Saturday, May 7, 2011

Grand Canyon Baseball

Man, another long game! I feel like I've been awake for a week.

So we got 3 hits and the other guys got 14 hits. FOURTEEN! But from those 14 hits they only got two runs, and it took them 11 innings to do it. What's up with that, Angels? If we had 14 hits we'd have like uh, nine runs.

Guess who was the hitting hero tonight? Carlos Santana! He's still not hitting for any sort of amazing AVG but he's staying over .200, which is really nice for him at this point. He got two hits today, one of them being a double.

Hafner did not get a hit but he got our only RBI.

Asdrubal had a nice game at defense. Choo...OMG guys you should have heard Tom Hamilton's call of Choo's outfield assist. It was teh awesomez, for real. Look, I am so excited thinking about it that I forget how to type like an adult! But yeah, he's tied atop the AL for 5 outfield assists. Tonight he threw Izturas out at 3rd by a mile and he would have had a second out at the plate if the Angels had been brazen enough to send a guy.

Justin Masterson gave up 9 hits. That seems weird. Seems like he shouldn't give up that many hits, but he did and he was far far away from losing. He ended up with no decision, which is cool because we'd rather not give him a loss!

Masterson gave us 7 innings, exactly 100 pitches. It would have been cool if he went more because of our use of the bullpen yesterday, but I guess he threw 100+ pitches in his last outing yadda yadda bring in Smith. Nino over at The Tribe Daily tweeted (yeah, it was a radio + Twitter night for me!) that he wasn't scared to see Smith anymore and I totally agree. He's no Perez or Pestano but I don't think "Argh, Joe SMITH!" any more. Not sure if I go as far as to say that I get "excited" to see Smith but I believe in him enough. Now, I might think "Argh!" about Justin Germano, but at least I am thinking something about Justin Germano. Right, Justin Germano?

There were a lot of good big hits tonight, but only three dropped. I don't know what's up with the baseball fields in California. Why do they gotta be so big? Hamilton and Rosenhaus mentioned several times, in great detail, that there have only been 11 homers in Anaheim this year and 38 in Cleveland, in the cold.

This is a really good catch, you gotta see it. It's probably the reason why we didn't win the game but it's some good baseball, for real.

Hey check it out...I bought some tickets tonight for next Sunday's game. I managed to talk a group of people into going with me (no, I don't require a group. But they wanted to make a group outing!) Anyway I was online buying the tickets tonight and drinking a Pepsi Max and I noticed the back of the Pepsi can was all "GET 1/2 PRICE INDIANS TICKETS!" So I read the fine print and at first the can was trying to tell me I had to drag my ass up to a Team Shop and turn in a can to get money off, but it also said that if you type "Pepsi" in the promo box you'll get money off one ticket. I tried. Not true.

You actually get 1/2 off EACH ticket. And not some weird-ass seats like that corner section they try to put you in with your Tribe Fan Club tickets. Nope, you get half off any tickets you choose. Want five mezzanine tickets? That's $50 off. I kid you not.

Of course, you pay $1.75/ticket "convenience charge" and $3.45 "some other charge" and $2 "printing out charge" but still, I just got us $100 worth of seats for $65. And I only had to drink one Pepsi. You, my friends, don't have to drink ANY Pepsi to accomplish the same feat!

Tomorrow's gonna suck, I have to go be OUT and about, doing things like visiting friends and seeing rock shows. I might miss most of the game (9:05 PM start). I might even have to wait for the audio archive to be up. I might miss bringing you Radio Chatter. But I just saved you a bunch of money on Indians tickets so you'll be ok.

Well, here's a ton from tonight.

Vote for Jack!

Radio Chatter:
"I don't mean to laugh Rosie...but he's not 6 feet. If you're listed at 6 feet, you're 5'10". With every pitch, it looks like his arm is going to disconnect from his body, so you can see why he has command problems."
- Tom Hamilton on Tyler Chatwood

"Chatwood looks like he's 12 years old, and 6 feet is being generous."
- Jim Rosenhaus

"Choo proving that even though he's not swinging the bat so well right now, he's still a deadly weapon with that arm."
- Tom Hamilton

"Sometimes, [playing in your hometown] can be a hassle. People forget that you're here to work, this is not a vacation."
- Tom Hamilton regarding Vinnie Pestano pitching in his hometown of Anaheim

"Boy the Indians have hit some screamers tonight, but right at people."
- Tom Hamilton

"It's playing like the Grand Canyon out here tonight."
- Tom Hamilton regarding the hard-hit fly balls that go nowhere

"Choo with a throw on the fly to home. Aybar would have been out by a mile."
- Tom Hamilton

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