Saturday, August 20, 2011

Big Big Loss

First off, shout out to Rob who commented yesterday to let us know he's a Clevelander living in Atlanta and follows the team and reads the blog. Thanks Rob!

So really not much to say about today's game. We lost 10-1. David Huff - who suffered from a missed start due to rain last Sunday - could not cut it and gave up 5 earned runs before he left in the 3rd. That's pretty devastating because before this he was pitching .51 and had looked absolutely fantastic in the short rained-out start. For serious.

The #bullpenmafia didn't fare so well either, with Durbin giving up 2 and Hermann giving up 3 (Raffy did good, giving up none) but it didn't really matter because our offense could only get 1 run.

Eight strikeouts and one walk tonight. Seven hits and 9 LOB.

CHOOOO looked stellar tonight, and has 10 hits in the 7 games he's been back. That is AWESOME!! Tonight he got our only run in the form of his 6th homer! Him-nae-yo Choo!

Both Choo and Santana have 5-game hitting streaks. Santana went 2 for 4 today even though he was catching. And...not one error for that guy. Go Carlos!

Luis Valbuena actually got a hit tonight so his average jumped 18 points to .138. What he got was sort of an error but someone felt bad for him and gave him a hit.

We haven't won since Valbuena has been back. Granted, it's only been 2 games but still...where is Shelley already? Hell, where is Cord Phelps?

I seriously want to punch this asshole who sings about Folgers and "gettin' home to you." It's the sappiest goddamn coffee commercial ever. And it's a country song. I would also complain about the New-Orleans-Themed one but it may be ... too soon? It's getting to be that point in the season where I am past the point of being bored of the radio commercials and now starting to get angry with them.

I'm really tired, so before this delves deeper in to The Angry Tribe, let's just sign off.

The good news is that the way we've been playing, no way will Leyland put in Verlander tomorrow. So we've got that going for us.

It's going to be Ubaldo versus Rick Porcello who we schooled last time. But that was a whole 10 days ago or so, and we didn't have Valbuena.

The game is on WKYC at 1:05, so everyone tune up their rabbit ears!

Radio Chatter:
"The key to this series, according to Manny Acta, is facing Cabrera with the bases empty."
- Tom Hamilton as Miguel Cabrera came to bat with Tigers at first and second

"You could tell the Tiger fans from the Kenny Chesney fans. There were boots and spurs and cowboy hats and Tiger uniforms. Kenny Chesney jerseys mingled with Al Kaline jerseys."
- Mike Hegan on the big events in Detroit tonight

"You just get the feeling Mike that this could be a high scoring game."
- Tom Hamilton in the 3rd

"When you play a big series like this's how both teams do after the series that makes a big difference."
- Tom Hamilton

"If you're going to lose, play well."
- Mike Hegan

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