Sunday, April 24, 2011

Things Not Going Our Way

That was sort of a cool game. It seemed to be won and lost by defense, and a home-run replay.

Hey, guess who got a hit? CHOOOO! He also threw out two guys at home. TWO! Both guys ran through the third base coach's "stop" sign. Here's a quip from Twins manager Ron Gardenhire from

"If [Choo] wins a Gold Glove, we'll probably have [Twins third base coach Steve Liddel] hand it out."


Carlos Carrasco only lasted 3 innings and left with soreness in his shoulder. Uh-oh. Jeanmar Gomez got a chance to do some long relief. If you recall, he's the guy we brought up to replace Mitch Talbot in the rotation and then he missed his start Friday with the rain-out, so Acta threw him in the game for funsies. He ended up giving up three hits and a run so...meh.

Rafael Perez came in in the 7th and gave up an un-earned run (it was Gomez's runner) and also got the loss but still has a 0.00 ERA. Yep!

Michael Brantley almost got his first homer, and it would have been a 3-run homer, and it may have won the game. It was homer-length but what it did was bounce off the flower box in right field. Seriously...flower box. See here - that lighter-colored limestone part in the right half of the picture is a big limestone flower box. So, ground rules for Target Field: In the flower box, homer. Off the flower box, double. Here's a better picture, with some flowers.

How do they keep flowers in bloom in Minnesota in the spring? What is their flower budget? I'm kind of jealous. Do we have any flowers at Progressive Field?

Hafner got two hits. Still hitting over .300 with .348!

Much ado was made about Jack Hannahan being home in St. Paul for Easter dinner. For the first time in 8 years. He got a hit too!

Hannahan would have scored the tying run in the 9th and made his ma proud, except Denard Span had quite a catch out there in center, keeping Hannahan from being on base during Grady's subsequent double. Spaaaaaaaaaan!

Rumor has it that Thome is looking to finish his career in Cleveland. 'Cept Cleveland doesn't really have the room for him like we had for Eddie Murray. What do you think about him returning? On one hand...FUCKIN' THOME! and on the other hand, FUCKIN' THOME! See what I mean?

I dunno what it is about these Twins, man. They seem to shake us up good, no matter who's on our team and how we're playing. They've got some class acts over there. But, we managed to get out of there only having to play 2 instead of 3, and while we were gone, the Rangers clobbered the Royals so we're still in first place.

BUT...the Tigers snuck up into a tie for second while we weren't looking. So next week we SERIOUSLY have our work cut out for us, as we'll be playing the Royals then the Tigers. While we're playing the Royals, the Tigers will meet the Mariners...who don't seem to have gotten much better since we saw them. However, once we're done with the Royals they will move on to the Twins, who we've primed good and are ready to win.

So, critical week coming up. Glad I have the night off tomorrow to get ready. Hopefully I'll be going to a game this week, too - it's my birthday Thursday! If I am going to a game, I need to suck it up and make my poster already.

I reviewed the game's audio for you this evening, so here's a good sample of radio chatter...

Radio Chatter:
"It's only a matter of time before Minnesota wakes up, and starts to play winning baseball. You just don't want to be the team that gets them going."
- Tom Hamilton

"Ohio State has 4000 people to see the band play before the game."
- Tom Hamilton, commenting on the sorry state of Minnesota Gophers football

"The tag is on Morneau...AND HE IS OUT BY EIGHT FEET! ... So Choo retires more hitters in the third than Carrasco did."
- Tom Hamilton at the end of the third inning

"It's amazing how many people that write for a living can't come up with an original thought. How can you all be writing about the same thing....nobody was writing it a year ago."
- Tom Hamilton's reaction to all of the recent stories that Joe Mauer should be moved from catching

"Gomez needs to pitch well, because if he doesn't there's a guy named Alex White knocking on the door."
- Tom Hamilton

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