Tuesday, May 31, 2011


What a nice game, eh? (did you see what I did there?)

First off - GRADY! Playing center, hitting two doubles, two RBI. Everyone's all "Grady's back!" and he totally is! So can he not hack the DH role? Has that been the issue?

You know who CAN hack the DH role? Michael Brantley. Put that guy in the 6th spot or the leadoff spot, put him in center or make him DH. Whatever. Three hits, triple-double-single.

Carlos Santana! Five-game hitting streak! Did you even notice that?? Tonight he went THREE FOR THREE with two doubles and two RBI. He actually managed to sacrifice a run in and everything! I guess he's way more comfortable outside of the cleanup spot. I can see that.

CHOOOOO! Still quietly getting hits. Fighting!

The whole team ALMOST got hits tonight, save for Travis Buck who usually wows us and Matt LaPorta who is just toying with me now, I think.

Hey hey, Mitch Talbot! He had a little meltdown his last time up and I assured you it was a fluke and - I was right! Look at me! He's all back to where we last left him and we said "hey who is that Mitch Talbot guy? He's pretty good too." He pitched into the 7th and gave up only one run. He only struck out 3 but Brandon Morrow struck out 9 over 5 innings...while giving up FIVE DOUBLES. So, Mitch Talbot for the WIN! (Literally)

Our favorites Smith, Pestano, Sipp and C. Perez came in to finish it. Smith and Sipp weren't rock-solid like they've been lately, giving up two runs, but the rest of the team made it work out ok.

Speaking of the rest of the team...LaPorta was back on it at first today, being defensive. And SUPERMANAHAN was all "I got this!" a couple times, making beautiful plays at third.

Before the game I happened to catch some pre-game on TV and they asked Austin Kearns and Shelley Duncan who would win in a boxing match. Did you know Austin Kearns has big ears? I did not know that. I should totally start collecting baseball cards again if I am going to be missing all of the games on TV.

Ok once again looking online for pictures of Shelley Duncan and I come across this post on the Cheezburger Network that is a "Totally Looks Like" comparison of Shelley and the cartoon character Edd from "Ed, Edd n Eddy." I came up with a similar theory on April 27 except I said he looked like the one who wears the hat. I'll be honest, I've never seen more than 5 minutes of that show and I think it's creepy weird that two people in the Internet think about "Edd, Ed n Eddy" and Shelley Duncan. I wonder if anyone's told Shelley?

Speaking of looking funny - which I have now been doing for two straight paragraphs - has anyone noticed how completely doofy all the guys look in their team headshots? There's something about the way they take official player photographs that makes them all look incredibly...childish? I mean I realize half these guys are barely old enough to be left home unsupervised, but the neck-up shot of guys in crisp new hats is just not flattering.

Anyway so that's why I need baseball cards because the shots I see on the Gameday board are creepy and bad.

SO! Tomorrow's the rubber match and I can't wait. Who will show up? The team that hits lots of doubles and plays good defense, or the team that hangs our pitcher out to dry while the pitcher hangs himself? What if that home-run-hitting team shows up instead? That'd be fun for a change on the road. Maybe Team Carlos Santana shows up and I go to my mom's to get another one of those fantastic Goji White Grape popsicles! WINNING!

See you tomorrow, 7:07 PM eh?

Radio Chatter:
"It is no time to panic, Rosie. Every team that gets to the playoffs - with the exception of the 1995 Indians - has a rough spot."
- Tom Hamilton

"Whether you need to change the rules or not...smarter people than me will make that decision."
- Tom Hamilton regarding the current crashing-into-catchers situation

"...We haven't had anything to laugh about on this road trip."
"It's been a tough trip."
- Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus, cracking up

"Corey Patterson was sort of looking down at the turf saying 'I can't believe I just did that.'"
- Tom Hamilton

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