Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Death Penalty

That was probably the saddest baseball game I've heard this year. Not because we lost, but because I listened to the end of it first and went back and listened to the beginning and middle. The hard part was that the Tribe kept getting guys on base and the fans kept cheering away and the announcers kept saying so-and-so would "break out right here" or "keep it going again" or "get another one" and....none of that happened.

I think it gave me heartburn.

Anyway the big problem in this game today was first pitching, second fielding and third hitting.

Zach McAllister bombed big time, his second game in the bigs. His first two innings garnered nothing but one double and 7 batters, but just like a happy infant one minute he's giggling and having a good time and the next - peas and milk all over the front of your shirt.

So he gave up 8 earned runs in 4 innings (well in the last two of his four innings) and then Hermann gave up one and Durbin did the same. And the fielders gave up 2 un-earned runs of their own from errors. Go team!

Our batters weren't particularly bad but some key guys - Asdrubal and Santana - did not "do it to it" tonight. Neither guy got a hit, a run or an RBI.

Zeke continued his decent streak from earlier today, going 2 for 5 with an RBI and a stolen base. He did get picked off, though. Our team has just not been the team for running this year.

Now, CHOOOO, he's our man today. Working off the high of the birth of his daughter the night before and getting that walk-off homer this afternoon, he kept on going tonight. He went 2 for 4 with 2 RBI and a run scored. A homer and a triple!! Did you know Choo's only got 8 homers? So he got 25% of his season's homers just TODAY! CHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Dunc Tank was back this evening in the DH spot, where a man of his talents should be, and he went 2 for 4. He got his 10th double which is pretty impressive for 44 games! If we can't get Jim Thome...well it looks like Shelley Duncan is going to be our man of the moment. He'll do, right?

Fukudome also continuing the awesome today. Three hits this afternoon and 2 more tonight. He ALSO got a homer and it ALSO was 25% of his homers for the season. How'dya like that?

Jason Donald was also at the game and he got a hit. But it was an RBI single so good on Jason Donald.

But JACK HANNAHAN....now, there is a man! He went 4 for 5 tonight after going 0 for 3 this afternoon! It all only translated into one RBI and one run, however. Such is life at the bottom of the lineup...

So that was tonight's game. Up and down like this afternoon's game. And they did work pretty hard for those 7 runs they did get, only they did leave a lot of guys on and they did have a deficit. I don't know who to blame for all that...everyone coulda just been better.


Tomorrow's game is at noon and it's Tomlin versus Felix Hernandez who is good. So if anyone remembers the strategy we need to have patience and work to get to their bullpen while our starter cruises through scoreless innings. Everybody got that?

See you then!

Radio Chatter:
"There are 4 sides to a baseball. Inside, outside, top and bottom. Well, really, it's a circle..."
"You're going to confuse people!"
- Mike Hegan trying to explain how to hit a baseball to Jim Rosenhaus

"This is the worst offense in the American League and they've sent 17 batters to the plate in the last 2 innings."
- Mike Hegan

"Mike this is one of those nights when the Indians look out of synch in various areas."
- Jim Rosenhaus

"Carl Willis out stalling for time and everybody in the park knows that."
- Tom Hamilton

"Yikes, that's a batting practice fastball."
- Tom Hamilton on a 79 MPH fastball

"Have you ever met a bartender who threw at 97 miles per hour?"
"Maybe at 3 AM."
"That was a good one..."
- Tom Hamilton and Mike Hegan on comeback pitcher Tom Wilhelmsen

"If this continues, he'll have to work on a couple hours of sleep every day."
- Tom Hamilton on Choo's fantastic day, having had very little sleep after the birth of his daughter

"The Mariner PR people with a little extra time on their hands...Mike Carp had a 20 game hitting streak come to an end last night, equalling the longest hitting streak by a 'fishy' type last name. Tim Salmon and Kevin Bass each had 20 game hit streaks."
- Tom Hamilton

"Franklin Guitierez became an Indian when Milton Bradley learned that a cab ride from Kissimmee to Winterhaven would cost $57.60..."
- Tom Hamilton talks about the end of Milton Bradley's time as an Indian

"Kind of a cardinal rule in baseball that if you lose 17 in a row you're not going to stay in the playoff hunt."
- Tom Hamilton

"One bad week this time of the year is like the death penalty."
- Tom Hamilton

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