Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lots of Baseball From The O-Town

Even though we knew it was going to be another low-scorer, there was a surprising amount of excitement from today's game.

The first exciting thing was that it was an afternoon game, and we can all go to bed at a decent time tonight. Yay! Although it turns out that a 3PM game is sort of hard to work with when it comes to walking the dog and eating dinner and going to the park. I kept having to go from radio to Walkman to car stereo to TV to Walkman to car...and I totally missed the last inning. Blah. But, I did catch the TV wrap-up, and most of the exciting plays so it was all good.

Jeanmar Gomez didn't do too bad for his 4th time out. He gave up 6 hits but only one run. It was rather unfortunate that he only went 5.1 innings, tho, as the game went 12 innings and we used six relievers. Smith, R. Perez, Pestano, Sipp, Durbin, C. Perez. Do we have anyone else? I wonder if Masterson will give us 9 tomorrow? He's done everything else....why not?

My two least favorite pitchers, Smith and Durbin (hey, someone's gotta be at the bottom, right?) were mighty impressive today. Did you see Smith's super awesome defensive play? Durbin went for 2 strong innings late in the game (innings 10 and 11) and held tight, which is exactly what we needed. And he got himself a win.

Chris Perez actually got himself jammed up, put some guys on base, gave up some hits, gave up a RUN...and thanks to a couple of insurance runs, it all worked out in the end. And he got his 9th save, putting him in second place in the league behind Mariano Rivera.

Guess who had an awesome night? ASDRUBAL! He went 2 for 5 and got 2 RBI, plus made some sweet plays including a bare-handed grab and putout in the 5th.

You know who had an even more awesome night? LOOOUUUUU Marson! Three hits and an RBI, one of those hits being a TRIPLE, I shit you not. That guy always does something interesting when he gets in a game. I suspect you have no choice but to be memorable if you're a backup catcher.

How 'bout Supermanahan? Got the winning-tying-winning RBI today! Don't forget to vote for Jack!

Orlando Cabrera has an 8-game hitting streak.

Good stuff from the outfield today, too. Brantley had a great back-to-the-plate catch and Choo held a guy at third. Respect!

I'm glad we're done with Oakland. Wish we were done with the west coast but it is not to be. Going to be 3 more hard ones against the Angels, but we came out of this one with a series win. I'm ready to see a team with some bad pitching and have our guys get a bunch of runs again. When are we going to see some shitty pitching again? Anyone know?

Since I wasn't around for most of today's game, I didn't get any good Radio Chatter, sorry. I'll try to have extra good stuff tomorrow.

See you tomorrow for another LATE one!

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