Wednesday, August 8, 2012


WAHOO!! The chief is grinning!

FINALLY all of the pieces were in place! The pieces we all know we had showed up at Progressive field today and won them a good baseball game.

Starting pitching was there. Yes you knew we had it but it hasn't been here most of this year - only in little flashes, rarely two games in a row. Hitting was there. You know all these guys can hit. Even the guys who aren't known for their hitting (Lillibridge!) were hitting. Defense was there. Defense is the only thing we actually had around all year but when it failed it failed miserably. The defense was crack today, even guys who aren't known for their fielding (Lillibridge!) were making great plays! And most importantly they were all making the routine plays.

We had what seems like a perfect game, pitching-wise. Masterson went 7 and struck out 7, only giving up 2 runs on 3 hits. He gave up 22 runs in July and 7 runs last week. Just amazing he was able to turn that around today!

Vinnie came in for the 8th and did what Vinnie does. A whole line of goose eggs capped with a 1.26 ERA. We didn't need Perez today so Rogers came in to finish it off, giving up 1 hit but otherwise shutting them down. BALLGAME!

It seemed like all of the batters were really relaxed today. They built up hits and ran hard and scored their 6 runs over 3 innings. I'm sure them relaxing is a big part of scoring runs. We didn't have any homers today and it suits what we need. Don't swing for the fences, just swing for the ball.

Kipnis is still struggling at the plate but he is taking his role as leadoff man very seriously. Since August 3, in the 6 games he's hit first, he's gotten 4 hits, 3 walks and 1 HBP. Of those 7 times on base he's come around to score 6 times. He's also had a sac fly and a sac bunt, and today he had his first stolen base as leadoff. He may not be playing up to Kipnis-level greatness but the kid is clearly doing everything he can during this slump to make a difference.

Asdrubal was getting it done in the field again today, and he went 1 for 4 at the plate with an RBI. You can tell he is still trying to carry the weight of the team on his shoulders and get everything done for everyone at the plate. His at-bats were 1-, 2- and 3-pitch appearances. He wants his hits and is not waiting around. Still - a 2-out RBI, I won't complain.

Choo had some short at-bats too (his final at-bat was an 8-pitch) but he completely turned last night's performance on its head by going 4 for 4 instead of 0 for 4!  CHOOOOOOO! He didn't leave anyone on base (natch) and got 2 RBIs and one run out of it. He got his 34th double!

Santana and Brantley each went 1 for 4 today. I know I usually say that we need a multi-hit game from Santana to win, and look we finally win and he's got one hit and no walks.'s turnaround time, right?!

Shelley has sealed a spot in the lineup now that Lopez is gone. He's gotten 3 hits in his last 3 games, yo! What's really neat is having Zeke around to pinch run for him and do stuff like come in to score a run.

Casey Kotchman, after thoroughly disappointing my friend last night AND making a critical error, came back swinging today (literally!) to go 2 for 3 with a walk, 2 runs and a RBI. Absolved!

Brent Lillibridge, waaaat? That was Hannahan of him! Not only that but he went 1 for 4 and scored a run! I still don't know what to make of him, whether or not I like him being here or what. I do like that he was a perfect replacement for Jack today so that gives him super extra points. Now, if only he didn't bring our team average down so low...

Couple quotes from Manny Acta on the post-game:

This is not college. You’re dealing with professionals, elite athletes that make more money than their boss.

When we’re winning, I’m labeled as calm, cool and collected. When we’re losing, I’m not showing enough fire and passion.  

Shelley Duncan, when asked if the Tribe would ever win during their losing streak:

Of course, we weren't going to lose 70 in a row.

Casey Kotchman on how to stop the losing streak:

We need to score more runs than the other team.

We can all laugh about this now, right? Ha ha! And the win couldn't have come soon enough, since not only is Chris Gocong hurt, now Trent Richardson is flying out of town to see a knee specialist and Joe Haden failed a drug test. Sad times ahead - brace yourselves.

Ok 1 win down and now 1 to go. Yes, just 1. Gotta win the next one we can, set your sites low. Next up is those creepy old guys, the Boston Red Sox. Prepare for a packed weekend of knuckleheads from Parma and Chardon with their BoSox hats and t-shirts. Whee!

Tomorrow is a 7:05 game, Jiminez versus LHP (4.56). We're totally on a roll! I feel it!

Can't wait for more baseball - see you there! (Except I totally won't be there because I can't stand the nasty Red Sox "fans" - I'll be at home.)

Radio Chatter:
"When you're going bad, even your best players make mistakes."
- Tom Hamilton

"This is like a Griswold vacation for Bob if he's gotta be with us."
- Tom Hamilton on the engineer missing a vacation to work the game

"This is the walk that says 'Guys in the bullpen, get loose.'"
- Tom Hamilton on Marson visiting the mound in the 5th

"'Why aren't you coming out here with a new second baseman? There's nothing wrong that I'm doing.'"
- Tom Hamilton on a coaching visit to the mound after a few bad plays by Nishioka


  1. We should invest in nacho cheese fountains, so that kids can bring chips from home and dip them in the fountains. Kinda like KC's old fountains. But cheesy.

  2. Brilliant! If we build cheese fountains, they will come!