Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Columbus Crushers

So what's up, Jason Kipnis? Three homers in three games! According to Tom Hamilton that hasn't been done by a rookie Indian since Richie Sexon in 1998.

I'm diggin' it, and ALSO diggin' it is Lonnie Chisenhall, who followed Kipnis' lead and got his 3rd homer tonight too!

Ezequiel Carrera ALMOST got a homer too but the Green Monster proved to be too tall, and he just got a double.

So, not a bad night for our 3 sprouts just off the turnip truck, right? Good stuff guys!

Unfortunately the two solo homers were our only two runs, and Boston beat us out by one run in the 9th.

But these little guys got to "OMG IT'S JOSH BECKETT!" so I am just doubly impressed.

AND, our late-of-Columbus pitcher David Huff matched up beautifully with Beckett, giving up just one run in 5 innings. He worked himself out of tons of jams, and struck out 6. Dude looked totally pro to me. Except for that wild pitch but oh well.

Almost everyone hit again tonight so that's great. Fukudome, LaPorta, Hafner. Oddly enough it was Brantley and Santana who didn't hit tonight and both dudes have been pretty solid lately.

Santana did steal a base, tho! He got on with a fielder's choice then swiped second. Ha!

I'm really excited about our young guys doing well. I won't talk about Huff being sent back to Columbus right after the game and Carlos Carrasco. Because I am very hurt by Carrasco and sad to lose Huff (for now) and there's not much positive I can say about all that.

Tomorrow on WKYC! Will I watch it? I'm excited to play Boston again because we killed them the first game and almost won the second game so there's a good chance we're going to have some good baseball for the next 2 days!

Check out this picture of Tim Wakefield. It's nice. He looks like he pitches for Dr. Seuss.

See you tomorrow - on TV!

Radio Chatter:
"The Red Sox do this to you [...] They foul off a lot of 2-strike pitches and get into your bullpen a lot earlier than other teams in the league."
- Tom Hamilton

"Manny Acta might feel that 5 innings - with the kind of jams he's worked out of - is more than enough tonight."
- Tom Hamilton on David Huff

"You're comparing apples and oranges when you compare Japanese baseball to the Major League."
- Tom Hamilton

"Jerry Davis [the umpire] said 'Look, I'm not the idiot who swung at a ball in the dirt, you are.'"
- Tom Hamilton on Youkilis being ejected

"If Crawford strikes out here, he's going to get booed soundly. [...] Of course if he gets a base hit, they'll elect him mayor."
- Tom Hamilton

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