Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meeting Our Match

Do you see my new banner? Now I need you to vote for Asdrubal for All Star. You can still write in Jack Hannahan, but I think Asdrubal is going to need your help too.

Played the second game against the Red Sox tonight. It didn't look hopeful being that Josh Beckett was starting for them and Fausto was starting for us. Someone had to lose...

Josh Beckett was pitching slowly, much like Buchholz was last night. Boring the fuck out of our bats, I'm sure.

Carmona did have 7 strikeouts and went 8 innings (plus one batter) so that's pretty cool. If you look at the play-by-play, Boston's scoring plays sort of look like ours usually look when we win pitchers duels.

But you know who got a hit? CHOOOO!! He's hitting .244 now. He's restarting his hitting streak at one again, or maybe ten minus one? He's only got one error and has six assists. We still love him - A LOT!

Remember Ezequiel Carrera? He got a hit and an RBI tonight. Makin' stuff happen with men on base and two outs!

Matt LaPorta and Travis Buck both went 2-for-4 tonight. Travis Buck got a solo homer off Jonathan Papelbon (*spit*) in the 9th, surely raising everyone's hopes.

LaPorta had a looks like he belongs there snag at 1st base tonight. I've been really impressed with a lot of our defense lately. It's the cherry on top of our good season, I think. Sure we've had our errors but there have been plenty of "Web Gems" this year so far. They seem to be stepping it up lately too.

Hey hey! Guess who's back tomorrow? Mitch Talbot! I hope he comes in and wows everyone. If you don't remember, we really liked him as a starter before he got hurt.

Noon game tomorrow. Expecting a big crowd, which always surprises me but never surprises Tom Hamilton. I went to one noon game a few years ago and I felt like I was absolutely awesome for leaving work in the middle of the day. Turns out I'm pretty ho-hum.

Radio Chatter:
"What does Cabrera not lead this club in?"
- Tom Hamilton

"I can't remember Boston starting pitchers being so slow. [...] If we had Josh Tomlin working in one of these games it'd be polar opposite of either Beckett or Buchholz."
- Tom Hamilton

"I didn't mean to say 'short and squat' did I? [...] Compact. I wish I would have thought of that first."
- Mike Hegan on Carrera's stature

"Carmonas pitches are going straight down. That's how you know his stuff is working. It's when they go sideways that things go bad."
- Tom Hamilton

"The way Beckett's pitched tonight, 4 to 1 is huge. But the way the Indians play...you never know."
- Tom Hamilton

"It's one thing to struggle. It's another to become...Pittsburgh."
- Tom Hamilton on the Twins' record this year

"Some nights we leave the booth here and say to each other 'how did they do that?' [...] We said that a lot in 2007 too."
- Tom Hamilton

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