Friday, April 8, 2011

Asdrubal Cabrera's Tattoo

I am getting a lot of hits from searches regarding Asdrubal Cabrera's new arm tattoo.

Since the info I found about it (on The Tribe Daily) is buried in a previous post, I will make a new post about it and also give you a pic:
Photo source MLB.COM

It does say "Meyer & Ashley" which was one of the guesses my brother and I came up with during a game. Asdrubal's son's name is Meyer but his wife's name is not Ashley. A Google search of his name and "Ashley" brings up nothing. Soooo...if anyone know's the story behind that, I'm all ears!

Update: We've officially decided that Asdrubal has a son named Meyer and a new baby girl named Ashley. His wife's name is Lismar.

Here's a new picture of the tattoo from 7/15/2011, courtesy of

Update #2: Here's some pictures of Meyer and Asdrubal from the Tribe tumblr/instagram:


  1. His wife just had a baby girl. My guess is that they named her Ashley.

  2. his wifes name is Lismar i think

  3. You are right, both of you. Thanks!

  4. Meyer is his son, as it says in the post.

    Here's a cite, and a nice article about Asdrubal and his son:

  5. Thanks for the post. A friend and I had a bet as to what it meant.

  6. The hand writing is real unique.