Monday, May 30, 2011

Dunc Tank

That's Shelley Duncan's nickname now I guess. It's what all the guys on the Twitter are calling him. I like it. I mean, it's no Hawkman (Nino from The Tribe Daily really wants it to be that) but it's more accessible.

Haha I was trying to find a picture of Shelley's hawk tattoo I found these two gems:
Classy: Yankee Shelley signs a Boston kid's autograph book "Red Sox suck!"
Is Shelley Duncan Wendell from The Simpsons? (with images)

Ahhh, I love that guy. Glad he's in Cleveland. His dad played here for a little while (remember when I bragged about my dad getting drunk at the Grog Shop with Dave Duncan in the 70s?) Plus, he's good to have around as a pinch hitter like we learned the other day.

Oh, yeah, Shelley hit a solo home run up into the upper deck at the Rogers Centre today. Only the 15th player to do so. You go! It's only his second homer this year - doesn't it seem like he has more? I guess he just hits a lot of long balls. He also got a single, going 2-for-4.

Hey guess who else got a hit? CHOOOOO! I asked a Korean friend to hook me up with some Korean for us to use to cheer him on and she says "Him-nae-yo!" which is "wishing him strength." She also suggested "Fighting!" which sounds super-awesome, so I hope we all use that too.

Then again I'm not hearing much "Dos Cabreras!" going on out there so I don't know how much pull this blog has.

Did you notice it was Memorial Day Hat Day today? I think the Blue Jays hats are quite striking when paired with their blue uniforms...but I also feel weird that they are wearing Memorial Day hats in Canada. But, turns out while they are for "September 11, July 4 and Memorial Day" they are also for Canada Day and are ultimately for the Welcome Back Veterans Fund. And now I feel all better about all that.

Check out what our rogue rookie outfielder Trevor Crowe (@tcrowe4) had to say on Twitter this evening:

I can say this after spending 2 solid months here getting to see and spend more time in Cleveland outside of ballpark. Cleveland Does Rock
 Good job, Trevor! Although I hope this doesn't mean you are busy not getting healthy...

That's all there really is to say today. Shelley Duncan rocks, Choo got a hit (oh, so did Santana) and tomorrow is Tuesday.

Man I just realized how un-positive my Radio Chatter is today. But when you disappoint Tom Hamilton you really get the Eeyore treatment. My brother and I were laughing about how tough it must be to be his kids. "Welp, I guess no one is going to be taking out the trash today. Mmm mmm mmm..."

Don't forget - 7:07 tomorrow with NO off days this week. Over 100 games to go yet. Thank God for baseball!

Update: You know, being wrapped up in this winning season, I almost forgot that this blog was about celebrating baseball and that doesn't always mean celebrating the Indians. Lots of times - and I mean lots of times - weird or interesting things happen during an Indians game that are not pro-Indians. Like that crazy almost-but-not perfect game last year.

Anyway, today Blue Jays starting pitcher Jo-Jo Reyes got his first win since 2008. To get this win he pitched a complete game and also only gave up one run. So, good for you Reyes. Whether you out-pitched the Indians or we out-swung ourselves, I'm glad something exciting happened in this game. Yay for baseball!

Radio Chatter:
"The Indians are not playing very good baseball right now. They're not hitting, they're not having quality pitching, and now their defense is opening up holes."
- Tom Hamilton

"Well I hope your barbecue is better then this ballgame. If not, it means somebody forgot to turn the meat."
- Tom Hamilton

"Boy this is why you think of baseball and you just shake your head sometimes. There are things like this that you just can't predict."
- Tom Hamilton

"If you haven't won a game in 3 years and have a 10-run lead, you deserve to finish it and be on the field to shake hands at the end."
- Tom Hamilton with regards to Jo-Jo Reyes

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