Thursday, May 19, 2011

Asdrubal Out-Omars Omar

Didja see his play? Here it is, I'll wait.

You know, I really feel sorry for people who haven't been paying attention the past few years or people who won't watch a game that "looks like" a loss. Because you miss amazing shit like that. Asdrubal's been doing amazing shit like that for a while now, you know. He's the unassisted triple play guy...and stuff.

So we had our skeleton crew in there today. Like, total bottom-of-the-barrel stuff. Orlando was out getting naturalized (really!), Grady's hurt, Hafner's hurt, even Travis Buck is hurt.

I don't know why people say the team has no depth (and by people I mean stupid greasy Mike Trivisano). Do they mean we don't have 10 super stars? Are we all of a sudden a fanwank city that neeeeeeeds a LeBron caliber player to adorn the field of play every night or else we'll shake our heads in shame?

Fuck that noise. The only one of our benchers who I do not really want to see in the lineup is Austin Kearns. I don't know what his deal is. But Kearns has proved himself already so he just needs a chance to get back into it.

Do I trust Duncan? Everett, Buck and Marson? Can any of those guys get a clutch double? Absolutely. In fact, those five guys have 15 doubles and one triple between them. Duncan has TEN RBI.

Anyway, they didn't get it done tonight but it's not solely because Grady and Hafner weren't there. The other guys who play every night weren't doing it either. Brantley didn't hit and neither did Santana.

Choo is silently and stoically coming back, getting one or two hits every night, slowly raising that AVG. He's up to .239 tonight, almost 20 points higher than last Thursday. If that's not progress, I don't know what is!

LaPorta was making up for being the lone guy with no hits last night, getting not only two hits tonight but one of them a solo home run! So, when I accused him of being hot at the plate the other day, I wasn't seeing things. Neener.

It's almost sort of comical how Fausto can't face the White Sox this year, huh? Like it doesn't matter to him that we came into this short series 10 games ahead of them in our division. The stripes must make his eyeballs hurt or something. Perhaps a bad childhood memory related to those uniforms. Perhaps Ozzie Guillén sends him nasty notes in Spanish before every game. I just don't know.

The good news is that we're not fighting for first place. We're there, baby. If our big boys need some time off to get healthy, it's cool. Let's give them that time now so that they are rock solid in later months and for the playoffs.

Hey here's a face that will make you smile:
(Mark Duncan/AP) via
That's Carlos Baerga. He's going to represent the Indians in the draft on June 6. It's nice to see his name in Indians news, isn't it?

Here he is how you really remember him, with that mustache:

...And some chest hair. I've never seen that card before, I might actually need to seek it out.

Anyway he's a guy who loves baseball, and don't you forget to love baseball too! Here's a reminder.

I don't know if Hamilton called that play or not, as I missed most of the radio broadcast due to trivia night at Applebees (shut up, I live in the suburbs. We have no "pubs" for your fancy "pub trivia.") So of course we're low on Radio Chatter tonight too. Lame! I did go to the doctor today and am feeling better, thanks for asking.

Ok, "Battle of Ohio" starts tomorrow! Back at home, 7:05 PM, see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Carmona was too amped up for his Opening Day assignment. Tried to throw the ball 200 miles per hour."
- Tom Hamilton

"Paul Konerko continues to terrorize Carmona."
- Tom Hamilton

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