Thursday, August 4, 2011

Doin' Stuff

The Tribe was doin' stuff tonight. Striking guys out, getting hits, stealing bases, not making errors, smashing balls off the Green Monster. All sorts of stuff that win you a game.

An win we did! A crucial win to split the 4-game series with the Red Sox and pick up a whole game on the losing Tigers.

First off, Masterson was even BETTER than usual getting NINE strikeouts over 6 innings *boggle* He even got 4 strikeouts in one inning which does do a lot to raise your K total.

The #bullpenmafia was back to true form tonight. Pestano, Sipp and Perez. Zero hits and zero runs over 3 innings. Goodnight!

Tons of hits for our sleepy-hitting lineup tonight, too. And the big stars of tonight weren't the sprouts!

Speaking of sprouts, Kipnis did not get a 5th homer in t a row. He did get a hit, tho, for a 5-game hitting streak.

Asdrubal extended his hitting streak to 7 with just one hit but he got on base enough to score 3 runs - thanks in part to 2 more stolen bases!

Hafner went 3 for 4 and is back up to hitting .300. They're basically calling his min-slump over again. He smashed two huge doubles off the Green Monster.

Santana went 3 for 4 as well, with a couple singles, a walk and 2-run homer in the 6th. Unfortunately his catching sort of stunk...but maybe it's ok if it stinks and we win. It drives the point home to Acta and we also end up with the win.

Fukudome woke the fuck up today! He went 3 for 5 scoring a run and getting a RBI. I watched the game on TV today and boy does his swing look weird. Just really awkward. Maybe he's not trying to swing like that but he always seems to be reaching and leaving the box. But, he made contact. He also had some nice patient at-bats.

LaPorta wasn't too bad today, getting two hits. He even got an RBI. So today he was wishy. 

Jason Donald - who is a sprout I'm not yet excited about - got a hit, and then was traded for Hannahan in the 9th, who struck out. Yaaaaawn...

Justin Masterson got the backing of SEVEN runs (well, 6 by the time he left) and 14 hits. Finally got his 9th win!

UBALDO tomorrow!! Who's stoked? I hope the team keeps their hittin' and Ubaldo does some magic and it's an awesome game. Can't wait - sad it's not on TV and that it's not until 8:05. Ugghh...I might seriously just go to the gym longer just to keep myself busy while I wait.

I did something different today and didn't hang on every word of the radio. I did chores and stuff. The furnace filter doesn't clean itself, you know. And the dog certainly doesn't brush herself, oh no. Anyway, I only have one Radio Chatter for you.

See you tomorrow. UBALDO!

Radio Chatter:
"Boy you won't hear a much quieter Fenway park than you do now."
- Tom Hamilton in the 6th inning after we had 6 runs

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