Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Everyone Knows it's Windy

Wow, a home run game! That's new this year! How cool is it that it's new this year, too? As in, we haven't been winning games because of big bats but instead small hits and stuff. Tonight was just plain old FUN!

Getting a lot of hits is cool, and getting multiple home runs is cool. What's way cool is getting FIVE home runs and being in first place and being at home and all that stuff. It was like our team is the Yankees or something.

First things first, Masterson was out there again today and he got his fifth win. He did give up 3 runs but he didn't wig out and give up more. He pitched through the seventh. He had seven strikeouts!

My man SIPP! came in and did not do so well. He keeps giving up walks and stuff. Today he gave up two walks and a hit and left 'em loaded for Pestano who is now my  man instead, for the time being until Sipp gets his shit together. Cuz Pestano faced the heart of the Royals order with bases loaded and he was all LIGHTS OUT, ROYALS! That's what I'm talkin' bout!

Then Chris Perez came in and wasn't all hot stuff because it wasn't time for a save so he pitched a lot of pitches and didn't mow 'em down, perhaps because he wanted that 6th save. But, like, sorry man - we were up by six, ok?!

So how did we manage to be up by 6 in the 9th? Well first off, f'n SIZEMORE, DUDE! Two doubles and homer. His slugging percentage WAS .714 before this game but the totals haven't been updated yet. I re-checked the MLB League Leaders board and it says "must have a minimum of 3.1 plate appearances per team game," for all of the hitting stats so I guess we won't see Grady on there any time soon but that's ok.

You know who is on those boards, tho? Jack Hannahan! So long Adam Everett, I guess. Jack knocked two out of the park tonight. TWO! He also got a single, and scored, for fun.

Hmm so that accounts for three home runs who got the others? Well, LaPorta got one and the other was...wait for it...CHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! This happened at 9:08 PM and I know it because I burst forth with excitement here at home but there was no one around to echo my sentiments, so on to Facebook it went. Shout out to my girl Emily who managed to be paying attention and "Like" it.

Choo got 4 RBI on the night (his homer was a 3-run homer), got a single and also stole a base. Oh yeah and he totally saved Perez's ass at the end of the game by making a sweet catch in the outfield. I did not see this catch even though MLB.com was nice enough to blip me the end of the game as a free preview. I just can never remember to pay attention to a screen when the radio is on so I was doing a little dance in my soul while Hamilton was calling that final out and totally missed watching it on my screen. Apparently it is not MLB.com-clip-worthy. Ah well.

Asdrubal got two hits tonight, by the way, and is hitting .264. And still being impressive in the field. I heard a bunch of fans chanting his name tonight. Mind you, it was at some random time when the Indians weren't even batting, and then they went on to chant other random stuff too. But, it was nice to hear some fan-age at the game.

It woulda been a great night to be at the ballpark tonight, especially out in the right field seats, catching homers! Alas, it was not to be for me. It was tractor night and I got to slosh through mowing my lawn in the sunshine, and that sort of made up for it.

Josh Tomlin tomorrow. ALL HAIL JOSH TOMLIN!! Man I am stoked. STOKED. The Tigers lost to Seattle tonight too so we're rising to the top of the AL Central like so much sweet cream.

I will see you tomorrow, and I hope you like the title.

Radio Chatter:
"Cabrera hits one by Ka'aihue at first, who has the range of a statue."
- Tom Hamilton

"If he gets hot - LOOK OUT!"
- Tom Hamilton re: Shin-Soo Choo

"Justin Masterson has a good chance to be 5-0 in about a half hour."
- Tom Hamilton

"HOW ABOUT THAT?! Bases loaded, nobody out and Pestano takes care of the 4- 5- and 6-batters for the Royals!"
- Tom Hamilton

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