Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Red Sox Are 0-4

Three exciting things to top off tonight:

1. The Red Sox are 0-4. According to some stat that Hamilton read, no team has ever won (or been in...?) the World Series after starting the season 0-4. Off-the-wall stat but there you go.

In case you didn't know, we hate the Red Sox probably more than we hate the Yankees. Everybody but Yankee fans hate the Yankees.

Although if you go to Progressive Field on a night when we play the Red Sox, you would think that everyone in Cleveland was a Red Sox fan. It's surreal. Since this is a positive blog, I won't go in to how the Red Sox fans in Cleveland almost ruined my 30th birthday. I think I'm finally over it.

2. I taught my baby niece how to say "CHOOOO!" and it's just precious. She was not getting it at all (it sounded more like...tea?) until she finally just blurted it out. Way to go, baby!

Homework for all of you with kids: Teach your kid to say "CHOOOO!" Next up - Asdrubal.

Speaking of Asdrubal, I did not catch his tattoo even though I actually was watching on a DVR today. I'm pretty sure it's two names, probably his wife and kid. Will get it.

Also speaking of Asdrubal - his "magic pearls" are gone. They were gone last year too I think. Let's hope they weren't protecting his bones from being broken.

Choo has quite the necklace now. I don't know what the heck it's made out of...but I did notice he took it off by his final at-bat.

3. Another solid start (7 innings, 1 run) by our starter. This time it was our 4th man, Josh Tomlin. That's ALL we need - solid starters. And then the "Firsarter" Chris Perez closing it down, getting Big Poopy to fly out. Just need that sort of stuff. Our bats can't help but be red-hot.

Ok maybe not red-hot but we are hitting for sure. All we needed were 2 runs and we got 3...thanks to Hafner, O. Cabrera and Hannahan.

HAFNER! How about that guy? Man I bet the Indians' marketing team is pissed right now. They did all that work last year to bury Pronk and Pronville to replace it with the Choo-Choo Train and the players have turned the tables so far. OOPS!

Feels so good to have Hafner back and doing it right, tho, for real.

I didn't catch too much defense today (see: baby niece) but I did see a big CHOOOO put out at the plate. Of course, they had to bring up a similar putout from last year (Choo to Santana, against the Red Sox) in which Santana seemed to have been killed but it was "only" his knee and half of the remaining televisions in Cleveland Fandom were turned off for the rest of the season.

On the post-game show right now, Bob Frantz is asking people why they aren't coming to the games. So far I haven't been happy with anyone's answer. Everyone is bitching that there's no "marquee players." Well so what? Are you only going to pay attention once we have a Gold Glover or a HR King? How about coming to see some BASEBALL?

This is baseball, folks. This is young guys, this is low-paid guys, this is guys without rings, guys without commercials, guys without slogans on t-shirts (erm, mostly). This is Cleveland. This team right here is what represents Cleveland and its fans. No kings, no one leader. A TEAM.

It's gonna be a great season. I promise.

Radio Chatter:
"It wasn't easy but Chris Perez notches save number one here in 2011. And the Red Sox are winless after four."
- Tom Hamilton


  1. No Kings. . . A team, precisely!
    (and they are playing like a team to boot!)

    As per Choo's Neckware: Phiten necklaces. Developed in Japan, the nylon-coated titanium necklaces are intended to promote pain relief and enhance performance through improved circulation and stress reduction.
    (yahoo: big league stew blog)

  2. Nice job, Scott! I found info on Asdrubal's tattoo and will post tonight...