Saturday, April 2, 2011

Glad to be getting ChiSox out of the way early

Welcome back, Pronk!! Dude didn't really show up until the end of spring, but his production during the first two games has been classic Hafner. Actually come to think of it, more like a newer dignified Hafner who gets base hits and homers instead of strikeouts and homers.

More excellence from Jack Hannahan! Only one hit but two RBI and another fantastic grab in the field, saving at least two runs.

Starter Carlos Carrasco had a rough start but managed to give six innings, something always needed in this organization. We also got our first glimpse of Chris Perez this season, and he didn't give up any runs in one inning of work.

Have you seen the new Indians commercials, "The Ball" and "What If?"? Very well done. I've watched them about a dozen times each. They've been playing the commercials during the games. Not sure if they're on the board at the game or what. I do know that they made special radio versions which is really great - get some Herb Score and Tom Hamilton in there. They give me chills, really.

Radio Chatter:
"Bob Uecker says that [Chicago pitcher] Chris Sale is so thin that you can see his wallet from the front."
- Tom Hamilton

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