Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Well, That Was Weird

Was anyone expecting that? If you caught my last two posts, you'd see that losing 0-1 to the White Sox was about the last thing I expected to happen today.

Seriously, I was just telling you yesterday about how we've only been shut out once. And here we are, shut out.

Hamilton was saying before the game how if the Sox lost the series they'd be 12 behind us, and if they swept they'd be 8 behind.

Jake Peavy, his ERA was 6.00 when the game started. He pitched a complete game shutout and now it's 2.40. Jake Peavy also had his arm muscle come away from his bone once, then someone fixed it and now he is obviously some sort of pitching √úbermensch.

We scored 26 runs in the last two games, yaknow.

Won't discount Masterson, though. He had a bit of a rough start, sort of matching his previous start. But he found his groove and pitched a complete game too. He struck out as many as Peavy (8) but gave up two more hits. A double in the first is what did him in.

You know who got our three hits tonight? For one, ASDRUBAL! Because, face it - he is the best player in baseball ever (wee exaggeration).

The other guy, the guy who got two hits tonight, was CHOOOOOOOOOOO!! You heard me!

We still like Travis Buck, tonight! Check it!

Also, we're still digging Jack Hannahan at third. Check it! Vote!

Actually, after those last two games, that was sort of a boring fucking game wasn't it? LULZ! I didn't even pick up one bit of Radio Chatter. But don't be mad, I don't feeeeeel good.

I did have a chance to buy some tickets for the June 4th game against the Rangers, which also happens to be STAR WARS FIREWORKS NIGHT! And I just read we get a free team photo! That game is actually very close to being sold out. I couldn't find anything worth buying under $60, but I did end up with some sweet seats from StubHub.

Have you seen the new ticketing system at Not sure when they upgraded it but it's been sometime in the past week or so and it's totally awesome. For some reason they had lost the "click here to see your view" feature of the previous ticketing system and it became pretty frustrating to get the seats you wanted.

You still can't see the view from the section you choose BUT you can pick the actual seat you want. It's VERY cool. I don't think I'm describing it well enough (remember, I don't feeeeel good) but I was actually quite excited to buy tickets from this system. This is probably because I'm a Web geek but still, this is great especially for those of us who want to sit on the aisle and don't want to call to buy tickets.

Anyway, check that out.

Tomorrow's game is Fausto against Gavin Floyd. The thought of Fausto against the White Sox might give you chills but it's ok. I don't know that Floyd has had any cyborg-type surgery that gives him am edge.

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