Tuesday, August 23, 2011


That means "awesome!" in Korean, or so I have been told by a Korean.

I was getting a little perturbed that I had used my "*headdesk*" title on yesterday's post. Because GEEZ what a frustrating game!! We had 12 hits and 4 walks, and it felt like there were more than 8 LOB. We were on base every inning but the 3rd, and did score in a lot of innings but it was just one here, one there. We were ahead, tied, ahead, behind, tied, ahead and behind. ACK!!

Thank God for Choo. I mean really. Thank God that his baby daughter Abigail was healthy and that he could come play in today's game (on just a few hours sleep)  and go 2 for 4 and WIN THE GODDAMN GAME!!! Woohoo CHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! He's also got a 7-game hitting streak.

Justin Masterson was ok. He went 8 1/3 innings. Probably 1/3 innings too many because he let 2 guys get on before he was yanked for Chris Perez.

And then Chris Perez, wtf?

Anyway, Masterson only gave up 3 runs in his first 8 innings, then 2 more at the end there. So he wasn't too bad and he did what he needed to do - save the bullpen for tonight's game.

Brantley was out today because Manny Acta says his wrist hurts and he can't hit the ball. All of that actual ball hitting he's been doing since he got hurt must have gotten to him. I hope cousin gets some rest while we're playing these not-so-good teams then comes back for an awesome September.

Zeke lead off today instead and he looked pretty swell going 3 for 5. Except he fucked up some bunt attempts and made Tom Hamilton say "mmm mmm mmm." You know that means he's mad! I think Zeke did some good base running today. Someone needs to tell Santana that it's ok for Zeke to go around like a madman, but when you're Santana-sized you just stay put.

Santana's got an 8-game hitting streak!

Nice solid showing from the middle of the order today, who weren't so hot yesterday.

Fukudome rocked the house today going 3 for 4 with 2 runs and an RBI. Two of those hits were doubles, giving him 22 on the year.

Lonnie was in today at DH, because Duncan is attending to some stuff with his mom in the hospital. Lonnie didn't do too bad, not sure why everyone hates his hitting so much. He went 2 for 4 with a double and an RBI. Better than Austin Kearns woulda done, amirite?!

LaPorta got a double too, and he managed to get a sac fly RBI in the 6th which was pretty important. Especially since LaPorta has not been able to get those sacrifices or hits at key times.

Valbuena...was sent down this afternoon so McAllister could come up to pitch. Whew. Valbuena had his best at-bat of the season today when he walked. 'Nuff said.

Everybody go take a little nap, I'm going to go get some fondue, and we'll meet back here late tonight for another round of winning.

Oh God, I hope there's some winning...

Update: Oh yeah I forgot to mention there was an earthquake during today's game. An earthquake! Tom Hamilton felt it and so did I, some 20 miles away. Actually the quake was in Virginia and we just felt the shocks. Paul Hoynes of the Plain Dealer Tweeted:

Mariners have been in Cleveland for snowed out series, double-rainout series, now earthquake. Locusts and rivers of blood next. 

Radio Chatter:
"Blake Beavan. He's 6'7", 240 pounds. I'll give you one guess as to where he's from."
- Tom Hamilton thinks they make 'em bigger in Texas

"This is one of those days where if you're a player you'd better have thick skin. The fans' barbs can be heard all around the park."
- Tom Hamilton

"The Indians are very smart, they didn't combine Puppy Palooza and Dollar Dog Night."
- Mike Hegan

"I don't wanna hear 'well, they're young players.' That's a high school play."
- Tom Hamilton is pissed that Zeke can't get a bunt down

"I always wonder how many cocktails mom and dad had when they decided to name their son Casper."
- Tom Hamilton

"He hasn't been as good as last year but nobody is lining up outside Manny Acta's door saying 'please put me in tomorrow.'"
- Tom Hamilton on facing Felix Hernandez tomorrow

"Just when you think this team is failing, they pull a Lazarus!"
- Tom Hamilton

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