Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Up All Night

Boy that was fun, wasn't it? Then it was no fun. It was so fun and then so not fun that I'm still wide awake and can't get to sleep.

I was really stoked for this game today too. I missed hearing last Saturday's game live, Sunday was a rain-out, Monday was an off day and today was an hour later than usual. It was a Ubaldo day! I'm going to stay excited for Ubaldo days for the rest of the season - it's my job.

Instead of an "Everybody Hits!" game today we had a "Everybody Strikes Out" game. I shit you not. We struck out 19 times as a team - at least 1 for every starter and 4 for some of you who know who you arepronk! I guess in honor of Jim Thome Week we can forgive Hafner's 4 K's since he did get a homer, 2 hits, 2 RBI and scored 2 runs.

So Ubaldo, huh? Four runs in 4 innings. That was awful Carmona of him.  He did strike out 5 tho but son those numbers are meaningless in this sort of cat-and-squid game. We need you to not give up 4 runs in 4 innings. That is too many runs for that many innings. Maybe over 7 or 8 innings, or maybe 2 over 4 innings. But 4 in 4 for our million-dollar starter? No.

Bullpen Mafia went backwards after that, putting in our new hero Hermann who was a late-game godsend for us a few games back but gave up 2 tonight. Then everyone else came in and pitched a lot, even Chris Perez did 1.2 innings. Even DAVID HUFF came in to finish it up, because he's tired of picking his nose in the dugout when not on a bus to Columbus.

So the bullpen did ok but did give up 3 runs. Not too crazy over 9 innings but surely it was no Detroit extra-innings game.

While they did strike out 19 times, our lineup did scramble their little hearts out to collect runs and catch up to Ubaldo's folleys.

Michael Brantley only struck out once (?), got 3 hits and scored twice. Choo was following him instead of leading off and...boy do I miss Kipnis. Even Asdrubal wasn't that awesome. He SEEMS to do better directly following a guy who likes to get on base (Brantley, Kipnis) but I could just be making shit up.

Carlos Santana was kind of impressive in the 5th. He bunted himself on, stole second and then came around to score and put us just 1 behind. You don't see that kind of effort from that guy every day. He was catching though and gave up 2 bases (but to be fair, Lou gave up 1). He did have a few nice stops.

Jason Donald managed to get 2 RBI with 0 hits. He walked with the bases loaded and sac-flied Santana in from his 5th inning bunt trick.

Lonnie, LaPorta and Lou did absolutely nothing at the plate tonight. Super Jack came in and gave us a double and also made a fantastic play in the 11th to get a DP for Perez and end the inning. didn't see fit to put it online, but it sounded pretty fantastic on the radio. I think we almost lost Mike Hegan on that one!

This is a really cool play in the outfield. It was acrobatic. I could hardly follow it!

I'm going to have to say this game was either lost by Jiminez or won by Floyd. We did actually get to Floyd after just 5.2 innings but he struck out 9 in that time and only gave up 2 runs going into the 6th, which was impressive the way he started out pitching. But this team should not have had to play 14 against Chicago.

This is The Positive Tribe so I'm not even going to mention the standings or Chicago's next starter. We'll just see you tomorrow (later today!) again at 8:10 PM and hope for something magical.

Radio Chatter:
"The guy who was touting the theater district in Chicago said 'Come to Chicago and you'll see bad baseball but there's great theater in the theater district.'"
- Tom Hamilton on the Chicago Tourism channel at the hotel

"Marson doesn't have enough fingers, Rosie. He needs to add one or two."
- Mike Hegan on Jiminez's number of pitches

"The White Sox have won 8 out of 10 games, so the Mouth that Roars has been silent lately. [...] Guillen is at his best when the White Sox are at thwir worst."
- Tom Hamilton

"I wonder...does anybody review these tapes of the umpires and say 'We've got to get some better umpires...'?"
- Tom Hamilton still does not like umpires

"This is one of those ballgames where a walk is literally as good as a base hit."
- Mike Hegan

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