Friday, May 27, 2011

Click Here For The Good News

Ok folks, there is good news. Even after our third loss in a row and our third shutout of the year, there is good news.

The good news is: This is strange.

I mean, did you expect Grady to return from the DL and strike out twice with no hits? No, because when he returned before he exploded back to his normal self.

Were you thinking it was normal for Tomlin to give up two two-run homers? No one on the team has done that yet.

Did you expect LaPorta to strike out four times? No, and it isn't going to happen again.

You didn't even expect Santana to GET a hit, did you? But he did.

Of course you did expect Asdrubal to get a hit? Of course you did!

Anyway, everyone who says "Oh, this is so TYPICAL..." with regards to a 3-game loss or tonight's shut-out. really doesn't know what they're talking about. Because it is anything but typical. This is not a losing team or a shut-out team.

Hell did you see the lineup today? It's hardly our team at all! Choo sat out for the first time in 47 games (only player left who hasn't sat out is....Asdrubal, natch.) Grady was in but he was DH in the 6-spot. Asdrubal batted third and Orlando batted second.

I don't think the order of the lineup mattered much tonight, tho. Pitching seems incredible across the league this year. Like, scary incredible. If we land on a game with one of these 2011 phenoms, there's a good chance we're sunk. Don't forget the last David Price Game where Hamilton and Hegan gushed all over the place about him. They warned us!

Anyway, it's ok to be sad when your team loses but if you take it too far, you just sound like a BOOB. You heard me - a boob! If you know anything about baseball in 2011 you know that the Indians are a very good team and that the season is just 25% over. You know we're still way in first place in the Central, that Grady just got back, that John Nunley and Manny Acta are going to make some tweaks and that pretty soon it will be all right.

If you don't know that, well then, you are in the wrong place, Jack. Cuz here we're positive about our Tribe!

Oh yeah check this out. I can't believe this was actually submitted to the Internet in 2001...did they even do this sort of thing on the Internet in 2001? (Sharing.) Anyway, here is a Flash representation and radio call of The Impossible Return game from August 5, 2001. Pretty fun! I listened to it in lieu of one of tonight's innings.

We'll see you tomorrow at 4:10 PM. Chin up, ok?

Radio Chatter:
"Tried to hit that ball to Sarasota."
- Tom Hamilton on an Evan Longoria swinging strike

"The Indians have 6 games this season on fake grass, turf. And they're all on this road trip. The day Grady Sizemore gets back, they have all those games on turf."
- Tom Hamilton on Grady Sizemore batting DH instead of being in the outfield

"The way David Price has dominated the Indians over the years, a 4-run lead is mammoth."
- Tom Hamilton

"The Indians middle of the order just doesn't look the same without Travis Hafner."
- Tom Hamilton

"In Manny Acta's mind that's the magic number. You don't want a losing streak to go beyond 3."
- Tom Hamilton

"Well the Tribe has not had a 9th inning rally of 5 runs or more but...why not? It's been that kind of a season."
- Tom Hamilton in the beginning of the 9th

"Boy, this team has really excited the bay area. Friday night 16,800 show up. Yikes!"
- Tom Hamilton, slammin' the lack of Rays fans

"I don't think Matt LaPorta has to guess what's coming next from a guy who is pitching 96 miles per hour in a 5-0 game."
- Tom Hamilton

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