Sunday, May 1, 2011

Truly a Team Effort

Man, don't you wish it was September 1st and not May 1st? We'd need only 30 more days of avoiding injuries, 30 more days of other teams chasing us (heck we may even have clinched by now!), 30 more days to stay over .500, 30 more days to hold on to this energy and excitement. 30 more days until we won the World Series.

Then again, there'd only be 30 more days of regular-season baseball and I'd be pretty sad. Wishing it were September already is sort of like wishing that it was Christmas every day, and we all know how that turns out, so I will just be happy that however this season ends up, there are still 4 more months of baseball to look forward to.

Today was a very special day for me because the game was on WKYC, and this was the first time since Opening Day and the last time until June 10 that I'll get to see a game on my new TV while listening to my radio and reading the Twitter. To me that is almost as good as being at the game, except a lot cheaper and I don't have to beg anyone to join me. And I get to listen to the radio.

I did participate in the Twitter today, although I am not exactly sure how it works. Or rather I know how it works but I don't know the etiquette or what's going on. Super sad for someone who works for The Internet, huh? I am sort of wondering why we're not on IRC instead but uhm, I am showing my age. Turns out some of you have contacted me via Twitter but I didn't know until I got the Twitter app for my iPod Touch and clicked the little "@" icon. So, sorry if you were expecting me to react but I didn't. I will check my uh...not-mailbox more often. However, all of the people I follow are pretty cool to follow during a game, so it definitely adds to the whole TV+Radio+Couch experience. Here's my Twitter page if you'd like to see who I'm following.

Even though I am not a fan of numbers and math, here are some numbers for you:
  • The only Indians pitchers to get 5 wins in April have been Bob Lemon, Greg Swindell, Cliff Lee and Justin Masterson. Kid is in good company.
  • The Indians have swept 5 of 9 series so far this year. They swept 4 series total last year.
  • We have won 13 straight games at Progressive Field, the most since 1996. 
  • The last time we started 12-2 at home was 1941 (which is a stat from before we were 13-2 at home, so I'm not sure if it still holds up or what)
  • Our pitchers have only given up 18 home runs this year while we have hit 34 (27 of them at home).
  • There have been 3 Cabreras starting in each of the last 6 games.
  • Carlos Santana may be hitting .191 but he co-leads the team with 17 RBI (along with Dos Cabreras)
  • Rafael Perez has a 0.00 ERA still, after 11 innings pitched.
  • In the AL, the Indians are:
    • 1st in wins
    • 1st in runs scored
    • 2nd in batting average
    • 3rd in home runs
    • 3rd in hits
    • 3rd in ERA
    • 3rd in fewest home runs given
    • 4th in fielding %
    • Tied for 2nd fewest errors
That's all pretty cool. All that AND we have seen some exciting baseball. Twenty-seven exciting baseball games, to be exact. Today was no exception!

Today, Masterson didn't get his 6th win but he didn't get a loss, and he gave us 7 innings. Plus, he only gave up two runs keeping his ERA at a SUPER IMPRESSIVE 2.25. You know who got the win? Chad Durbin. I'm not Durbin's biggest fan but Nick Camino (@CaminoTribe) pointed out that he's come on with guys on base 3 times this year and did ok. Look at me throwing Twitter names out there. Yeah dawg. Anyway, Durbin did ok and we were able to put him back on the shelf after just one inning.

Chris Perez came in for his 7th save and it actually looked dicey for a second. You know, that old familiar feeling of "I'm sure we'll find a way to blow it." But, I assured my friend that the game would be over by 4:30 so we could get to dinner early, and by golly, I was right! And dinner was good!

There was a little bit of on-the-sly beaning today. Brantley in the 4th, Santiago in the 5th, then the warning to both teams. Then Miguel Cabrera got beaned in the 8th and he was not happy, sort of like a moose getting hit with a rubber bullet, but no one got thrown out because really, we don't need to hit you to prove a point, bro. The animosity was over in the 5th.

Shelley Duncan got hit in the bottom of the 8th, but it was clearly not intentional. Hamilton and Hegan put it out there that it may have been an "Academy Award performance" of being clipped in the hand. Actually, I hope it really did hurt a lot less than he made it out to be, because our Shelley is key to this team right now while Pronk is out. Did you see him truckin' around 3rd and tumbling elbow-first into home to get the go-ahead run? Oh my GOD it was awesome! That takes some dedication to fall over the plate like that and he nailed it for the team. For the city. We should give him a medal, for serious. After being "hit" and then falling down like that I really hope he's good to go next time we need him. We need him all the time!

You know who got 2 hits apiece today? Our 6-7-8 batters (don't worry - so did CHOOOO!) So our 6-7-8 guys (OCab - Brantley - LaPorta) get 6 hits and 5 RBI. Our starter gets 10 ground outs with a 5-4-3 double play. Our second reliever gets the win. Our closer gets a save.  I got to eat at Olive Garden and my friends paid AND drove. IT WAS TRULY A TEAM EFFORT!

We've all got tomorrow off, so get some rest because we're on the west coast until further notice (or next Tuesday). Resist the urge to give a shit about the NBA playoffs this week as that might take time away from following an interesting sport. When someone tries to talk to you about basketball playoffs, look at them as if you are Miguel Cabrera and you just got hit by a pitch and you are highly annoyed. And possibly drunk.

Radio Chatter:
"How many times have we said 'if the Indians could juuuust have a good start to the season...'? I think 18 and 8 is a great start!"
- Tom Hamilton

"I don't know how people can stick their hands out for a ball like that. You might get a free baseball but you'll spend thousands at the orthopedic surgeon to get your fingers re-attached."
- Tom Hamilton regarding a laser Santana foul ball

"A fan in the suites reached out and made a one-handed grab. Everyone is playing defense today at Progressive Field! The good news is that he didn't spill any of his diet Pepsi. The fans below him appreciate it."
- Tom Hamilton

"Will Rhymes gave it a ride, except it was Will Rhymes and not Miguel Cabrera so it's still 5-3."
- Tom Hamilton


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  2. So, I just wanted to comment that I love you and your site and all, but if you try to remove a month from my baseball season again, you and I are gonna have words. WORDS.

    There's five -- count 'em -- FIVE months left in this glorious season! And only about five days left until I get to watch the Tribe stomp the Angles (yes, I spelled that right) in person.

  3. Sorry, puddin'. You saw my math disclaimer tho, yes?

  4. Hang tight...I might be able to promise a SIXTH month :)