Saturday, August 20, 2011

No Errors

No errors tonight! That's good, right? Not even ol' Luis Valbuena!

In fact, Michael Brantley looked especially good tonight out there in left.

I missed the game tonight as I was out checking out this place called 78th Street Studios on the near West Side. It was super cool and all of the art was great. Can't believe a place like that exists in Cleveland. Just great - I highly suggest a trip out there. They have big shows every 3rd Friday of the month so go check it out on September 16!

Do note that if you run into anyone at the gallery and they are wearing a Tribe hat or shirt, they are most likely wearing it ironically.  Not that art fans can't be baseball fans can just tell. Don't embarrass yourself by trying to engage folks in baseball chatter while at the art show is what I'm sayin.

I didn't get the score until I came home and saw it in my email. Yikes! Looked at the box score and double yikes! I did acquiesce to my most carnal desires and played the game audio archive anyway. And stayed up until 3 AM to do it!

Tomlin actually looked really good tonight. Until he didn't. It's weird to listen to the game and hear the guys really praise Tomlin and how well he's doing when you know that pretty soon he's going to give up 3 homers and 4 runs in 2 innings, and the rest of the team isn't going to be able to overcome it. Hamilton called him "amazing" and Hegan said he was "a magician." Aaaaaaawkward...

He didn't walk anyone, tho. Heynow! Not sure why he got to go through the 7th. I realize he has an actual record for actually pitching many innings, but that record has nothing to do with the 7th inning. We have a bullpen that is good, they should be used. I mean, we still wouldn't have won after Jackson's 2-run homer and we only manage to score 1, but still...

The bullpen didn't give up any runs again so that's good (tonight Raffy and Hermann). Coming into the game I know they had given up just 3 runs in 31 innings so by my calculations...bump that up to 32.

Listening to the game it sure felt like we had a lot of baserunners but we didn't. Just 5 hits and 1 walk. Baserunners in 5 innings but all lonely, by themselves.

Only Brantley got an extra base hit, a double in the 3rd. He's really pushing through that wrist injury and boy am I glad to have him back. See the plays above, too.

Asdrubal ended his hitting streak. Hopefully like his last hitting streak, he'll just pick back up tomorrow.

Choo hit and walked, so I'd say he's feeling just fine.

Santana and Chisenhall paired up to score today, after singles by both guys and a wild pitch to Luis Valbuena.  Luis Valbuena, by the way, is batting .120.

We did have more strikeouts than walks, which sucks. Striking out a ton lately and...oh hey, guess who leads the league in strikeouts? Us - by more than a few. Ack!

Oh hey did you know that Shelley Duncan was back with the club? Totally is...and they sent Zeke down. ARGH! You know who's batting average is DOUBLE what Valbuena's is? Oh, it's Zeke.

But yet here we sit with Valbuena, stinking up our lineup.

There were no errors today. No errors.

Tomorrow we'll just do it again, the same way we do every day. Let's hope for fewer strikeouts and more hits. Perhaps less Valbuena and more Brantley.

Oh, and 3 less homers given up, pleeeeease!

Radio Chatter:
"A lot of guys who were out as long as Choo was would still be in the minor leagues working on their timing."
- Tom Hamilton

"Valbuena getting to that point with the Indians where he'll run out of opportunities pretty soon."
- Tom Hamilton

"You could sit in a chair and catch him. Put the glove down and there it is."
- Mike Hegan on Josh Tomlin's technique

"You want to keep the traffic down, if you're a pitcher, and Josh Tomlin does a great job at that."
- Jim Rosenhaus

"It's an understatement to say that Hafner needs to be a force the last 6 weeks of the year."
- Tom Hamilton

"...They're giving him an extra day's rest. Nobody in the Indians clubhouse complaining."
- Tom Hamilton on Justin Verlander

"The winner of this division will win because of how they pitch at the end of the year."
- Tom Hamilton

"Manny Acta calls for a pitching change, but the horse has left the barn."
- Tom Hamilton

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  1. Hey man, can't find a contact email for you so hopefully so see the comments. I've been reading these for a few months, love it! Keep up the good work man, great stuff! Go Tribe!

    I'm an ex-Clevelander living in Atlanta and I keep up with the team through things like your blog.