Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#bullpenmafia Brought to You By Red Bull

So I was AT this game. I was up in the bleachers, being both bummed and elated about just how full the bleachers were. Then I was in the flash rainstorm (where it was raining on 1st base but not on Eagle Ave.) and then I was standing inside with lots of other hot and smelly fans. Then I was outside again only to be rained on again (this time it rained first on the left side of the bleachers then the right) but then the bleachers weren't as full. And then I sat and watched no-run baseball for many, many hours.

What fun! And no, I'm not being sarcastic.

The game started out pretty awesome with the Tribe getting 2 runs right away in the first inning. Everyone looked sharp and like they were hitting to win.

Unfortunately the Tigers looked pretty sharp in the 2nd inning and got 2 off Masterson. It's sorta maybe possible that those 2 runs could have been prevented by throwing to home instead of getting the sure out at 1st, but that's not traditionally the 2nd inning strategy.

Then the rains came and the longer we waited the more I knew there'd be no more Masterson. I was right, and the delay was 2:20.

Thus began the rest of a seriously long night. I would like to give a shout-out to all the fans who stayed because there were a LOT of us. More people than most of the games in April!

Especially my friends who came with me to the game, who let me stay til 1 AM! I was ready for them to want to leave at 9 and they were all "what, we've got nothing else to do!" and I was all "WOW YOU GUYS ROCK!" then they had lots of fun watching me yell at Carlos Santana to, for God's sake, STOP TRYING TO STEAL.

Anyway, a lot of us fans seemed to be wearing orange and holding signs about Brennan Boesch but...well, plenty of Tribe fans left, I tell ya. Plenty!

Nothing really happened for the next 12 innings after the rain delay, except we had the treat of seeing every single guy from the bullpen trotted out for an inning or two, knock down 3 to 6 Tigers, and then wonder who'd come out next.

Chris Perez is my favorite pitcher but I must say he was the most TIGHT of all the guys who came out (which was actually all of the guys). He put 3 down in 13 pitches, it was pretty awesome.

Hermann got the win and he was pretty awesome too because he pitched between like 1:30 and 2 AM. I'm just a regular person doing nothing but standing in the bleachers yelling and I was dead tired by 1 AM, so I can only imagine how tired he was. Then he had to throw a ball 90+ MPH? Woah.

The Tigers' bullpen was pretty much matching ours all night. Both teams struck out 13 total and we walked 4 while they walked 3. They gave up 7 hits and we gave up 10.

Looks like the Tigers' pen got worn down first, because the bottom of the 14th was sloppy and we ended up winning on a walk, single, intentional walk and hit-by-pitch. I love how Fukudome is now part of an Indians' walk-off win. Ha!

It was a super-weird, super fun game. I am glad I left my OMG ASDRUBAL!!! sign in the car, even though I had sprayed it with clear coat in anticipation of rain (yep).

So that's one down and 2 (or 11) to go. Last night was the most even matchup EVER so it will be interesting to see tonight who's got the stamina to come out ahead.

It's also Ubaldo night! So, see you then!

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