Saturday, May 21, 2011

Battle of Ohio: Won

It's official - we're the best baseball team in Ohio for 2011. Right?

Another close game today. Great pitching by Josh Tomlin, going seven full innings only giving up one run. He got his 6th win today.

Did you see Vinnie Pestano come in and MOW 'EM DOWN?! Dude struck out the side in the 8th! He got as many strikeouts in one inning as Tomlin did in 7 innings. Our bullpen is really seriously impressive this year. All the boys are on Twitter now, in case you didn't know:

@thethree8 - Joe Smith
@jgerm39 - Justin Germano
@SippTony - Tony Sipp
@VinnieP52 - Vinnie Pestano
@ChadDurbin37 - Chad Durbin
@ChrisPerez54 - Chris Perez

@Raffyperez53 - Rafael Perez

Collectively, they are the #bullpenmafia. No joke! And, Chris Perez is so popular there is even a fake Chris Perez, @PureRage_Perez. It's funny to read these guys' stuff sometimes and remember that they are all young jocks in their 20's and uh...well I definitely am not.

Anyway, back to baseball. I'm all confused because I saw the game on television today with no radio. I had no idea that Josh Tomlin looks like a 16-year-old. I also spotted some major CLE Clothing and Homage representage today just behind the plate. I didn't scope any Fresh Brewed Tees but I'll give them a free shout-out while we're at it.

So, CHOOOOOO today on Choo Jersey day (those look pretty sharp! Aaaand....already one on eBay) extended his hitting streak to 8 games. He's hit in 11 of the last 12 games with 3 doubles and a triple. Slowly but surely....

Brantley and Asdrubal also got hits today, both of them hitting over .280 (note for newbies: A batting average of .300 is considered quite good). That's just amazing for our #1 and #2 hitters. And really, Choo's .242 is not bad at all. If they are all hitting in the same inning (which is usually their 3rd at-bat) then we're golden!

I bet someone has a stat on that.

So Asdrubal was on base with two out when Travis Buck came in and ripped one to center, putting us up 2-1. Buck was actually DH today because they've moved Brantley over to left and put last night's hero Ezequiel Carrera in at center.

I thought Carrera looked pretty good out there today. He called off Asdrubal on the first fly that came near him and also snagged a shallow fly hit off the end of the bat to save a hit.They also had him bunting at one at-bat!

So with Buck looking good at the plate and in the field, it'll be interesting to see how they are used in the upcoming lineups. Both bat left. I'm pretty sure Carrera is a total stud in the outfield but Buck has had two 3-hit games off the bench for us, getting hits in 9 out of 15 appearances.

Yeah, and some greasy assholes are still saying this team has no depth? Psssh.

Ok so tomorrow I will be AT the game so there will be no Radio Chatter. Cuz I'm not going to listen to the radio at the game (I'm hosting a group of friends!) and I'm not going to listen to the archive afterwards. I'm not! You know what you should do, tho? Make a nice pitcher of iced tea, set up your radio outside and enjoy the afternoon free of HDTV. Weed the garden, wash the car, play catch with your kids or your dog. Listen to the radio and you'll hear gems like the last three videos on the Tom Hamilton Has The Best Homerun Call In All Of Baseball Facebook page. I just listened to them all again for like the 5th time.

So, you listen to the game on the radio tomorrow. You hear ALL of the Radio Chatter. You'll thank me, you will.

1:05 PM start. Final game against the Reds. Bring your broom!

Radio Chatter:
"Josh Tomlin, folks - you spell his name 'winner.'"
- Tom Hamilton


  1. I would note that the Tribe brought home a victory at the last game *I* attended. I expect no less from you.

    No pressure, though.

  2. They finished a sweep last time I attended, so my reputation is on the line!