Friday, May 13, 2011

In Pronk We Trust


Was this a big set-up tonight? Did we purposely get behind by 2 in order to win in spectacular fashion? Because Travis Hafner coming through with a walk-off home run at home here, in front of the biggest crowd since opening day, is pretty spectacular.

First off, Carmona looked pretty ok. He only gave up 6 hits. Unfortunately, two of those hits were homers for three runs. But, eh, whatevs. Four runs against the Mariners is not a huge mountain to climb for us. Carmona also pitched 7.2 innings which is sweet.

My man Sipp! came in for relief and that was all we needed. Great job by him to get the W and great job by both pitchers to keep the rest of the bullpen out of the game. However good our pitching's been this year and however few innings our relievers end up pitching, we've still been using 3-4 relievers per game. Not unusual but also a boon whenever it doesn't happen.

The top of our order has really been top-of-the-order-ish lately. Ugh, what we wouldn't give to have Grady back up there to double the magic of Brantley. But, Brantley! He thinks he's Grady all of a sudden, being not only the sure-hitting leadoff man but the home run hitting leadoff man as well! His AVG is juuuust about .300 now, at .298. Do you think he'll be over .300 by Monday?

Grady, Brantley and Asdrubal have 15 home runs, 24 doubles and 2 triples amongst them and are hitting a combined .289. Like? LIKE!!

You know who else got a home run tonight? CHOOOOOO! Gotta love that guy hitting at home. You know he feels the love, whether it's 5k yelling his name or 33k.

Hey Austin Kearns got a hit tonight. Goodonya!

Do you feel it going into the 9th? Do you think "WINNING!" right up to the last out? I sure do. Do you see Brantley, Cabrera, Choo, Santana, Hafner due up and think "HELL YEAH!"? You should, you really should.

Did you really think we were going to lose 3 in a row? It is indeed possible to do so and still be the most awesome team in baseball (hey, they're only human!) but we didn't. The Royals lost to the Tigers, so those two are tackling each other for 2nd place, still 4 and 4.5 games behind us.

Keep an eye on the Tom Hamilton has the Best Home Run call in all of Baseball Facebook page tonight because you're going to want to hear Hammy's call. "BACK...TRACK...AT THE WALL...IT IS GOOOOoone...." then silence for crowd reaction, then composure and declaring that "the magic is back!" God bless 'im.

Don't forget the next TWO games are at 1:05 PM in the afternoon.

Radio Chatter:
"He sure got comfortable in a hurry!"
- Tom Hamilton's comment on Choo's first-inning homer, after commenting that Choo does not look comfortable at the plate

"Jack Hannahan could not get a hit the rest of the year and he'd still be worth it."
- Tom Hamilton on Hannahan's performance at third base

"Suzuki is surprised that anyone would ever call a strike on him. He's four feet out of the batter's box, I don't know how he would know."
- Tom Hamilton

"Shall he ever come to the will-call window, Tony Sipp will not be leaving tickets."
- Tom Hamilton on Sipp's college coach who told him he'd never make it in the big leagues

"This is the kind of game that makes you think there's something special going on in 2011."
- Tom Hamilton

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