Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alone Atop the Central

OMG ASDRUBAL! Home run number 4! He's now got more homers than he had all of last season. Two more than Hafner and pretty soon more than he had two years back (6). This is the third time he's homered in the first inning, too. He won the "American League Co-Player of the Week" (along with Paul Konerko) for last week. Poor Asdrubal - co-player, co-Cabrera. I'm sure he'll break out on his own at some point this season. Like, say, for fielding.

I wonder if Acta is going to stay with this lineup, with Asdrubal as our homerun leader and Choo slowly climbing back? On one hand...duh. On the other hand - if it ain't broke, yaknow?

Hafner and Orlando got hits tonight too, keeping up those averages. Hafner's tied for the h*tting str**k leader right now...I think. ESPN.com is the only place I can find info but it's not dated.

How about LaPorta with that 3-run dinger (thank you, Lord)? I was not expecting that. Drying off after a shower, thinking "Mehhhh....LaPorta...." and then BAM! Speaking of being in the shower, I totally missed one of my BADGES from Gameday tonight because I was up and about instead of logged in to Gameday. If I would have been sitting here for LaPorta's homerun, I'd have three badges now instead of two. Not cool.

Amazing start for Mitch Talbot. He pitched a shut out and aaaaaalmost pitched a complete game, but he was pulled in the 9th after giving up a double to the first batter. I decided it would have been nice to see him get a complete game shutout, but it would be nicer to WIN 8 IN A ROW! He was relieved by Vinnie Pestano, who I don't think we've seen since Opening Day. The kid is from the Anaheim area. Do you think Acta put him in to finish off the game for his family's sake? Hmmmm ... maybe?

A complete game would have been really cool, though. We've almost seen EVERYTHING so far in this young season so that one would have been a treat. Oh well, there will be plenty more.

Sort of a boring game tonight, really! Good pitching will do that and I will TAKE it.

Another late one tomorrow. Take a nap. Since this was such a short post, you get extra Radio Chatter tonight.

Radio Chatter:
"Cabrera grabs the ball and throws to...the other Cabrera..."
- Tom Hamilton

"Tim McClellan likes to be Santa Claus and not tell anyone what's in the present. Nobody in the ballpark - players, fans - has any idea what the call is until he waves his finger."
- Tom Hamilton

"Only in Disney Land can a monkey become everybody's favorite pet."
- Tom Hamilton, talking about the Rally Monkey. Yeah, that is a thing.

"Looking at the next batters, it's the Angels' 3, 4 and 5 hitters. So if you're going to finish off the Angels, you're going to earn it!"
- Tom Hamilton

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