. He gave up a run too. Because, whatever.

Our boys did eke out 10 hits and 5 runs. No walks, though.

Asdrubal had another good night, his 3rd 2-hit game in a row. Third game with a double in a row, too! OMG!!

He managed to score a run because Choo was awake tonight, also going 2 for 4 with his team-leading 15th homer!! It was a 2-run dinger, too! For some reason, Tom Hamilton was extremely un-interested in calling it with any emotion. Perhaps that Oakland ballpark is just so big he gets bored waiting for the ball to get over the wall?

Santana had a homer tonight and better yet it was off Colon! His average is rockin' steady at .237. It doesn't seem to want to move.

Kotchman went 1 for 3 and was pulled in the 9th for Lillibridge. Cabrera had started off the inning with a single and Choo followed up with a 2-run homer. Brantley singled but Santana and Duncan made for two outs when Lillibridge came in. And with the help of the Lord he got himself a 2-run, 2-out homer!

That's 3 homers and 5 RBI for Lillibridge in 16 games with us - and not all of them starts. He's no Lopez that's for sure (and dear God he is definitely no shortstop) but do you guys like him? Can always use a utility infielder!

Speaking of utility guys, Jason Donald came off the bench in that 9th inning to get a 2-out single and keep the game alive - now only 3 runs down! He extended his hitting streak to 6 games. He's got 10 hits in 28 at-bats since he got back. I don't know what to make of him, really. I don't know why Lillibridge seems to excite me more than Donald, even though Donald is doing better in about the same time here. I guess because Lillibridge is "proven"? I also don't know what Donald means in terms of Lonnie Chisenhall. I think there was some back-and-forth with Kipnis's and Donald's permanence last year, where Kipnis won out. Which little guy might land at third?

I guess if Chisenhall comes back and does well and Donald continues to do well, it's a good problem to have!

Anyway, sad beginning to the game but a hopeful ending. REALLY great to see them score late and hit some homers in a relatively low-on-the-hitters-scale home run park. It's 3rd in the league for fewest home runs this year.

Here's an interesting stat, though. As of right now, according to the ESPN Home Run Tracker, Travis Hafner has this year's second furthest hit homer in the AL. His 481-foot bomb in KC. He's got the 3rd longest this year overall, behind the one hit at Coors Field (naturally) and the one at Angel Stadium. So there you go.

Tomorrow is a 4:05 start, Masterson versus RHP (3.71). The guy hasn't won since July 21 while Masterson had a fantastic outing last time. Is it meant to be?!

See you tomorrow, we'll find out together!

Radio Chatter - Bartolo Colon edition:
"Bartolo Colon is still great at pitching. You just won't ever have him running sprints."
- Tom Hamilton on Colon's weight

"I think all 80 pounds is in his chin."
- Jim Rosenhaus on Colon's weight

"There are a lot of guys in the Major Leagues who look like Brad Pitt, and pitch like him too."
- Tom Hamilton on Colon's weight

"Now, I don't want to go overboard here but GOLLY WHIZ, he is putting on a clinic here!"
- Tom Hamilton on Colon's pitching

"Word on the street is completely fabricated - I don't eat hot dogs. Unless they are Indians' Dollar Dogs."
- Tom Hamilton

"Our engineer Mike has put his winter coat on. [...] It's 65 degrees and he looks like Nanook."
- Tom Hamilton

"You should see the crowd here. They are bundled up in coats, hats, gloves. Good lord - it's 65 degrees!"
- Tom Hamilton

"No double play since the ball looked like a wet grape coming out of the hands of Jemile Weeks."
- Tom Hamilton on Carrera's hit in the 8th

"Those hot dogs were first put on the grill when Charlie Finley owned the ball club."
- Tom Hamilton does not trust the hot dogs

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