Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tough Midnight Pitching

Woooow, that was a hard game to sit through. The A's have the best pitching staff in the AL (our next opponent, the Angels, have the second and we have the third) and their ace was pitching tonight. If we were going to struggle this week, it was going to be tonight.

I'm actually impressed that we managed to get 7 hits off Trevor Cahill, and Grady got a double.

Hafner was back tonight! He got two hits (.350) AND an RBI! Really nice that we can put in a pinch runner for him without fear of completely losing a bat. Sure, Adam Everett and Shelley Duncan != Pronk but at least they have AVGs worth putting out there.

Brantley got 2 more hits tonight, keeping his AVG over .300. Our guys managed to get Cahill over 100 pitches way faster than the A's got Tomlin. Actually Tomlin only threw 99.

Tomlin looked great! He gave up the magic 2 homers (both to, uh, the same dude) but otherwise he gave us 7.2 innings, struck out 5 and got 10 ground outs. Jim Rosenhaus said he was a "strike-pitching machine!"

Short post tonight because I am dead tired. Sitting around all day waiting for baseball is exhausting. I tend to keep myself super busy until the game and when there's a late game there's an extra 3 hours of busy stuff. Plus, even Stephanie Hagel at WTAM couldn't come up with any highlight reels for tonight's game. What do you expect from me?!

Oh, did you notice my banner? Notice my banner, and click! And vote after you click! It's not a money banner, it's just an honest-to-Og-vote-for-Jack banner. Cuz I'm bored.

Tomorrow's game is at 3:35 PM, don't forget. We'll be playing against Brett Anderson who gave up 7 runs in his last start. Can't wait!

Radio Chatter:
"Well if it weren't for David DeJesus, Josh Tomlin is having a perfect game. Sounds stupid, but he gave up a solo home run and got the next 8 batters out..."
- Tom Hamilton

"Let's hope that the lack of closer experience backfires on Balfour."
- Tom Hamilton

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