Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two Months of Sundays

The Indians haven't won on a Sunday since June 19 against the Pirates. If you didn't know, it didn't happen for us today either.

Although this is probably the most exciting Sunday game we've had since then. It's only the third time we scored 7 or more runs on a Sunday and the first time we've won or loss by 1 on a Sunday. The game was so riveting I even stayed awake for the entire thing. That's not usual for me on a Sunday.

Ubaldo, Ubaldo, Ubaldo. What is up, bro? Eight earned runs in 3 1/3? Just not cool. Good on you for manning up and coming out again in the 4th (only to give up one more run) but this team right now CANNOT handle a 7-run inning.

Good thing you had Joe Smith saying "yeah sure I can try to pitch a bunch of innings" and then going 2 2/3 scoreless. And then Vinnie and Sipp! to close the barn doors.

Today's comeback was probably our best since the opening day comeback where we also didn't win but scored a lot of runs despite our pitcher. It's an Everybody Hits day! Not bad - we've had 3 such days in the month of August after having none in July!

Brantley wasn't his usual self today, and only got one hit, but it was the biggest, baddest, best 2-run double I have ever seen. It spectacularly put us just 4 runs behind instead of 7 and all of a sudden the game looked reachable.

After the pitcher left, CHOOOO! singled and got Brantley to 3rd, extending his current hitting streak to 6. He's now got 12 hits in the 8 games since he's been back (today he went 2 for 5). AND, as they astutely pointed out on the radio, no doubt saved us a run or two just by being a threat in the outfield.

Today was definitely not Asdrubal's day, even though he went 2 for 3, walked twice and scored a run. He also snapped a little hitless streak for the weekend. In the second inning, Asdrubal hit a monster fly ball that he watched go foul. Well he sort of skipped a little down the base line and tried to "turn it" with his body. That obviously didn't help. It sure did piss of Rick Porcello, tho, who proceeded to throw a 92 MPH fastball at Asdrubal's butt.

Asdrubal didn't get hit but after a bit of conversation, both benches were warned. That's peachy keen, ump, but why the warning with no ejection? Hmmmmm?

Well actually it ended up ok because we totally have Porcello's number lately and in the next inning we got him for 5 runs.

However, later in the game something else didn't go right for Asdrubal. In the 4th inning, Austin Jackson went to steal second and Sweet Lou threw an absolutely perfect throw to get him out. And Jackson was clearly out on the replay - Asdrubal's glove, with the ball in it, was between Jackson's foot and the bag. But Jackson was called safe and stayed safe. Then he came around to score. And we lost by one run so...yeah.

Travis Hafner was not lookin' so good today. He hit himself twice in the foot while batting. When he finally did get on base late in the game, something went wrong in his foot/leg and he got tagged out between first and second, then hobbled to the dugout. Doesn't look good for ol' Pronk, no sir. I guess his foot/leg has been bothering him all year and today it...came to a head?

I was a little steamed when Lonnie Chisenhall came in for Hafner, being that Duncan had come up. But it turns out Shelley Duncan had a family emergency today and couldn't be in the game. Whew. Sucks for Shelley, hope it works out...anyway it made me GLAD to see Chisenhall and not VALBUENA. I think we really could have used Shelley today, tho.

Santana also extended his hitting streak to 6, going 1 for 4 with 2 walks and a big solo homer to start that awesome 4th inning. Although we really could have used him not striking out twice.

Both Fukudome and Jason Donald went 2 for 4 today, scoring runs and being an integral part of the order. Hannahan and Marson each went 1 for 3 as well, both with a walk, an RBI and a run scored. Nice stuff from the bottom, there.

Sweet Lou, who will hit when you let him, dammit, was replaced by LaPorta in the 9th and hit into a double play. I wonder if Lou said "SEE?!"

So the offense was actually quite good today, forcing the Detroit starter out after 4 2/3 and causing Leyland to bring in SIX relievers. If nothing else, we showed him that yeah you probably did need to pitch Verlander against us today. WUT WUT!

Defense was good as well, with some nice catches in the outfield and two double plays. Everything had a playoff vibe to it. And sitting there watching, the blood totally drained from my face as the 9th inning played out. It coulda happened...but it didn't.

So now we've got 4 at home against the Mariners who stiiiiiiink. Gotta kill that series, really. No reason not to, right?

We'll see you Monday at 7:05 and then Tuesday for two! Bring it on!

Radio Chatter:
"You can't win if the middle of the order is not producing."
- Tom Hamilton

"What a joke"
- Tom Hamilton's reaction to the benches being warned but Porcello not being ejected after throwing at Asdrubal

"Jiminez has taken the Indians out of this game in the blink of an eye."
- Tom Hamilton

"The natives here at Comerica park are getting restless."
- Mike Hegan after the Indians scored 5 to make it a 5-7 game

"That's a mile and a half away from home plate."
- Jim Rosenhaus on Victor Martinez's pop fly in 5th

"I wonder if Jim leyland feels this game slipping away?"
- Tom Hamilton

"This is a ballgame you've got to tie in order to win it."
- Mike Hegan

"It hit him in the back and Donald never been happier."
- Tom Hamilton after Jason Donald got hit on an 0-2 count

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