Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dos Cabreras!

Is it catching on yet? Asdrubal Cabrera leads the team with 19 RBI and Orland Cabrera follows with 18. Orlando got the game-winning hit tonight and Asdrubal knocked in two insurance runs. Asdrubal got three hits! Orlando didn't even start - he came in as a pinch runner for Hafner, who came in as a pinch hitter for Everett - and he still won the game. Because that is the sort of thing that Dos Cabreras can do!

How much are you loving this lineup? I'M LOVIN' IT! Having Brantley down at 6th and Hannahan at 8 or 9 is like having two lead-off and two cleanup guys. It seems like a perfect balance of speed and power. Actually, all of our power guys can get small hits in too, unlike somThome players who either strike out or hit homers.

It took a minute to realize it, but Fausto was doing his job well tonight. He was getting the A's to swing at the ball, which is great. First, if they make contact then so what - there are 7 bored guys out there to pick it up. And second, the more they swing the fewer pitches he ends up putting out and the longer he can go. He went 8 innings and didn't hit 100 pitches. He also had TEN ground-outs. That's the stuff right there.

Fausto got win number 3, and Chris Perez threw 12 pitches and got save number 8. Sometimes it's comically easy for Perez to get his S but whatever. We like stats!

Nobody gave up any home runs tonight, on either side, although we did each have a man caught stealing and our Brantley got picked off as well (he was our guy caught stealing). In fact it was quite a pitcher's duel until the 9th, when we'd had our fill of the A's starter and subsequent relievers, and did our whole "THE TEAM WILL RALLY NOW AND PROBABLY WIN IN OUR LAST AT-BAT" thing. And that's exactly what happened.

You had to stay up late and also had to not settle down someplace comfy to have caught any action, but it was there.

Hey, Tom Hamilton wanted you to read this article on about what the heck is going on in the AL Central right now. It also should include a video about John Adams (patron saint of The Positive Tribe). John looks good on the TV! If the video is not part of the linked article (seriously, they're two different things), here it is here.

Is Coco Crisp still sporting his afro? I didn't see a lick of baseball on the tv tonight. I love the look, myself. It's my tradition the past few years to wear my Tribe hat like that on Opening Day...while at home by myself, of course. Oh yeah, I have hair like that. So I feel a bit of camaraderie with Coco, and of course, Oscar Gamble.

While we're talking about cool hair, I had this link saved for you too. It's a picture of Aeros pitcher Eric Berger and his handlebar mustache. No idea if he's still rollin with that but I thought you'd get a kick out of it.

Ok so I spent all day today yelling at people to go vote yes on our local school levy, and that failed. But I am all riled up and ready to get the rest of you to go vote for your Tribe for the All Star Game. This time, you can't just fill in all Indians, though, it's going to take a small bit of work. Do NOT vote for anyone for AL 3rd base - as you see, our designee is Jason Donald (rly? srsly.) That won't do. Not only is he not playing yet this year, our fill in JACK HANNAHAN IS AWESOME. So you gotta scroll on down to the write-in box and write JACK HANNAHAN for third base. Got it? DO NOT VOTE FOR A DIFFERENT THIRD BASEMAN!

Since you went through all the trouble of writing in Supermanahan for third base in the AL, gives you a break by letting you vote 25 times in a row, just by pressing "vote now" 25 times. Now, you might find that absurd but you also have to remember that a ton of dorkuses are sitting there doing that 25 times in a row, and signing up with a new email address and doing it 25 more times, and finding a proxy and doing it again. Unless you want your vote to count as 1/25th of a vote, you kind of have to do it 25 times. Think of the children. Think of Meyer & Ashley.

Oh, and I'm sure a lot of you are all "I want the best players at the All Star game, not just my team or the best-known players," and I feel you. I wouldn't ask if I didn't think that every guy on our A-team wasn't All-Star quality. It's not like we're voting in Jhonny Peralta, you know?

I'll try to remind you every day until June 30. Really, I will. I will not be swearing and comparing people to Hitler like I did in my levy campaign, but it sure would be nice if I had a reason to watch the All Star Game this year.

Get ready for another pitcher's duel tomorrow. Two guys with low ERAs who are 4-0 (Tomlin and Trevor Cahill). Our key will be to make Cahill pitch pitch pitch and get past him to his relievers as soon as we can.

Dos Cabreras! Olé!

Radio Chatter:
"Right there is an example of an out that is simply a foul ball in any other ball park in the major leagues."
- Tom Hamilton

"The chance of the A's signing Adrian Beltre this summer was the same as Rosie and I sprouting wings and flying back to our hotel."
- Tom Hamilton

"Boy, the outfield couldn't play any deeper unless they were sitting on the wall."
- Tom Hamilton

"'Enjoy the journey'...that's the motto Stephanie Hagel has driven in to those of us who work here. 'Don't worry about whether or not we make it on the air or not, just enjoy the journey and I'll take care of the rest."
"Would you make that statement if it wasn't after midnight back home?"
"Oh sure, I'm livin' on the edge."
- Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus

"This would be a great way to start one of the ruggedest...that's not even a word...before we have every English teacher writing us...this would be a great way to start one of the most rugged road trips in baseball this year."
- Tom Hamilton

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