Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stretching Our Legs

I got to go to the game again tonight! It was nice because it was on a whim, the seats were great, it was just me and a friend, and the tickets were FREE.

No, no, it's not what you're thinking. The Hargroves aren't supplying their new best friend with tickets every night. My friend just got some tickets through work.

Such an awesome game tonight, extremely different than last night. Actually extremely different than most of this month where we had 13 one-run games in 27 games. The last 4 games have been one-run games.

We won tonight, 6-2. What a gap! @RickWFNY on Twitter said "Does Justin Masterson sit and stew on the bench these nights that the Indians score more than 2 runs?" HA!

Today's big news was that LaPorta was sent down to Columbus so Jeanmar Gomez could come up and pitch, since both Carrasco and Tomlin are out now.

I wasn't surprised when I heard LaPorta went down and my thoughts on the matter were in line with what everyone from the Indians said. He isn't being punished, he doesn't suck, it's just the move they had to make. They don't need a right-handed first baseman who's hitting under .240 right now. He'll be just fine.

Talk about fine - Jeanmar Gomez! He went for his longest outing tonight, 6 innings, and gave up the fewest earned runs of his time this year - 0. Perfect timing, Jeanmar Gomez! He had 4 strikeouts and even picked off a guy at first. Holla!

Durbin pitched the 7th, Raffy the 8th (he now leads the league in appearances) and Vinnie finished them off good in the 9th.

Almost everybody hit tonight, save for Shelley Duncan. What up, Shelley Duncan? He's been making some good contact lately but not putting the ball in play. Oh but he did get hit by a pitch. Atta boy!

Zeke had one hit and was on base when Fukudome got a double, and he motored around those bases FAST. He nearly passed up Marson! Kid's definitely got some legs.

Fukdome has been red hot for us. You've probably heard. He's got 13 hits in his last 10 games. Already as many RBI in his time with the Tribe as he had in 87 games with the Cubs. Lots and lots of praise for Chris Antonetti right now. I didn't doubt it, you know. Of all the moves we made this season - Fukudome, Jiminez, Thome - Fukudome is the one I fretted over the least. Lots of praise for me too?

Asdrubal got a hit today, early on, and I had my sign with me! I got a lot of compliments on it today. A lot of people stopped me while I was walking to my seat so they could read it. ALSO, I got it on the big board! It took a long time, all the way in the 9th during the pitching change. I am fairly certain that's the first time it's been on camera. It was so memorable someone stopped me after the game in the parking deck and said "Hey I saw you on the board!" so there you have it. Take note, STO - the people want OMG ASDRUAL!!! yes they do.

Jim Thome got his 1000th walk as an Indian today. According to Bob Frantz and his people that's over 17 miles walking to first base as an Indian. He also got a hit. Like, an honest-to-God single. Weird, right?

Carlos Santana...another home run tonight! This time a 2-run blast thanks to THOME being on base. Will wonders never cease? Oh Lord, I hope the Santana is actually paying attention to what everyone is telling him about his swing this time, and is going to be that guy we were anxiously awaiting this year. We'll forgive his 4-5 months of lameness if he can give us one month of hotness. Er, two. Better make that two.

The biggest man of the night was Jack Supermanahan. He's got FOURTEEN hits in his last 10 games (take that, Fukudome!) including his 6th home run tonight. It was a 2-run dinger just like Santana's, with good 'ol Jerad Head on base. He also got 2 singles and scored a run, going 3 for 4.

My friend is considering making a Supemanahan sign for our game on the 22nd. She's obviously jealous of my Asdrubal. I told her not to get too crazy about it - there's no guarantee he will be playing on the 22nd. How sad am I? Then again, if he stays healthy and hot, we're good to go!

Jason Donald is still hot too. He only got one hit tonight but it was a double and he's got 11 hits in his last 10 games.

Sweet Lou! Went 1 for 3, scored a run and threw a guy out at 2nd. Do you think we'll see more of him now that LaPorta is down in CBus? I would think so!

Really awesome game today with the good pitching and hitting. Fortunately we won but unfortunately so did the Tigers and White Sox.

Ubaldo day tomorrow! Apparently he's pitching .60 at home in his short tenure here. I'm totally getting out my tiny foam broom.

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"They both have something in common, they have ... hand issues at second base. [...] They're offensive second basemen."
- Tom Hamilton on Rickie and Jemile Weeks

"I can imagine as a first baseman with so few errors, it must irk you when they say 'just stick him at first base.'"
- Tom Hamilton to Mike Hegan

"I think Hammy just raised his status. He was the subject of a game just now. But they didn't get it!"
"It was a piece of ham, a person who is ill and a one-ton weight. And a tom cat up top."
- Jim Rosenhaus and Mike Hegan discussing the between-innings "Classic Concentration" game (I got it right away, but the contestant didn't)

"If you're Trevor Cahill you're saying 'great, I probably pitched us out of this game.'"
- Tom Hamilton after Cahill gave up the 2-run HR to Santana

"The Indians finally have a game where they can take a deep breath and relax."
- Tom Hamilton, once the score was 6-1

"The day he gets fired, the media in Chicago will get together and cry their eyes out. He has given them such great copy over the years."
- Tom Hamilton on Ozzie Guillen

"He went to North Dakota State University, where they played 3 games every year in good weather."
- Tom Hamilton on A's pitcher Neil Wagner

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