Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Real Wild One

Second blog post of the day! If you'd like to read a better post and haven't seen my wrap up of Saturday's game, check it out here.

I say "better" already because I'm dead tired and can't hardly keep my eyes open.

Fausto gave us 7 solid innings today, striking out 7. The three runs the Angels scored during his tenure were un-earned, so his ERA continues to go down since opening day.

We needed Fausto to give us at least 7, since our bullpen was worn thin from the rest of the games on this road trip. He worked it perfectly, leaving only one inning to Rafael Perez and Joe Smith.

We almost had an "Everybody Hits" game today! But, LaPorta didn't happen to get a hit. So close!

Grady continues to produce for us - THREE hits including his 11th double and 6th home run! Finally - a homer in this series! It's just unheard of for this ballclub to have a guy come back from the DL and return to his old self like that. And what about Hafner? Another hit and another RBI! These guys are making just amazing comebacks. What doesn't hurt is that we have the luxury to bench them as prescribed, with solid single-game replacements in Brantley and Duncan.

Asdrubal! Two more hits and one more RBI, now with 23.

Since I said almost everyone got a hit, that means both Choo and Santana got hits. Choo seems to be over his mini-slump and back to climbing his way out of the basement. Santana continues to climb as well, with a respectable .218.

Don't forget who we faced today, too. Dan Haren, who leads the league in strikeouts and has the league's second lowest ERA. We got him for six hits, TWO earned runs and a goddamn home run. We climbed that mountain for real, baby!

How important is a so-called "Gold Glove third baseman"? Yeah. Save us, Superhananan! Did you vote for Jack yet?

Amazing series on the west coast for the Tribe, where we ended up playing .500 ball against two of the toughest pitching staffs in baseball. Runs were few but they were justified by our own amazing pitching. Defense was solid for the most part. We didn't have to rely on the home run or luck. That was hard-fought baseball and hopefully our presence this week really showed the world that the 2011 Indians are the real thing.

We're off Monday and then the boys are HOME for 6, away for 4 and then home again for 6. I can't WAIT for them to get back to their home-run park, the electric CHOOOOOOing and patron saint John Adams. It's gonna be big, I tell you. Will you be there? I hope I am.

See you Tuesday, at regular baseball time, finally!

Radio Chatter:
"[Stephanie Hagel] is pushing the Mother's Day envelope, she wants us to do a legal ID. We say all these nice things about Stephanie and she drops the FCC in our lap."
- Tom Hamilton

"It's amazing...when you're having a good year and you've got a winning record...whether or not it's a perception or reality, it sure seems like you get more calls in your favor than when you're having a bad year."
- Tom Hamilton ruminating on a questionable call in the 6th

"I shouldn't shortchange Milton Bradley. He'll be back next weekend too. Now, how long he stays in the game remains to be seen. He's been booted out of at least two games here recently for arguing balls and strikes. We'll also see if he's still wearing earplugs. He's been wearing earplugs at every home game in Seattle. At a HOME ballgame! That ought to be a promotion for the Indians. Have a contest, see who can have the best histrionics to an actor who's an umpire, and get thrown out, and win the best seats in the house."
- Tom Hamilton on the upcoming Mariners series and the return of his favorite player

"Boy does this tell you everything you need to know about this ball club. They just refuse to believe they're ever beaten. And if you talk to Manny Acta, the coaches, any of the players, they'll tell you the same thing. This ballclub always feels like it's going to find a way to win. And talk is cheap - the bottom line is they've gone out and done it this year. That's why they believe it's so that they're going to find ways to win."
- Tom Hamilton after Grady and Asdrubal's back-to-back doubles in the 9th


  1. With all due respect to the Angels, they were very, very lucky to take today's game. I don't think I've ever seen the number of infield hits by one team in the course of two days as I saw by the Angels this weekend. The fiancee was reminded of the days of the Metrodome, when players would intentionally try to drive the ball into the ground to beat out those high choppers.

    As you've said, the Indians did well to play .500 ball against the west coast opponents. I just happen to think they played even better than that record reflects.

    I'm pleased I got to see the boys in person while they were out my way. Good luck back home, Tribe!

  2. Yeah I think both of our losses to the Angels were "iffy." Manny Acta said "you just can't defend against that." Pretty nice that the games were so close, tho. It means we deserve to be up top with the Angels!

    Things will be so much better at home. Can't wait!

    Glad you got to be out there representin'. I don't know why I am so surprised that there are so many Tribe fans in LA...I personally know like 10 people from here who live out there, which is not too shabby since I don't know that many people to begin with.