Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oh, Hellickson...

If you missed it, there was a better post for  yesterday's game which I posted about 12 hours late. So if you missed that, check it out.

Guess the Indians can't figure out the Rays, just like we can't figure out the White Sox. Or maybe it's that those teams have us figured out?

Whatever the case, today was not like yesterday and Justin Masterson was not like Justin Masterson. The good news is that I got my lawn mowed just before a storm rolled through.

Well there's more good news, of course - because ...

...Asdrubal got a hit and it still hitting over .300.

...Choo got his hit and also a walk so he's up to .250.

...Carlos Santana is NOT hitting below .200 yet and in fact got a hit.

...Speaking of Choo, did you see his 7th outfield assist of the season? Shingihada! (Although, Asdrubal, you did not make that look as cool as it could have. Tighten up!)

...We're done with Tampa Bay now and are moving on to the Blue Jays. They play games at 7:07 PM. Is that crazy foreign hipness or what?!

...I'm going to the game  on Saturday and it's going to be awesome because it's Star Wars fireworks night!

...My house smells like popcorn. Not even burnt popcorn, just yummy popcorn.

So really, I'm pretty happy maybe just not happy with Indians baseball today. But there's always tomorrow and the next day and the next 110 games after that to love baseball a lot.

Sorry Radio Chatter is so weak but I was in and out and up and down all day. I in fact had to listen to the second half of the game via the Audio Archives. I'm pretty glad I invested in that this year, it's come in handy!

See you tomorrow at 7:07. Tres chic!

Radio Chatter:
" not Memorial Day in Canada."
- Tom Hamilton on the upcoming Blue Jays series

"At this level, if they know you're throwing mid-90s and the only pitch you can throw is a fastball, you're not lasting long."
- Tom Hamilton commenting on Frank Hermann's previous troubles

"He is a big human being. Six-eight,  295. And like so many people his size, he's got a gret nature about him. At that size if you wanted to be an angry man, look out."
- Tom Hamilton on Rays reliever Adam Russell

"For Masterson and Carmona they both have something in common so far. They both have had a team that really owned them."
- Tom Hamilton

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