Thursday, May 12, 2011

Are We Done With Good Pitching Yet?

Seriously, because I've about had it. But that's not too positive now, is it?

Well, we did get a double, a triple and a homer off one of the best staffs in baseball. We also ALLLLLMOST all got hits, except for LaPorta which is weird because he's been hot.

Ten hits in all, so not bad. Remember that guy I was telling you about, Asdrubal Cabrera? Well now he's tied for #1 in homers on the team with 6. He also leads the team in triples with TWO. I wonder how many dudes haven't even gotten one triple in their whole career? I bet a lot. Well Asdrubal has TWO before June! He also got another RBI (duh).

Shelley Duncan got a hit! He was having a bit of a slump. He's in for Brantley who's in for Sizemore, who is doing just fine thanks.

Hey, Durbin and Smith came in today and neither gave up any runs. Durbin didn't even give up a hit! Nice to see those guys getting more reliable every time they come out.

In fact, Smith did one of those fake-out pickoffs today. AWESOME! Rick at Waiting For Next Year tweeted "More surprising- that the fake to third go to first pick-off move worked, or that the Tribe weren't the ones to fall for it?" HA!

I guess today we had our biggest crowd at home since the opener, just over 18k. One good thing about the unemployment rate in Cleveland, perhaps? However it works, I'm glad it works. I always worry about afternoon games being sparse.

Some of us have to work, tho, like me. So I'll cut this short. See you tomorrow at 7 for hopefully a good old-fashioned Mariner Whoopin'.

Radio Chatter:
"Doug Jones used to do that, former Indians pitcher. Slow, slower and slowest."
- Mike Hegan

Mike Hegan keeps his spring training scorecards handy just in case he needs to reference them during the regular season.

" downtown You Gotta Be Sh*ttin' Me..."
- Tom Bodet in a new Motel 6 commercial

"OUT AT SECOND IS CABRERA! How in the world can you get picked off at second down 5 to 3?!"
- Tom Hamilton shares his disappointment with Orlando Cabrera

"...then again, Palmeiro didn't do anything he just took somebody else's vitamin shot. There's a story to that but we all have families to feed."
- Tom Hamilton regarding Rafael Palmeiro's alleged steroids use

"Albert Pujols has made more news for hugging Joe Strauss than for swinging his bat."
- Tom Hamilton regarding recent Albert Pujols news

"As-lando Cabrera has his second double of the day..."
- Tom Hamilton's quick save

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