Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let's Play Two!

Good evening, boffins! What a whirlwind of a weekend for me! I managed to squeeze in two baseball games today as well as a trip to the airport, cleaning of my house and  a good long nap.

I wish I could make this post as long and entertaining as one would expect for a manufactured double header, but I ate cake for breakfast and cake for lunch and had some cake with my dinner so I have a raging headache. But, you know - cake!

HEY GUESS WHAT!!! The Indians won on Saturday! Pretty awesome because over 34,000 people showed up for that (and fireworks). From the sounds of it, there were about 16,000 Yankee fans. Sixteen thousand sad Yankee fans woohoo!

I got red and blue streaks put in my hair on Saturday morning, too. For the team! So far they have been 50% lucky.

Masterson pitched another classic Masterson game (as opposed to the new "typical Masterson" game). He went 6 2/3 innings and gave up one earned run and struck out 6. No homers given up to those clowns, either. Can we have this every 5 days from now to eternity, please?

As an extra treat, we got Pestano and Perez for the 8th and 9th (and extra Vinnie in the 7th). They were just there to stretch out their pitching ligaments and show the fans a good time, no doubt. Oh and to shut the Yankees down so we could have the win! Vinnie of course blew 'em away and Perez struck out 2 to end the ballgame. They faced the minimum 7 batters over their 2 1/3 innings. Gawd I love that!

Pitching was definitely the answer in this particular game because our batters had nothing going on whatsoever after the first inning. They got 4 hits, 2 walks and 2 hit-by-pitch on the day. But they managed to outscore the Yankees so - whatever!

The entire top of the order was stymied, hit-wise. But Kipnis got hit by a pitch to lead off our half of the first (Really? Really, this is a thing now? Two bad teams hitting each other? Fun times.) then Choo got a walk and then Cousin Michael was all "EMAGERD, SINKER!" and hit his first pitch out of the damn park and we scored three runs and there was much rejoicing yaaaay!

Then it was a real snooze-fest for 8 more innings. Well except for when Vinnie and Perez were pitching because they're just the bomb. But stuff happened like Hannahan got on base and Lou walked but then no one could get them in. Lou got a double but then got caught picking his nose, standing off the base so he never got to score. Zeke beat out an infield hit to get a single but nobody hit him in either.

So it was a good day for Masterson to be in charge.

We ended the losing streak at 9. Woohoo? Here's a nice short article about what Perez thinks about it, how Brantley is awesome and how Masterson hopes to be getting better.

On to Sunday's game!

Sunday it was Ubaldo's turn to be in charge and he did what Kuroda did on Saturday and gave up 3 runs early. Yeah, the Yankees didn't do much after that (just like we didn't on Saturday) but it was enough for them to get the win. Ubaldo only went 5 and did hold it to just those 3 runs while striking out 4. Once again he gave up tons of hits (8) and then worked himself out of jams.

Then Sipp came in and gave up a homer, so there's that. But you gotta hand it to our staff - over 3 games they only gave up 2 home runs to a team with a 195:127 homers-to-games ratio, that leads all of baseball by almost 30 home runs. Only one dude in their lineup had fewer than 10 home runs and that's the "new guy" Ichiro. Pretty good non-homer pitching this weekend then, I say!

Smith and Rogers handled the 7th, 8th and 9th with no problem. I still don't know what to make of Rogers. Often impressive but sometimes lets us down big time. Oh, they sent Frank Herrmann back down, if you didn't know. Not sure if I mentioned that but he's a "casualty" of LaPorta.

Jason Kipnis had a stellar day today, sort of out of nowhere. He's dang streaky right now that's for sure. Today he went 3 for 5 with a double and a run scored. And oh yeah - he stole 3 bases! Daddy's little dirtbag! I hope that means he's having fun out there (cuz you know he's always working hard, regardless) and can really end this season with the same force he had during the earlier months.

Asdrubal didn't get a hit but he was hit by a pitch (SRSLY?!) and then came around to score (nayh nayh!) on a 2-out, 2-RBI single by Santana. Faaaaaantastic! Sadly, that was about it for excitement today. Even the Yankee pitchers got tired of hitting our batters by this point.

Brantley went 1 for 4 and Hannahan went TWO for 4, but unfortunately he was by himself out there at the bottom of the order with no one to hit him in and no one for him to hit in. He did get a double, though, so there's that.

Those Athletics are coming to town for a 4-game series tomorrow. Hopefully they leave their asshole fans in California. The pitching matchup is Hernandez versus RHP (1.29). Don't let dude's 1.29 ERA fool you - this will be his second game since 2011. Hernandez's 6.75 ERA is a little goofy too - he had a good outing last time until he stopped having one. I think Monday's game could actually have a chance at being good. So - see you there!

Also, a shout out to Sweet T, Vienna's newest and biggest Tribe fan (possibly the first and only), who was sent off to her new home with a fantastic Slider "OH-IO" statue.
Can't wait to hear what your new Austrian co-workers think of America's past time!

Radio Chatter:
"Kipnis and Jeter chatting at second base. Kipnis says 'How's your head feel?' Jeter says 'How's your hip feel?'"
- Tom Hamilton on the guys discussing their beanings

"We are waiting and hoping that one of these days one of those marriage proposals blows up, on the giant video board. [...] I'd be something they'd never forget. And neither would we!"
- Tom Hamilton

"This has been an issue for Masterson all year. He can be unhittable [...] and just like that, lose it."
- Tom Hamilton

"Freddie Garcia [...] is now getting paid by the hour."
- Tom Hamilton on the slowness of Garcia

"Ninety five doesn't mean anything when it's down the middle of the plate."
- Tom Hamilton

"You could have a bucket of wings by the time Garcia makes this next pitch."
- Tom Hamilton after a BW3 commercial

"I know this is redundant but it's factual - the Indians can't count on anyone but Smith, Pestano and Perez."
- Tom Hamilton after Sipp gives up the homer

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